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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 24.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-24 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 24.
Lakshuman joined Rama in the forest and informed him of what had passed between Sita and himself. Lakshuman wept and Rama pacified him. They then returned to panchawati ; and finding that Sita was not in the parnakutika, they were alarmed and went in search of her. They could not find her. They then went to the Rishi, Agasti, who informed them that Sita was carried off by Ravana. They returned to their abode and saw the footprints of the demon and Sita.
They immediately set out in search of Sita in the forest. On the road they met Jatayu, who informed them of what had happened. " I," said Jatayu, mustered up all my strength and courage to rescue her from the wicked demon, but as soon as he cunningly knew my secret, he pulled off my wings and left me here in a dying state." So saying Jatayu breathed his last. Rama grieved for him and performed the funeral ceremony of his death . The princes proceeded on their journey.

On the road Parwati, the wife of Siva, took the form of Sita and stood before him; but he did not receive her, as he knew that she was Parwati. A little further on, a huge demon called Kaband, stretching his arms for some eighteen yojans [A yojan measures nine miles] and with his head separated from his trunk, sat in the forest. Rama having found that he was a demon, cut off his arms and killed the monster on the spot. Kaband was the son of Kashyapa, a Rishi. One day he got drunk and frightened another Rishi, Stulashira, who cursed him, saying that he would be a demon but that he would be released from the curse when Rama would kill him.

As soon as he was killed by Rama, he assumed his original form and stood before him. He said that his head was separated by Indra from his body with his vajra [A [thunder]weapon], as he was performing a severe penance to enable him to take the kingdom of the god. On the road Rama killed the eighteen demons whom Ravana had sent, and came to the Pampa sarovar [ A river] where Rama and and Lakshuman sat down for rest under the shade of a banian tree.

From the hills, called Rishimukha, the five monkeys saw them. Sugriva was afraid and said, " I think, Vali, my brother, has sent those two warriors to kill me. So saying he was to flee, when Maruti said, " Do not be afraid. I will ascertain who those warriors are. So saying Maruti jumped upon the tree and, having plucked off the branches of it, threw them at Rama. Rama cut them off with his dhanushabans. Maruti then threw large stones and mountains at him but he broke them in a minute, and hurted the monkey in tho air. His father, the wind, supported him, while he was falling down, and bade him worship Rama. He came down and, having thrown him self at the feet of the prince, implored his pardon, which was readily granted by him.

 He became a great devotee of Rama ; and one day while he was shampooing the feet of the prince he said to him, " I shall be very glad to introduce you to Sugriva, brother of the king of this place, if you promise me that you will protect him." "Just tell me who that Sugriva is," replied Rama. Whereupon Maruti related the story of the life of Sugriva, which is as follows : be continued....

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VSK on April 23, 2012 at 8:24 PM said...

//On the road Farwati, the wife of Siva, took the form of Sita and stood before him; but he did not receive her, as he knew that she was Parwati.//

Pl. correct the spelling for PARWATI in the first line. Thanks. Sairam.

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