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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 10.

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Dear all
Here is chapter- 10 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 10.

" There was a king called Padamaksha. One day he said to Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu, I wish you would be born in my family and become my daughter. She replied, If I be born in your family and I become your daughter, you will be miserable. I have however no objection to become your daughter, if my husband tell me to do so. Whereupon the king performed a severe penance to gain the favour of Vishnu, who was pleased with him and gave him a fruit, which the king took at home and kept with him. After nine months were over, the fruit bore a female child, the same Lakshmi.

The king, having got a daughter, became exceedingly glad and named the child Padmakshi. She grew up aad became marriageable. Many kiags, demi-gods and Rishis requested her father to give her away ia marriage to them, but he refused to comply with their request, saying that he would marry her to a man whose body was dark blue. At this refusal they all got enraged and killed the king on the spot. Whereupon his daughter threw herself into a havan in which the consecrated fire was burning. At that time Ravan happened to look at her, and was captivated with her charms. He immediately extinguished the fire with a view to catch her, but she disappeared.

He found in the havan five ratnas [precious stones; gems] which he gave to his wife, Mandodari. The five ratnas were placed by Ravana and his wife in a box and soon after, they found, to their great surprise, that a female child played in it with pleasure. Ravana lifted the child, but Mandodari said, 'If you keep this child here, the whole of Lanka will be set on fire. The kingdom of Padmaksha was annihilated on account of this child, and the poor king was killed by the kings and demi gods who had gone there to marry her. I, therefore, propose that the box should be thrown somewhere else.'

Ravana was alarmed, and ordered his minister to bury the box in the kingdom of Janak, who was the bitterest enemy of the demon-king. The minister accordingly ordered his men to carry the box and bury it as directed by Ravana. The men lifted up the box, when the child said, ' I shall again come here and extirpate all the demons. Ravana got enraged and was about to kill the child, when Mandodari prevented him from doing so.

The box was then carried at night and buried in the field presented by Janak to a Brahmin. One day while the Brahmin was ploughing his field, he found the box and carried it to the king. The box was opened and, to the great astonishment of all, a girl of the age of five years was found in it. As soon as the king saw her, he was moved with affection, and brought her up as his daughter.

To be continued....

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