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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 23.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-23 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 23.
Sita all the time cried aloud the name of Rama, which Jatayu [a huge eagle; bird] heard and went to her rescuse. " Ravana," said Jatayu, " I command you to set Sita at liberty; and if you disobey me, I shall instantly kill you." " Who art thou," replied Ravana. " What thou hast to do with this lady ? Thou fool. Go and mind thy business." Jatayu insisted and Ravana let off arrows at him.

The bird cut off with his bill all the arrows of the demon-king, broke the head of his charioteer and killed his horses. Ravana alighted, when the bird pounced upon him and pulled off his hair. He was alarmed and stood there bewildered, not knowing what to do. The bird broke his chariot, when the demon-king said, " Speak the truth. Just tell me how you will die. I shall also tell you how I shall die." Jatayu, who was a simpleton, replied " If you pull off my wings, I shall die instantly."

 " Now just tell me, continued Jatayu, " how you will die." " If you break my toes," said Ravana, I shall die in no time." As soon as this secret was disclosed by Jatayu, Ravana went to catch him. The bird broke one of the toes of his enemy, when the latter pulled off his wings.

 Jatayu, saturated with blood, fell there rolling; and the demon-king, taking Sita on his shoulders, proceeded towards Lanka. When he reached the hills, called Matang, five powerful monkeys, Sugriva, Nala, Nila, Jambuvant and Maruti, who lived there, found the ornaments thrown by Sita on the ground. Looking at the ornaments Maruti said, "Pity, some wicked demon must have been carrying off a poor woman. I shall kill the demon and rescue her. So saying he jumped in the sky but, in the meantime, Ravana entered Lanka with his prize and despatched eighteen huge demons to search and kill Rama.

 A few days after his return to Lanka the demon-king said to Sita, " I beseech you to marry me. I am very powerful and have made all the gods my slaves. There is not a single soul on earith who can equal me in wealth, strength and valour. If you be my wife, you will be very happy." "Thou art wicked and a villain," replied Sita. " Thou wilt soon die. I shall never be thy wife. I loathe thee. Begone, thou fool.

 Having heard these words of Sita, Ravana said to himself, " Sita is very much excited; and unless she becomes calm, I shall not be able to win her heart." So saying to himself he placed her in the Asoka forest and posted five crores of demonesses with his sister,. Trijata, at their head to watch her there with instructions to frighten her and make her marry him at any rate.

The demonesses often showed their teeth and opened their hideous mouths as if they were going to devour her, but Sita was calm and did not heed them. Trijata, who was kind, encouraged her and told her not to frighten herself.

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