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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 25.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-25 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 25.
One day while Bramhadev was performing a penance, a drop of his tears fell on his hand ; and it bore a king, called Raksharaj. He was a monkey. While he was going from forest to forest, he came to a river in Kayalasa, the kingdom of Siva. He bathed in the river ; but immediately after, he became a very beautiful female. It was appointed by Parwati, wife of Siva, that any man, who would bathe in the river, would be a female. Indra and the Sun were enamoured of the woman.

By Indra she got Vali, and Sugriva by the sun. Having heard that Kaksharaj became a female. Brahmadev came to the river, and prayed to Parwati to restore his son to his former form. Parwati listened to his prayer and made Raksharaj a man again. The god then created a country called Kiskinda and gave it to him. Raksharaj ruled in the country for some time and, having placed his eldest son, Vali, on the throne, proceeded to heaven.

 Vali and Sugriva lived together and loved each other. Vali was very powerful and invincible, as he was presented by Indra with Vijayamala. [A garland which, if put round the neck of a warrior, always gives him success in a war.] After some time both the brothers became mortal enemies, and Vali carried off his beautiful wife, Ruma. For fear of his brother, Sugriva made his abode on the hills called Rishyamukha Parvat. They both fought together every six months." Rama bade Maruti tell Sugriva that he would kill Vali and restore his wife to him. Maruti immediately went to Sugriva and said to him, " You are in grief for your wife, so also Rama for his wife, Sita.

Rama has promised to help you in recovering your wife and you will have to help him also in recovering his wife, Sita." Sugriva was glad at what Maruti had told him and set out with his army of monkeys to see Rama. On his arrival the prince cordially received Sugriva and told him all about Sita. Sugriva said that yesterday he heard screams of a woman and showed the ornaments found by the monkeys to Rama.

The prince identified the ornaments as belonging to his wife and shed tears, when Sugriva said, " Do not be afraid. I shall help you with my able ministers, Nala, Nila and Jambuvant in recovering Sita from Ravana. Let us kill Vali first and then we shall sot out in search of Sita." As soon as Sugriva spoke these words, Rama assumed his arrow, when the former stopped him and said, Vali is my mortal enemy and will fight with us to his last gap.

 Whereupon Rama asked him the cause of the enmity with his brother and Sugriva started narrating:

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