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Ram Vijaya-Chpater 11.

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Dear all
Here is chapter- 11 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram
Ram Vijaya-Chapter 11.

One day Purusharam, having killed all the Kshatriyas [Warriors] on earth, came to the kingdom of Janak. He went into the palace with the king to take dinner ; and when he came out after dinner, he found that some one had removed the dhanusha [bow ] placed by him at the court of the king. He was greatly enraged and said, 'Who has taken my dhanusha !
It is so heavy that it can not be removed even by thousands of elephants.' So saying lie came out of the court with the king to look for it but, to his grrat surprise, he saw the girl riding on it. No sooner did she behold her father than she left the dhanusha there and ran away.

Seeing this, Purusharam said to the king, 'My incarnation is now over. Let the dhanusha be here. I now advise you to hold a suyamwar [The choosing from amongst a public assembly, of a spouse by a female.] and marry your daughter to any man who will lift up the bow and break it off. So saying Purusharam left for his abode. Soon after, the king held a suyamwar and invited to it all the kings and rishis on earth. We too are going there only' concluded Viswamithra.

All attended the suyamwar including Ravana, who came there without invitation. The king told the assembly that Sita would be married to any man who would lift up the dhanusha and break it off. Many kings* attempted to lift it up but they all failed in their attempt.
Ravana then stepped forward and loudly said with pride and vanity, 'This bow is a trifling thing to me. I shall break it off in a second. I know, ye, weak kings and Rishis, will not be able to lift it up. It is I who would lift up the dhanusha and break it off. Sita will be my wife, and 1 shall be her husband. So saying, he began to lift up the dhannsha with all his strength and force.

While he was lifting it up, it fell heavily on his breast, and consequently he panted for breath and implored others to help him, when Rama immediately removed it, at the suggestion of Viswamitra, and broke it into two pieces. Sita, who was seated all the time on the back of an elephant, put the garland in her hands round the neck of Rama, when Ravana returned to Lanka with shame and confusion.

Janak informed Dasharatha of the suyamwar and requested him to come to Mithila to celebrate the marriage of his son with Sita. Dasharatha, full of joy, went to Mithila with his wives, sons, and courtiers. Soon after, Rama was married to Sita, and Varmila, Maliti and Shrutakirti, the other daughters of Janak, to Lakshuman, Bharat, and Shatrughna respectively.
To be continued....

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