Thursday, December 18, 2008

Praying for Sai devotees across the globe - Sai Seva Volunteered by Sai Bhakt

Share Author: Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 3:23 PM

Dear Sai devotees,
Happy Thursday And Happy Baba's day .
I have received a very inspiring Sai seva mail from respected Shri G.P Sinha ji .We all pray for ourself every second but very few fold our hands to pray for others forgetting about ourself.With grace of Sai Baba and by HIS inspiration after the Darshan of Sai Maharaj at Shirdi Sinha ji has got inspiration for a very noble Sai seva and he volunteers his service for all Sai children.

Please read carefully and let us know your views. I am attaching the mail by Shri Sinha ji here for all to read and avail Sai seva rendered by Sinha ji purely inspired and graced by Sathguru Sainath .
Jai Sai Ram

Om Sai Ram Manisha ,
After returning from Shirdi a constant thought or inspiration has been coming to me to start praying everyday for the devotees of Baba. I have experienced that when some one else prays for you it helps. I, therefore, volunteer to offer prayers to Baba on behalf of any person willing to pray and seek blessings of Baba. Specific prayer requests can be sent to me on a newly created email ID

It would help if a photo is sent along with the request for prayer for a person suffering with any ailment.Sending of photo is the choice/wish of the devotee. However, please do mention full name and location of the person for whom the prayer is to be offered. Details of the devotee and their problems, and other details will be kept with the Sai sevak , and will not be revealed to any one at any cost.Sanctity of prayer request disclosed to Sai sevak shall be maintained at any cost .Devotees can be rest assured about it .

May Baba help us all with this seva.
G.P Sinha.

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Satish Singh said...

Baba, You know very well about my life goal to succeed regarding our forefather land disputed case since 15 years. Baba Please help me.

Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Dear Manisha Ji,

How can I send individual healing prayers for my little nephew who is 1 year old and suffering in hospital now? I need to send this prayers asap. Kindly help me.

sanjay on February 23, 2012 at 9:27 AM said...



Anonymous said...

baba plz help my friends to get good marks

venkateshspices on June 10, 2012 at 4:06 PM said...

Dear Babaji.,
As i have nothing to hide any facts from you, since you know me in & out. You are also helping me to re structure my clear path. I have taken viji's family for granted., in order to prevent their jewls from auctoning please help me to be highly successful in trading. please invite me to Shirdi at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sai Devotee

I dont know what is ur mail ID and all, I am just posting my prayer request here. Hope it will be included in your prayer list.

I heard that Baba has helped many devotees and hence came under his sharan. I have been to shiridi recently and my willingness to get help from him became more prominent.

We are having really tuf time since 1.5 years in my relation with my fiance. He is far from our city and doing higher studies.
I am in whirlpool of negative thoughts,fears,unnecessary thoughts,ambiguity,inferiority,distress,guiltyness mistrust and all possible negative ailments that can possibly damage a relation. You only know how I got those negative thoughts and etc, by whose influence,by which situations.
Initially he soothed me very nicely just like he was soothing his daughter which i loved a lot. But with same stupid thoughts coming to my brain (not sure for what reason), again and again i cried infinitely times on same issues and same topics though he explained me the situations or tried to sort out things. With this he got into situation and attitude that I will not change, he cant console me and I will always crying. If I get small pain also I get tears flowing automatically.
He never thought of leaving me and breaking up this relation, but now he says that he doesnt know what he must tell to console me and make me trust him. He also got too confused with me that what he must do with me and he too is very sad, guilty and low in spirits that he is the one who is making me cry this length but he is not able to handle my continous sobbing for long periods.
Both of us are suffering a lot mentally in this relation and both of us dont want to break our relation and shift to other partners. I am not sure what is my problem with him and his problem with me. But there is gap in between us and I will not explain u all that I want from him and he wants from me. You know it better than us. Now I am leaving our relation at your lotus feet, to help us in this relation. For me you and he are the only two people in this world who can save me and give me happy life that I ever wanted and change me and make me give what he wants from me.
You even know what is my prayer to you.
Please answer me with some thing Baba and help us.
Help my fiance to complete his studies with flying colors and give me what I want in this relation.
I have no big dreams Baba, its just that I want his Love for me which I can sense or feel. And My trust on him which wil never hinder our relation with negative thoughts.
I pray you to get us back into our initial loving days where there was very much understanding and trust and expression of love. Please Baba, remove this gap in between us.

