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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 26.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-26 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 26.
Dudhumbi, son of the demon, Maishasur," continued Sugriva, " was very powerful, and oppressed the gods in heaven and the people on earth. Nobody could fight with him. At last the demon went to Yama and challenged him to fight with him. Yama said, "I cannot fight with you. I, therefore, tell you to go to Vali at Kiskinda and he will fight with you to your satisfaction.*

The demon immediately came to Kiskinda and challenged Vali to fight with him, when the latter killed the former and hurled his body in the air which fell on the hills called Rishyamukha Parwat. All the Rishis on the hills were killed by the weight of the corpse, when a Rishi called Matang cursed Vali, saying that if the latter touched the hills, he would in stantly die. Mayasur, son of Dudhumbi, came to avenge the death of his father but he fled to patal through a cave, when Vali gave him blows. Vali pursued him, having posted me at the mouth of it.

For many months he did not return, though I was at the cave all the time watching it. During this time demi-gods entered Kiskinda and sought to take possession of it. I, therefore, placed a mountain at the mouth of the cave and drove all the demi-gods from the kingdom. Vali did not return to Kiskinda for twenty months, and from this fact all concluded that he was no more. Whereupon the people of Kiskinda proclaimed me as their king against my wishes.

 In the meantime, Vali returned to the cave with the head of Mayasur and, having seen the mouth of it blocked up, he was alarmed on account of me. He immediately reireived the mountain and directly came to Kiskinda. As soon as he saw me on the throne, he, boiled with rage, said," You blocked up the mouth of the cave with a view to kill me and take my kingdom. So saying he attacked me. But, with the assistance of Nala, Nila, Jambuvant and Maruti I escaped and made my abode on these hills, because he would not come here for fear of the curse." Sugriva then showed the body of Dudhumbi to Rama, who flung it at a distance with his toe. "Now do one thing," said Rama, Just go and challenge Vali to fight with you." Sugriva accordingly went to Kiskinda and challenged him to fight with him, when Tara said to her husband, " I implore you not to meet Sugriva today.

He comes to fight with you every six months but he has now come to combat with you three days after the battle you have fought with him. I think, Kama and Lakslminan have promised to help him. I, therefore, pray that you will not go to fight with Sugriva today." "That will not do" replied vali, " I must fight with him and cut off his head. If I am killed in the fight, Angada will protect you." So saying Vali went and attacked Sugriva, when Rama killed the former with one arrow.

Tara, his wife, violently cried for her husband, when Rama consoled her and advised her to marry Sugriva. At first she hesitated; but soon after, she married him. Sugriva began to rule and forgot all about Rama in his luxury.[with his two wives, Tara and Ruma].

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