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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 43

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Sairam ,
Happy Baba's day to all,
Today we shall be going through few more experiences of devotees as shared with all of us .Jai Sai Ram .

Sai's Blessing On Me And My Family:

Dear Manisha,

Sairam, How are you doing ? If you see the mail below, I had consulted regarding my problem. I feel at utmost happniess in sharing Sai blessing for me. I consider it as a boon given to me by my Sai.

Please read my mail and kindly publish it as Sai's blessing for me.

Thank you for guiding me in the right direction and strengthening my faith. Please do not publish my mail id. Please edit whereever you feel so.

Dear Manisha ji,
I have a good news to share by the blessings of Sai Baba, I am blessed with a Consultant job in a big Software Corporate with WORK from HOME option.

The miracle of Baba is such to tell the truth I had not even applied for this job. I had posted my resume to a job site some time back.

That week by Thursday I was totally shattered at my repeated problems with getting job due to breaks in career due to taking care of my children, everytime there would be some response for my job applications my hopes would raise and then it would be shattered again due to the various issues involved.

So by that thursday I had like given up and totally down. On Friday morning, there was a call on my cell. I had missed it as mornings am busy with my children.And then when I saw the missed call somehow I felt like calling back on the number to check the call. It turned out to be the call from a person who wanted to interview me right away and held an interview for 45 minutes.

When I asked him regarding job, he said I will reveal the company later, and location is you can work from home all five days(I could not believe I just heard that), and then he wanted his tech lead to interview me on the same day. I had a doc appointment on that day, so after that I had called the given number and they conducted the interview and then sent my resume to the client company.

Trust I was least prepared for both the interviews.After a week I was interviwed by the client company which was a formal interview and followed by background check, I was tensed about the process , but with Baba's grace everything was ok and I was asked to come to client location for initial training for a couple of days.All through the waiting period I kept reading Sainath Stavan Manjari and kept listening to Sai Amritvani.Each minute prayed with tears in my eyes to our Sai.

I travelled with my family as my children are very small. And as its a corporate we were located at a Corporate Hotel and the ambience of that place was World Class. Who other than our Sai can bestow us with such honour.It was all happening so fast.We had a good trip and from that Monday I could work home, Found a good nanny who could come home and take care of my little one.And its 2 months since I am on the job. I consider it as a boon given to me by my Sai.

I pray to Sai to help me to take care of my little ones and help me to focus and do my work and help me in every way in my job as its a huge project and make me gain confidence and work to the happiness and satisfaction of my superiors and to be steadily working with further extensions in my contract and with good renumeration.

Getting this job is like a dream come true as I wanted to get back on my career but wanted my children to be comfortable and not be inconvinienced.

Trust me,the journey to get here was shaky all through and each step was too tough, But our trust , faith and complete surrender to Sai helps us thru all the tough phases of our life. I request one and all, whatever hardships and troubles you are facing , keep praying, keep increasing your prayers and keep being good, Sai is watching everything and is watching every drop of tear we shed and knows everything what ever we feel and think. He will protect us from falling and shattering in this game of life and help us to lead a successful life.

I pray to Sadguru Sai , to help me and my family and everyone to wade thru all the twists and turns life offers to us and deliver us from our bad karma.Hold on to his Nama and his kirtans, I have also questioned him, fought with him, told him I will not pray to you, but would feel so restless and uneasy when I do not bow to him and include his name in my prayers, and I would give up fighting with him, and say Ok let all the bad things go on, I have no one but you.I will keep praying to you, when you want to do good you do.I will not leave you.

More than me not wanting to leave him, He does not want to leave me or any one of us. He has the art of pulling us to him and Strengthing our faith, but we have to trust him. As he is our kind mother and father, can he ever get angry on us. Please have faith and hope on our Sai.He is there for us for everything.

At one point during my job search I had mailed to Manisha ji to get guidance about my job Issue and her apt advice strengthend my faith in Sai further.

Please say Anantakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi raja Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai.

Baba's Promise To Me:

I am a small devotee of baba and i believe Him from my heart through out my life.
Dear Maniisha Ji,

I am very pleased to write my experience in your site. I feel very happy to share my experience with all baba's children. I first met baba in my 5th class when one of my friend gave me a baba's photo which was pocket size, it was very beautiful photo. I did not realize the imporatance and love of baba at that tender age but later i came to know about baba's love gradually as i grew up.

Now i believe in him blindly, i never want to think whether any thing is wrong or right because i know that baba will guide me in all my ways. Let me share my experience  in which baba made promise to me. Though my experience may be very small but it gave lots of happiness which i will never forget in my life.

One night i got a dream in which i was searching for something restlessly, then suddenly i saw into a small well or pit which was covered by mud, i removed all the mud with my hand then i saw Sri Sai Baba staring at me ,He said "what do you want from me" then i replied "you should never leave me and you should promise me that you will always be by my side in all my joy and sorrow" I said. Then Sai Baba placed His hand in my hand and promised me that HE WILL NEVER LEAVE me, as soon as he made promise to me i opened my eyes.

I felt sad that it was a dream but later i felt very happy that He promised me that He will be by my side through out my life. When ever i remeber that dream tears flow down my cheeks i feel blessed and happy.

Manisha please make corrections if i have made any mistakes in the above experience and please do not display my mail ID.

Bow to Sri Sai Baba
May Baba bless us all.

