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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 55.

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Here is chapter-55 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.
Ram Vijaya-Chapter 55.
One day, while both the boys were shampooing the feet of their mother, Kusha asked her, " In what country we were born ? What is the name of the country and what is our race and who is our father ? "Rama, Lakshuman, Bharat and Shatrnghna" replied Sita, " are sons of Dasaratha, who was the king of Ayodya and belonged to the solar race. Rama, the eldest son of the king, is your father. I am left in this forest alone, bacause a washerman scandalized your father on my account. So saying she shed tears, when both the boys got much enraged at Rama and consoled their mother.
Owing to the injustice done by Rama to Sita there was a terrible famine in Ayodya for twelve years. The people and animals suffered much. The rain fell in torrents. Rama was alarmed and asked the Rishi, Vashista, what the cause of the famine was, when the latter replied, " You havo unjustly left Sita in the forest, although she is a paragon of virtue ; and this is the cause of the famine. In order to put it down you must celebrate an Ashwamedha sacrifice.[monarch would let a horse loose with a patrika or letter on its fore-head stating that any monarch whose dominion the animal entered, should either catch it and fight with its master or submit to him and give him tribute. Wherever this animal entered, it was accompanied by the monarch with large armies.

Monarchs read the patrika and fought with the invading monarch, if they were powerful to do so ; and if not, they gave him tribute. After all the monarchg were subdued, the horse was either killed or let go alive, and hence it is called ashwamedha or horse-sacrifice With a view to be an emperor or to free himself from sin]

Whereupon Rama erected a mandap [a shade or hall] on the bank of the river, Sharayu one yojan in length, and invited all kings to that ceremony including Vibhishan, Sugriva, Nala, Niila, Maruti, Sharab, Govaksha, and all other monkeys. Rama, having performed the necessary ceremony, brought the best horse called shamakarna from his stable and made it stand in the mandap.

Yashista tied up to- its forehead a golden Patrika [a letter written in a brass plate] and wrote on it the following words: " Rama, the king of Ayodya, son of Dasharatha, has let the shamakarna loose. It is guarded by six billions of warriors under the command of Shatrughna,, and any king, who is powerful and mighty, is required to capture the horse and fight with its owner, but if he is unable to do so, he must submit to Rama and pay tribute to him."

Rama worshipped the shamakarna and appointed Shatrughna as commander-in-chief of the six billions of the warriors who followed the horse. Rama performed the necessary yagna [Sacrifice] for many days in the mandap strongly guarded by Sugriva, Vibhishan, and Maruti. Lakshuman, Bharat, and Sumant supplied him with all the necessary things for the purpose.

Shatrughna conquered fifty six kings of very large countries, who submitted to him and, having paid tribute to Rama, followed the prince. The shamakarna of Rama began to gallop on the road on which the abode of Valmika stood. The Rishi, Valmika, had gone to Patal[Under-world] to be present at the yagna performed by Varun. Before he left for Patal, he had told the boys to watch his abode in his absence.

Both the small boys were playing together with other playmates near the abode at the time the shamakarna galloped, when Lava showed the animal to his playmates and, having pulled off the patrika from the head of the horse, read the contents of it. He laughed at what he had read, and said, " Is Rama only a mighty king on earth ?

Pooh! I shall capture this horse, and let me see who will fight with me and recover the horse." So saying he tied up the animal to a plantain-tree. All the children of the Rishis were alarmed and said, " No doubt this horse belongs to a king. How dare you capture the animal ? If the king come here and ask us who has detained the horse, I will surely give your name.

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