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I will not part with my Bhau .

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Dear Sai readers,
Many mails have come thanking for putting post about Tarkhad family and many are requesting to put more and more which are available .I understand the emotion and interest of the readers as of me ,I too cannot resist to know more about Tarkhad family. Their experiences have touched me immensely and I am sure of many many sai bhakta .

Tarkhad family is one family who had very intimate, very special and unique relation with Baba and they shared and experienced very beautiful leela with Baba, spending very memorable time with HIM. Reading those leela does not satisfy the readers, and one craves to read over and over again.

Not only with me but with nearly all the devotees there is vibration and hair raising experience from within as they read and learn about the leela of Tarkhad family .That is why I have tried my level best to put all the experiences of Tarkhad family here .Dear readers I have already posted many leelas of Tarkhad family ,only few are remaining which I am going to post it in coming week and than everyone can find all of experiences here in the blog under the title "Experience of Tarkhad family " .

I am also providing the links to the post for those devotes/readers who are new to blog so that they can read all the experience of Tarkhad family from the links that are given after the post just below it.

Here is yet another very frightening and strange experience of Jyotindra Tarkhad.
Those who have read Shri Sai Satcharitra would know that once there was an epidemic of Cholera in Shirdi. Village people believed that you have to pray to Goddess 'MariAai' when such an epidemic is widespread, inorder to keep the deaths under control.

Off course in those days the medical aids were not forthcoming and advanced like today and epidemics were a common phenomenon in villages. Also the communication system was not that developed and as a result of which when Jyotindra reached Shirdi he was not aware that there was Cholera epidemic in Shirdi.

Offcourse he had by then developed great faith in Baba and he knew that Baba will take care of him and as such if it is too dangerous to stay then Baba would instantly direct him to return to Mumbai. He therefore was unafraid and performed his rituals as usual. In the next two to three days he experienced that the death toll was on the increase and Cholera was increasing into menacing proportion in the villages around Shirdi. He was internally frightened.

One evening, as per his ritual, he lighted the Petromax lamps and was placing them in Dwarkamai. No sooner had he climbed the steps where Baba used to normally sit in front of the Dhuni than Baba got angry on him. He started abusing him. This was a new experience for Jyotindra. Baba's anger was reaching high peak. In rage he told Jyotindra that he will cut him into seven pieces and burry him in the Masjid. Jyotindra was very scared. He fell at Baba's feet and started pleading to be pardoned because he thought he might have inadvertently made some mistake, which aroused anger in Baba.

Then in the same mood Baba ordered him to sit there and press his legs. Jyotindra instantly obeyed his orders and was seated at his feet pressing his legs. He noticed that Baba was still murmuring something and continued to be in the angry mood . After a little while Jyotindra started perspiring because he was seeing in front of him the Goddess Kali in that terrifying pose.

Her menacing posture and blood soaked tongue.

On seeing this sight Jyotindra lost his senses completely. Automatically he held on to Baba's legs with all his might and strength in his body. He was trying to convey to Baba to save him from this, but the fright was so deep that words could not come out He became speechless. His face was only turning in two directions from Baba to Kali and Kali to Baba . He was seeing Baba uttering something but was unable to hear and comprehend.

In no time he felt unconscious. When he woke up he realized that Baba was shaking him and asking him to wake up. He regained his consciousness and was drenched in sweat. Baba was telling him that "Hey Bhau I told you to press my legs but you are holding them so tight that your nails are hurting me." Jyotindra was very thirsty and he asked for some water. Baba gave him some water from the earthen pot (Kolamba) which used to be there in Dwarkamai. Jyotindra drank the water and he reached the NTP (Normal Temperature and Pressure) condition.

He instantly told Baba not to show him such dreadful sights because he did not have the strength to withstand them. He told him that for the next four days he may not be able to gulp food and he would have to rethink whether he should come to Shirdi or not. Then Baba asked him "Hey Bhau please tell me what exactly did you see?" Then my father narrated the whole incident which was still a fresh in his memory. He asked Baba that "You were murmuring something with that dreadful person but I could not hear anything as I fell unconscious." Baba replied "Hey Bhau that dreadful person you are referring to was none other than Aai.'' She was asking for your soul and I was declining. She was refusing to go away, then I told her you may take five more people but I will not part with my Bhau. Finally she gave up and left Dwarkamai." Baba went on to say "Bhau please remember I do not bring you to Shirdi to die and when you are at my feet nobody can snatch you away from me."

For Jyotindra it was like he had taken rebirth. He fell at Baba's feet and once again pleaded not to show such dreadful sights as it is beyond his ability to withstand. Whenever Jyotindra used to narrate this incident he used to say that very remembrance of that sight would give him a sleepless night.

Dear Sai readers after going through this episode Virendra the writer and family member of the Tarkhad family says that many of us may have some doubts and would like to seek some clarification but he has said in the beginning to please just believe it.

Virendra says Shirdi Sai Baba was nothing but Lord Incarnation and therefore he possessed those supernatural powers which when required he utilized to save 's devotee. Virendra says there must be ample number of people who must have undergone such life saving experiences.

Baba use to declare that it is his ardent duty to protect his devotee from evil effect. " He told Jyotindra "Bhau after my bodily departure from Shirdi people will come like ants to Shirdi and please remember I do not utter lies while speaking from this Dwarkamai"

Dear readers in this 21st century we all are seeing and experiencing what has transpired in Shirdi and I am sure this will go on till the end of this world. Jai Sai Ram .

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