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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 27.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-27 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 27.
Rama sent Lakshuman to Kiskinda. Marati said to Sugriva, " It is a bad thing that you have forgot Rama and left him alone in the forest. There stands Lakshuman at the door of your palace. Take care he will kill us all." Sugriva was alarmed and, having thrown himself at his feet with his wives and other monkeys, implored the pardon of Rama.
He then came with all his monkeys to Rama to help him in recovering his wife, Sita. Rama put his ring on one of the fingers of Maruti as a mark from him. All the monkeys set out in search of Sita. On their way they came across a forest and could not proceed further, as they were bewildered there. This forest was cursed by a Rishi, called Dandaka, saying that those who entered it,would remain there bewildered. The Rishi cursed the forest, because his infant son, was devoured by the goddess of the forest. The infant son became a demon and devoured all the persons and creatures that went into the forest.

Angada, son of Vali, killed the demon; and as soon as he was killed, he was restored to his former form. All the monkeys escaped unhurt, as they were repeating the name of Rama all the time in the forest. They left the forest and, having searched Sita at several places in vain, at last came to a very large cave. The monkeys entered the cave but they all fainted owing to suffocation. Maruti lifted them up with his tail and came out of the cave to a place where there was a beautiful garden.

All the monkeys climbed up the trees in the garden, laden with fruits, but they could not get a single fruit to eat. A mare, called Suprabha, came where the monkeys were standing. Maruti asked her who had created the garden The mare replied, " Brahmadev was pleased with Mayasur, a demon, and, having created the cave for him,said,"I have created this cave for you. I require you to be always in it and not to leave it under any circumstances; and if you coine out of the cave, you will instantly die". While in the cave the demon always prayed to Vishnu for the protection of the demons on earth. Indra was alarmed and implored Bramhadev to get the demon oat of the cave.

To get him out of the care the god created a very beautiful damsel called Hema and sent her m the cave. The demon looked at her and was captivated with her charms. Finding that the demon was very much taken with her, she came out of the cave, and he followed her, forgetting what Bramhadev had told him. As soon as he came out oT the cave, he instantly died.

 After the death of the demon, Hema was in the possession of the cave and garden, and soon left for the kingdom of Vishnu, placing me here in this form to watch it. Hema told me that when monkeys would come into this garden, I would be restored to my former form." said Suprabha. Maruti said to her, " We have eaten fruits to our hearts content and "we must now leave this place as soon as possible. We cannot see the way to the cave through which we have come here.

Will you, therefore, be kind enough to show it to us ?" Whereupon Suprabha told all the monkeys to shut their eyes; and in a second they were all on a seashore. She was restored to her former form and, visiting Rama, went to her husband.

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