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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 6.

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Dear all
Here is chapter- 6 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram

"RAM VIJAYA" -Chapter 6

After the battle was over, Brahasapti asked the king whether he had any issue. Dasharatha replied, " I am very sorry that I have no issue." The god blessed him and said, " Vishnu, the protecting god of the universe, will be born to you." Indra said, " There is a Rishi called Shringa Rishi, who has not yet seen a human face. He lives with his father in a forest ; and if he is induced and brought to Ayodya, his father, who is a great Tapaswi, will come there in search of his son; and by his blessing you will get children. I shall, therefore, send a devangana [Celestial woman]to the forest to charm him with her beauty and singing, so that he may easily follow her." Dasharatha thanked Indra and returned to Ayodya with Kayakayi.
Indra accordingly sent a devangana to the forest. The young Rishi was placed by his father, Vibhandak, on a mala [mountain] in order that he might not be devoured by lions and tigers. The young boy, having seen the woman, was at first frightened; but soon after, he was charmed with her beauty and singing. As his father was absent, she brought him to Ayodya.

Dasharatha cordially received him; and shortly after, he gave away his foster-daughter in marriage to him. Vibhandak knew by his yoga[A union with Bramhan through abstract meditation.] that his son was taken to Ayodya in his absence, and got so much enraged that he immediately went to that city to curse the woman to death. Dasharatha treated him with respect ; and on finding that his son was married to the foster-daughter of the king, he was pleased with him and blessed him, saying that four mighty sons would be born to him.

The Rishi then made a havan [A large hole made in the ground for receiving and preserving consecrated fire.] The god, Agni,[Fire God] came out of it and entrusted to Vashista a thali [cooking pot] full of payas [A dish composed of rice, sugar, milk; sweet pudding] and told him to divide it equally among the three wives of the king, so that they might get sons, as soon as they partook of it.

Vashista made three pindas [Lumps] of the payas and gave the largest of them to Kausalya, the eldest wife of Dasharatha, and the other two to Sumitra and Kayakayi. Kayakayi, the third wife of the king, became jealous and said that ,she was entitled to the largest pinda, because she supported the chariot of the king by her own hands, which was about to give way during the battle with the demons. While she was thus quarreling about it, a ghar [eagle, kite]from above snatched the pinda from her hands and flew in the with it. She became exceedingly sorry and began to weep, when Dasharatha prevailed upon Kausalya to divide her pinda into two halves and give one to Kayakayi and keep the other for herself. Kausalya accordingly did
it; and Sumitra also did the same thing in compliance with the wishes of the king. Thus Kayakayi got one full pinda for herself, which she ate heartily. Kausalya and Sumitra ate their own halves. Soon after, the three ladies became pregnant.

To be continued....

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