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Only a goldsmith should pierce the ear.

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Dear Sai readers,
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day .

In one of my post I had mentioned about Dada Maharaj ,his divine power and wonderful relation with Sai Maharaj.This post further illustrates and gives insight into the beautiful relationship which both had even without meeting each other personally ..

Vishnu Ghate was a devotee of Dada Maharaj .He lived in a small village called Mutata, which was in Vijaya durg.

Every Thursday he visited Patagaon .After taking darshan of Maharaj he would invite him to his home. And every time Maharaj would say he would come, but it never came to pass.

This went on for a long time. One Thursday Vishnu Ghate after darshan said,”Maharaj tell me for sure whether you will visit my home or not ?let me know one way or the other “ Maharaj said,” I will surely visit your home on 15 days .In the meanwhile you go to Shirdi”.

So Vishnu Ghate made all arrangements and went to take permission from Dada Mahjaraj.Dada Maharaj while sending him off gave him two packets of Peda .Maharaj said,” Give the larger packet of peda’s to Baba ,and the smaller packet you share with your family .Also do not keep all your money in one pocket .For if it is stolen you will loose all your money “.Vishnu said,” All right “.And left.

He went home to pack his bags .In the excitement he packed the smaller packet of pedas in the baggage .Than he distributed the larger packet to all the members of his family. As it would have taken him many days to reach Shirdi, Dada advised him to place his money in various pockets. But when he reached Mumbai, he forgot what Maharaj had advised and place all his money in one pocket.

On reaching Shirdi he went to the Dwarakamyi for Baba’s darshan.There was a large gathering of devotees around but none the less he managed to go the sanctum sactorum.After doing namaskar to Baba he handed the packet of pedas to him .Baba took the packet and looked at it from every side. And than in anger shouted,” Arre you ate my packet of my pedas which was larger of the two. Now you are trying to palm off this packet on me?”

A volley of abuses followed this, than Baba said,” Rascal do I owe anything to your father? Why do you keep calling me to your home? Do you think I have nothing else to do? Remember this if you ever call me again to your house than you will have to bear the consequences! If you want, you come here! You need to be taught a lesson “.

Than Baba took the money that he had in his pocket, which in fact was the all the money he had. Than Baba said, “You don’t know how great my Bala is! He is Shanker .He is Datta .He is your only refuge .Now go tomorrow “.

Vishnu trembled with fear .He wondered how Baba knew that he had asked Dada maharaj his home! In a flash he realized that that though Dada lived far away, yet Baba and he were in communication. And he, Vishnu was just a puppet whose strings were in Dada’s hands. He also got an insight of Baba’s omnipresence.

He fell at Baba’s feet and begged forgiveness saying,”Baba I am your child have mercy on me. You are my mother, so give me refuge at your feet.” Hearing this piteous cry Baba’s heart melted and He stroked his back and hugged him and asked him to sit in the Sabha mandap .

Vishnu got up and sat against the wall of Sabha mandap .His stomach started rumbling with hunger and he had no money .While leaving Mumbai he had put all his money in one pocket forgetting the advice given by Dada. He was in a fix, he knew no one here and he had no money even to buy a return ticket .Just than a well dressed gentlemen came and sat next to him and casually conversed with him .

Vishnu was surprised when he said that he was going to Mumbai so Vishnu should accompany him .Than he said,” Now lets go and have lunch. Than we will rest and leave for Mumbai in the morning.” He took care of Vishnu’s every need and was a gracious host .The next morning they left for Mumbai .At Mumbai ,Vishnu was surprised that his gracious host was lost in the crowd .Vishnu stayed in Mumbai for 2 days than returned home.

The day after he reached home. He went to Patagaon .He took darshan of Dada Maharaj and fell at his feet and said,”Maharaj if you wanted to teach me a lesson, why couldn’t you have taught it to me here.” Dada Maharaj replied,” Only a goldsmith should pierce the ear.” Thus Vishnu realized how much regard Maharaj had for Baba.He remained devoted to both of them.

In 1941 on the 6th of Kartik month Dada Maharaj took Samadhi.

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