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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 18.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-18 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram
Ram Vijaya-Chapter -18.

A few days after he had left for Ayodya, the Brahmans, who lived at Chitrakuta, said, " Rama, your wife is very beautiful and attractive. If you stay here with us any longer, the demons will come here and devour us all. We are informed that the demons, Trishira, Khur, and Dushan, will shortly come here to carry off your Sita. We, therefore, request you to leave this place at once."

Rama replied, " You need not be afraid. Let all the demons on earth come here, I shall kill them all and defend you. The Brahmans, having no faith in what Rama had said, left the hills with their wives and children. Soon after, Rama removed to the Dandakaranya ; and on his way to the forest, he killed a demon called Viradha.

Viradha was a gandharv called Tumbar. One day Kuber, having called him in his presence to sing for him, the demi-god got tipsy and went before him. Kuber got enraged at his conduct and cursed him, saying that he would be a demon and would wander in the forest for ten thousand years but that he would be released from the curse, when he would be killed by the hands of Rama. As appointed, the gandharv was killed by Rama and released from the curse.

Rama spent thirteen years with Sita and Lakshuman in visiting holy places. And during his pilgrimage he visited the abode of Atri, a Brahman, where he worshipped the three headed god, Datatraya. Thence he went and visited Agasti, a very powerful Rishi. The story of the power of the Rishi is as follows :

" There lived three demons called Atapi, Vatapi, and Alva. They were blessed by the god, Siva, with the art of enchantment, by means of which they devoured the innocent Brahmans. Vatapi became food and Alva water. Atapi became a benefactor and invited every Brahman to partake of the food and water. The Brahman came; and as soon as he ate the food arid drank the water, Atapi cried aloud the names of Vatapi and Alva, who, having responded to the call of their brother, tore off the body of the Brahman and came out. Thus they killed every Brahman and ate his flesh.

One day Agasti was invited by Atapi to partake of the food and water The Rishi complied with his invitation ; and as soon as he ate the food and drank the water, Atapi cried aloud as usual the names of his brothers but to his great surprise, they did not respond to his call, as the Rishi burnt Vatapi in his stomach. Alva, who had escaped from the belly of the Rishi, and his brother, Atapi, assumed different forms and began to run away, when the Rishi cut off the head of Atapi. Alva escaped and mixed himself with the ocean, when Agasti drank off the whole ocean and killed the demon."

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