Baba Came To Me As My Birthday Gift:
Om Sai Ram,

Thanks to Manisha Ji for this continuous service.May Baba's blessing be with you and family all the time.

I would like to share my experience with all devotees. I have sent a few experience previously. I have full faith in our Baba. Baba is everything to me.

On 9th May i celebrated my birthday. Usually every year I don't feel that happy. Something will arise to make me a little upset.

Therefore, this year on the eve of my birthday i told Baba, please make me extremely happy. I should get a gift which I would say after that " I can't ask for more, this is more than enough".

Dear devotees, I really don't know why i prayed for that. I had no idea. After a few hours praying on the evening and an hour plus to 9th May, my brother suddenly came and he tells me to open a box.

Usually he wouldn't do that forcing me and gave me a kiss saying happy birthday. He told me to open. When i opened , I was like 'Oh My God, too good to be true'. I saw Baba's statue in white. Complete with blessing from temple, candies from Baba and a red rose (rose my favourite flower). I was out of words.

A feeling of happiness as if we are top of the world. What a blessing from Baba. I fall on Baba's feet for this and forever. He listens to his devotees whisper all the time.

Couple of months before my birthday, I even ask Baba please select my life partner for me let it be a love marriage. YES i found my true love, my life partner. I have no words. Baba's miracle is beyond our human understanding. Thank you my Baba.

So all of you please always believe he is just in our heart listening to all we say ;-) Love you Baba. Jai Sai Ram.

-Baba's daughter

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Anonymous said...

I asked for a better professional life. God gave me.But with in 6 months I lost the job. I asked to get me clear in IAS exam but he dint. Again I asked for a job being unemployed. He gave me a good job. Same within 6 months I was out of the job. I asked for my life partner, He gave. With in 2.5 years he separated us. Now neither i have professional life nor personal life. Being burden to my parents and waiting for my end. I dont know what sin i did baba is not bothering about me.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (who said baba not bothering abt me),

I pray for you everything is gona be fine..You know something???You better be happy that you have already suffered so much..Because something great beyond your expectation is waiting for you, that is how Baba train you to face this world..Did you realise all these problems made you more wise and carved your personality? You will get the answer if you continuously worship Baba without expecting anything..Baba is with you so only I am replying to you...Surprise awaits you...Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

To Both Anonymous Persons

KNOW THE TRUTH. Baba will do anything, only for HIGHLY MERITED SOULS be it RICH OR POOR. For instance last year, HE had taken a 12 year old girl to Shirdi in a Trice (fraction of seconds from one distant place to another) in real waking state but invisible to others. HE had taken her 5 times to Shirdi in last six years. Then Baba had totally adopted that family, daily revealing, directly talking to them day and night. Assisting these family members in person in most of their issues, even doing their work sometimes and giving whole of guidance to run the family in a wiser manner. HE even cured that girl attacked by a big sickness without making them even to meet a doctor once which is not possible for others. Reconcile with the Truth that for normal souls Baba is a limited stubborn character. Pray hereafter that either you should not be born or to be born in Baba's company right from mother's womb. There is no other go, except to tolerate this BIASED BABA who is giving limited help atrociously in the name of Karma. MOREOVER people should stop writing or sharing Baba's miracles publicly just not to disappoint others who do not get Baba's grace such ways. People like us are frustrated and want to leave off Baba totally but could not do so due to our weaknesses. Other souls are just here to chase HIM as long as we live and leave. To our weaknesses and unfortunate situations, we cannot either devote to HIM strongly or leave HIM totally.

Anonymous said...

When I read your words, really I felt that BABA is telling me those words. Yeah, you are right. BABA is with me only. I left everything to him with hope that HE will take care of it. Thank you for your kind words.


Anonymous said...

To the new Anonymous

Kindly dont say that we should not share the experience publicly. Do you know how many baba devotee's faith has been increased afer reading others miracle experience? Always take life in a positive way. How can you say that BABA is a limited stubborn character to normal souls. NO ONE CAN JUDGE HIM. HE is the only soul who knows when and how to bless anyone. If your past karma is very bad, the only way to get rid off it is to accept it and bear the karma pain. The same sentence said by BABA in SSC book. Of course every one do face problems in our life and get frustrated of it. But never realize that we are facing these problems now to reap a brightful future. Try to be optimistic. Dont lose faith and patience.
If some one share their sorrow, kindly don add fuel to it. The first anonymous who had replied, his/her words give hope to live.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Replies

As long as Baba holds our Karmic Registers and say HE does as per to the WILL of ALLAH, HE can do only little to such souls who are less merited. Like in Guru Charithra, Sri Narasimha Saraswathy disappeared himself just to avoid many requests of suffering souls and stand-by the law of karma. But Saints have powers even to over-rule laws of karma and help many suffering souls. This they do not do is the point to regret. In that way, saints are just like placibos who give only moral support at the time of sufferings and they do not even reduce our sufferings in crucial problems of one's life. What is the use of saying Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu (let all in the world be happy) when there is no respite from Saints at the time of sufferings in any issue for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you must read SSC book so that you can realize to how mnay suffering people, BABA had stretched his hands to protect and cure them. May be due to frustration you are bursting out. Hope very soon BABA will increase your faith and make to realize your mistakes. Unless or until your turn comes not only you but also none can realize HIM. Its HIM who pull HIS sparrow at the right time. May God bless you.


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