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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 8.

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Dear all
Here is chapter- 8 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram
"RAM VIJAYA" -Chapter 8

After nine months Kausalya, Sumitra and Kayakayi were delivered of sons. Rama was bora to Kausalya Lakshuman to Sumitra ; and the twins, Bharat and Shatrughana to Kayakayi. They grew up, and the ceremonies of investing them with sacred threads were performed. They were taught by Vashista the Vedas [Sacred writings of the Hindus, and mantras.]

On his return from a pilgrimage Viswamitra, a Rishi, came to Ayodya. Dasharatha received him cordially and worshipped him with devotion. The Rishi blessed him and said to him, " Dasharatha, I want you to give me a promise [Incantations] that you will give me whatever I will ask from you." The king gave him the promise the Rishi required, when the latter said to the former, " We all the Rishis are very much troubled by the demons, Maricha, Subhahu, and others. They have often destroyed our havans; and consequently we are not able to perform our yagnya[A sacrifice.]successfully. No one can kill them except Rama. I therefore, wish you to send Rama with me to kill the demons."

Dasharatha was startled and replied, " Rishi, how can I send my tender child with you ? How can he kill the mountain-like demons ? You may ask me for any other thing but not Rama."

Vishwamitra became very indignant and said, " You ought to have considered well, before you gave me the promise. At any rate I must now take Rama with me." In the mean-time Vashista came there and advised the king to send Rama with the Rishi, saying that if he did not listen to him, he would curse him and his sons, as he was obstinate and of a choleric disposition. Dasharatha,then brought Rama and Lakshuinan before his sabha and gave them in charge of the Rishi.

Vishwamitra then accompanied by two young boys, set out for the forest, where the Rishis were performing their yadnya. But on the road they were encountered by Tatika, a hideous and frightful demoness. She had the strength of ten thousand elephants, her chest was as large as a mountain, her hair and dress were saturated with blood, the strings of dead-bodies were put round her neck, and her head was besmeared with sliindur[Keil powders.] As soon as she saw them, she opened her mouth and went with other demonesses to devour them, when Rama instantly killed her with one arrow. Twenty crores[Ten millions] of demons, headed by Banasur, a very powerful demon, then came upon Rama to revenge the killing of the demoness; but they all were repulsed by him with heavy loss. After the defeat of the demons they proceeded on their journey ; and when they came near a shila,[A flat stone] it began to tremble as soon as the dust from the feet of Rama fell upon it ; and no sooner did he touch it with his feet, than it became a beautiful woman who, bowing to Rama, returned to her husband.

The story of how the woman became a shila is as follows:-

To be continued....

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