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Blessed Fruit of Shirdi Sai Baba.

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Dear Devotees,

Happy Thursday ,Happy Baba's day .
Whenever I visit Shirdi one practice I have been following past few years,that the day we have to leave Shirdi we go for a complete round of Shirdi Dham taking one more final darshan and offering our pranam at holy feet of our Sathguru Sainath .

We go to Samadhi temple, Dwarkamayi, Chavadi ,Gurusthan and Maruti-Mandir. But It is the Dwarkamayi where I wish to stay longer sit for some time, meditate, talk with Baba heart of heart .It is always very heavy on heart when the time comes for departure and becomes emotional for me, with tears in eye and heart full of love I bow at Feet of Baba’s portrait in dwarkamayi and take permission from Baba to leave.

I always carry a coconut with me and offer it at Baba’s feet and request him earnestly to call our family soon .This request Baba has been fulfilling and blessing us all these years. It is really surprising to notice sometimes how the coconut is accepted.

There would be time when the security personnel would close the gates of Dwarkamayi for refilling of Dhuni ,sometime there will so much of rush that we would not know when we would step on the 3 steps of Dwarkamyi and place the coconut ? something or the other .....but even then in such odd situation, circumstances and odd timings, I have witnessed Baba accepting the coconut !!!All I can say Mothers love I have felt.

And ofcourse calling our family soon.

Due to the nature of our job and distance we cannot go as we desire but Baba assures and blesses by calling us at least once a year. Every time the Shirdi stay is long, full of blessings and satisfying. We always feel as though special blessings Baba has bestowed upon us, each time that He called us .

The reason for writing about coconut offering while departure is that here is one more unique experience shared by a Sai devotee from Madhya Pradesh in relation to coconut -the Shriphal.

These incidences strengthen our faith that Baba accepts our love and prayer in whatever form we offer him with full heart and devotion. The incidences shall inspire and strengthen faith of many -many Sai devotees.

This leela has been published in this months Sai Leela Magazine .This article has been sent by Sai bhakt Sachin Datta for benefit of all Sai devotees and I thank him abundantly for sharing this through blog .Please read the story first and than you shall be able to understand the significance of the fruit(SHRIPHAL)

Here is the leela narrated by Sai devotee Dinesh Nandan Tiwari in Sai Leela Magazine from MP.

It was during one of those days when I was very troubled. I had a very strong urge to go to Shirdi .For going to Shirdi I had collected money 2-3 times but some or the other way the amount collected got spent and I could not go to Shirdi.

Due to these events I was very dejected, sad and felt hopeless. On one Thursday, I went to Sai Temple Shri Sai Narayan darbar gate No-5 in our locality.

After the aarti, the pujari of the temple Late Shri Salveraj Pillai saw me and asked me the reason behind my sadness “Why do you appear Sad?”

I told him the complete story; he laughed and said "Maharaj like this if you roam like bridegroom your work shall not get accomplished! Whoever is going to Shirdi send a fruit in offering to Sai Maharaj through him, by saying your prayer or wish you have to the fruit and send it to Sai Maharaj .This is the straight and concrete remedy .And than see for yourself how you do not get a call !"

And it is really surprising that after my sending the holy fruit to Shirdi I got a call from Shirdi Dham with in 15 days.

Another very interesting event occurred.

This incident is not very old ,just 5 years back, when I was working in State Electricity Board Madhya Pradesh .With me, in our computer department, another Sai bhakt Shri P.G.Sonalkar was also working .He has two son and one daughter Sadhana.

When his daughter Sadhana became of marriageable age her parents got worried. When they did not get any appropriate alliance for their daughter for 2-3 years they got tensed and came to me and narrated the whole problem.

They said "Punditji no suitable alliance is coming up for our daughter Sadhana please pray to Baba in this regard on our behalf.”

And immediately from my mouth Baba made me speak "Mother in a day or two who ever is going to Shirdi please send Shriphal (coconut)/fruit, by touching it with your daughters hand and saying the prayers to it, send it to Dwarkamyi.

Whatever is your prayer say it to the coconut, and consider that you are requesting Sainath to make you free from your problems. With the blessing of Baba the marriage of your daughter will be settled very soon .Leave it entirely to the wishes of Sainath.”

After hearing my suggestion carefully Sri P.G Sonalkar and his wife meditating with full heart on Sainath Maharaj started all over again in their efforts and what a surprise within 36 days Baba heard their prayer and their lovely daughter Sadhana Sonalkar now is Smt.Sadhana Narsikar.

After these incidents my faith increased many fold and I recollected Baba's vachan given to the devotees as in chapter 13 of Sai Satcharitra. "Those who are fortunate and whose demerits have vanished; take to my worship. If you always say 'Sai, Sai' I shall take you over the seven seas; believe in these words, and you will be certainly benefited. I do not need any paraphernalia of worship - either eight-fold or sixteen-fold. I rest there where there is full devotion".
Jai Sai Ram.

Dinesh Nandan Tiwari.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Manisha Ji,
When ever i stare at baba's picture it seems that baba is looking at me seriously why it is like that? he never smiles at me. i feel very sad and upset when ever i stare at baba. have i done any mistake?? i have asked him to show me some right path in my career and my personal life. I think i asked for some thing which is not good. What shall i do so that baba will look upon me with smiling face? Please help me.


Anonymous said...

Very nice experience....thanks a lot for sharing with us....Om Sai Ram....Love You a lot Saima....:):)

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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