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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 58.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-58 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.
Ram Vijaya-Chapter 58.
" What is the name of your father ? asked Lakshuman. " Why do you want to know it ?" replied Lahu. " Come on, let us now fight." So saying he let of one arrow and threw Lakshuman with his chariot into the sky, which turned in the air and came down on the ground. Lakshuman mounted another chariot and continued letting off arrows at Lahu, which the latter cut off one after another in the twinkle of an eye.

Lakshuman then let off an arrow, which produced kotis of gadas, when Lahu made use of the mantra given hy Valmika, which produced koits of f chakras and out off the gadas. Lakshuman then let off a mountain-weapon, which produced mountains but Lahu broke them with the diamonds produced by a diamond-weapon.

Thus Lakshuman tried his utmost to kill Lahu with his arrows but he could not overcome the boy, when the latter said to him, " Why have you stopped now ? If your arrows are finished, go back and call your Rama."

Lakshuman did not reply to what Lahu had said, and indignantly let off arrows at Lahu, when the latter let off a melody-weapon, which produced melodious sounds and charmed Lakshuman, who was an incarnation of the serpent, Shesha. Lakshuman,. having been charmed with the melodious sounds, ceased to fight And began to nod his head with mirth.

Kalajit surrounded Kusha with his troops but the latter killed them all and joined his brother. Rama was about to send Bharat with more troops to re-enforce the army of Lakshuman with instructions to Lakshuman that they should put upon the boys a fascination-weapon and, seizing the two boys, bring them to him alive, so that their mother might not cry for them. But in the mean time, a few wounded warriors went and informed Rama that Lakshuman had fallen in the field of war with Kalajit and all the warriors commanded by him. Rama, hearing this, grieved much for Lakshuman and immediately despatch
ed Maruti and Bharat with more warriors.

When Bharat saw the boys just like Rama, he said to Maruti, " There is no doubt that the boys are sons of Rama." "I should think so", replied Maruti. Lahu and Kusha saw them whisper to each other and said, " No doubt they will engage us in conversation and take the shamakarna from us."

Kusha told Lahu to watch the horse and he himself came up to Bharat and asked him, " You are, I suppose, elder than Lakshuman. Are you not ? You seem to be a brave soldier." " Just tell me what is your name, who your parents are, and tell me with whom you fought before ?" said Bharat.

" My name is Kusha," replied the child.

" Depart from this place," continued Bharat, " and tell your mother that I have spared your life." " I think, Rama has sent you here to capture us," said Kusha. " I now tell you; either fight with me or depart from this place as soon as you can. 1 do not pursue you. Just go and get your Rama here."

Bharat got enraged and let off various arrows and weapons at Kusha, which the latter cut off very easily. At last he let off a diamond-weapon at Maruti, and made him insensible.


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