Your devotee.

Anonymous said...

Please help me Baba, U knw it all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Manisha Ji,

I wrote mail to you, droped message here also buti have not received any guidance from you or baba. Please help me, Check you r mail and reply me back

poonam on August 15, 2012 at 12:07 AM said...

G.P Sinha. ji pls share your Email Id for personal prayers..

poonam on August 15, 2012 at 12:08 AM said...

G.P Sinha. ji please share you email id , so that we ca send personal prayers.


Unknown on September 12, 2012 at 10:57 AM said...

i don kno the mail id to send the prayer request, so i use this.. today my campus recruitment result gonna announce, i did my level best wit sai help, but i hav fear in my heart corner , this my life, pls i need baba's help.. hope yu pray fa me... awaiting for the results.... help me baba....

Anonymous said...

Iam having Negative internal feelings, u know very well sai baba, All are stupid things u know very well no feeling really have any existence but it really hurts me n give great feeling of dipression...this is third time iam having dipression problem in my life. baba i read your message today that we have to face our past karma's. i have faith on you . i just want to say plz give me more faith and strength to bear this. and remove my fear .Plzzzzzzzzzzz i beg you baba.

and mein apne sabhi past karmo ke liye aapse dil se shama mangti hun....

inhe khatam ker do baba plzzzzzzzzzzzz, bahut pain hota hain...u r within me u also feel it me n forgive me ....i love you baba.!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Baba..please I beg of you have mercy on me me help me.. I am not able to bear all this hardship. Save me from this financial crisis...I have literally nothing.. don't know how to pay my rent also my daughter's engagement is next month and wedding early next year.. baba please I beg of you ..only your miracle can save me..I'm always hanging onto your holy Feet..have mercy please baba help me sai ram

Anonymous said...

dont worry uncle baba will definely solves ur sai ram

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram....

Don't worry..Baba will bless you and he will never leave his devotee who purely surrender to him.
Whatever hardship you may face,baba surely will take away your burden.Please hold him tightly to his holy feet and never leave him.He will come to you as an angel to save you.Why worry when you have Baba with you and you're saying you have nothing.Break your egoism and see the miracles taking place.Om Sai Ram.

Anonymous said...

baba plz meri family ki saari problems door kar do.baba plz

Anonymous said...

Baba please give peace of mind

Anonymous said...

Baba, please help me...u know my family is suffering, please bless us...

saivinayaka on May 14, 2013 at 3:53 AM said...

Om Sairam.
Please bless our family and solve our problem and give us peace of mind,health and happiness

Anonymous said...

baba, please help me.... you know the financial mess that i am in... please help release me from all debts and free me of the burden of having to worry bout finances.....

Anonymous said...

om sairam,

bab please help my brother to get married soon and bless them to live their life with peace and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,
Please bless us to get a healthy life and a child soon. Dear devotees please pray for us too.. Thanks..-RaviSankar Chennai

Unknown on August 19, 2014 at 10:57 AM said...

sai baba my health promblem should be become normal baba. i should stop all my tablets. i need joyfull life eith my family and friends. i beg u baba my afarid should go baba. baba my loan should be closed . baba please help me

Vishalini on October 7, 2015 at 10:46 AM said...

Sai Ram I did not clear CWA inter exam due to many problems this attempt i will try to write exam but i did not have read interest please sai natha with blessings of your grace i have to come study interest and clear exam this time please help sai ram

Anonymous said...

Please baba help my son in his studies, get good marks and peaceof mind. Om SaiRam. Please bless him Baba

Unknown on January 25, 2016 at 10:47 AM said...

Baba help me iam in trouble

Anonymous said...

Baba please solve my problem. Please help my biz upgrade...I'm so much thankful for u baba.

Anonymous said...

Sai Ram Please give peice ofmind to my beloved brother bujji. he suffering from problems. plz give goodsolutionstohim

Anonymous said...

sai thandri nuvve maku dikku.bujji is my small brother plz solve hisproblem give good health to him.

Anonymous said...


sai said...

BABA pls send SITARAM to marry your child SAIGAYATHRIsirisha

Anonymous said...

Baba, you know what i am going through in life right now. I have surrendered completely to you . i have been reading satcharitra every day and also doing the saptah every month. I am doing the 9 week vrat and tomorrow is my ninth week. I have complete faith in you and i know you will unite my family.

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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