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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 41.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Our love and faith on Sai Baba increases as we keep on reading experiences shared by Sai devotees day by day ,month by month .It is always overwhelming to learn through devotees personal mail to me, that they feel that the experiences shared on website was a message from Baba to them through which they get respite amidst their time of turmoil.
Let's go through few more interesting and inspiring experiences of devotees in this post today.
Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Baba Helped Me In Project:

Hi Manisha didi,
Jai sai Ram. On reading the experience of the sai devotee - the PG college student , i have a similar experience which i recollect and would like to share .My project got over and was in the search of another project.

I was released to the resource pool to be mapped to any other project / vacancy that may arise. In our organisation, for every other project we go, if it is a different client, we would have one or two rounds with the client. I was not preparing for interviews as already there are 20 people of my same grade waiting for project allocation and also i was completely tired because of continous and montonous working for a span of 5 years.

I wanted to take a break for 1 week or 10 days and then do the required preparation. I was told that I would be getting a turn, Once all the 20 people are placed in projects. I was also told that for the grade that i am there are not any suitable openings coming up and have to wait for a good time. I was also told that many in the 20 people list are awaiting for more than 4 months or so. Till date i dont know, with all the above back ground, how my interview got scheduled just with in 10 days of me going to the resource pool.

I was scheduled an interview call with just 2 hours lead time and i was also told that some people in the 20 list who attended the interview got rejected.

I didnt have high hopes as i had not prepared. I dont like failures and wished that i could clear it and just prayed to SAI Just before the interview time, i had a known guy to ask some mock up questions and just brushed up in say 20 to 30 mts in areas where i fumbled.

Then all i was doing is chanting "OM SAI RAM , SRI SAI RAM, JAI JAI SAI RAM" 3:00 oclock the interview started and went for 30 mts. Babas grace i did answer all the questions but i knew i was faulting here and there where ever i had not been able to recollect. I told them i would be able to pick up those areas as i am out of touch in those areas. Second round got scheduled and it was just few mts, (less than 5 mts).

I am still mesmerised by the grace of SAI. I got through .Still people around, keep saying me lucky. But it is me who know that it is because of SAI and keep telling them its god's grace I keep learning from all the miracles of SAI that, keep remembering his naama and the Lord would keep doing all your things for you.

Thanks And Regards

 Sai Helps Me Top Board Exams And College Admission :

Om Jai Sai Ram!!!

 The day I started chanting this was the day I really started enjoying the nectar of divine experiences!! The moment I am blogging..tears roll down my eyes..but I am sure my baba is there to help me out and friends surely by blogging about this I can make myself feel better Sai baba is basically the light of my life He is there when I am happy just next to me seeing me happy and during time of difficulties even before geting into them he warns me!! He is there in the air and actually I see him in every single experience I have!! It all started in tenth standard.

I studied in Chettinad Vidyashram and my examination centre was P S Senior Secondary school just near Mylapore Sai baba temple.So it was customary for me to go to the temple before exam every day.Our second exam I believe was Social Sciences the day before exam Baba alerted me through my guru not to strike / change anything .Next day I was right there in his temple looking right into his enchanting eyes when the person in the temple came right away to me to give his photo which I treasure as a mascot .Then in exam..nothing was unknown to me.

But it so happened for one map question I was stuck what I had already given as answer and ended up in the wrong answer forgetting the message Baba gave me and ya I ended up in 99(say it would have been 99.5 which is rounded off to 99 in CBSE) Baba is not only my guru ..he is also my best friend..

Here goes the incident as happened in 2010. 12th Boards preparation all that Aruna wanted at that time was a centum in Maths and I was scoring really well in school.It so happened CBSE screwed all our centums by a single probability question and no one can even believe that Baba alerted this test I was going to undergo by just showing that same question (same data too) in my dream that morning.

Finally I was the school topper with 96% that too without any tuitions for a CBSE board exam .Later in admissions though I had got other courses in premier institutions in North India,my family wanted me to study here and so the choices left to me where SSN,SVCE or Amritha.I wasn’t very interested in Amritha.I applied for SSN but I guess the final results were announced a bit later,there was some delay in communication.I was expecting this badly.Infact I asked why baba didn’t help me now.Believe me on the day of counselling I got a call from SSN.

Even now in every single thing I do,every success I get I see Baba’s grace and in the smallest disappointment I face I can see Baba’s alert to me.. Thank you are my guiding light..continue guiding all of us on our road to success!!
Sai Ram

Baba's Special Gift Of Unending Love :

Sairam sister Manisha,

Hope you and your family members are keeping fine with Baba's grace. I think of you very often and thank Baba for giving you to us. May He bless all of you.

Today I have a special experience I would like to share.

Everywhere we read about Baba we see that baba stands by His devotee day and night.

But, I always wondered if He will stand by me, because I always doubted if I was a devotee at all. I am not following His words unconditionally, I crib about the karmas I have to go through and fear and worry a lot. The past week was very bad as I was having panic attacks very often and was very worried about several things.

Today, April 24th has great significance for me. It is not only our son's birthday, but it is also the day when my Baba showed Himself to me.It was exactly at 2.59 p.m I was drawn to Him and had remained in His Holy grip. So many things has happened to my life eversince, and I have fared them all well with nothing else than His mercy.

Today, it is 5 years since I became His sparrow and naturally I expected some good sign of His presence. What presence can I even expect living here in Japan. I begged to Him to come home and give me udi but how can I be sure? I cant even go to a Baba temple which is so far away and it is a working day.

However, Baba had other plans for this day. Suddenly last evening my friend called me and said, tomorrow is Sathya Sai babas mahasamadhi day, why dont we have a bhajan? I was thrilled and said we can have it in our house.

 I made kesari and made quick arrangements and was so happy. Few more friends showed up and guess what...! One sweet friend of mine brought me a beautiful picture of baba and a pair of padukas for the existing moorti. Also she brought Udi. What more should I ask. Do I really deserve this Baba...?

I really dont have proper words to express my feelings here today but could not wait to post it here. This is the most beautiful day of my life. I learnt one thing. Sometimes He might not come inn dreams, He might seem so far away, He might seem like He is totally ignoring you, But these are all only our imaginations.... HE CAN NEVER LEAVE US. HE CAN NEVER IGNORE US.

I love you Baba. Samastha loga sukhinoba vanthu.
Sairam Radha


Sairam Manisha ji,
Please do not disclose my name and ID.
I don't remember when i came in BABa's Sharan. But it might have been around 8-10 years back.It was when I first visited Mumbai at my cousin's place .And from there without even knowing anything about Baba ,Baba himself had planned my visit to Shirdi with cousins. As we all know that whom Baba calls in his Shirdi,he/she gets to reach there to have his blissful Darshan. Since that time onward i am a small devotee of Baba and have felt Baba's presence in all issues of my life whether in personal or office life. Daily i visit the website and go through the experiences and feel satisfied reading through devotees experience and my thirst lead me to search new sites of Baba, where i can get to read a lot and know about my Baba.

I have been going through another site of Shirdi Sai baba and suddenly today by chance i opened this site!

As usual i too have some issues /problems in my life. But then, i know after my bad karma's are over, i shall also be blessed . Once in a while i ask Baba that I why its me alone who has to suffer this problem( personal can't share)but then Karma overrules my problem. By Baba's grace, I had done Sai Vrat pooja which concluded one month back.

Human as such nature that they are always wanting something or the other from God. My parents also had some big problem relating to house, which was not getting resolved for the last 2-3 years. I had prayed Baba that atleast resolve their problem as my dad is already more than 80 years old and i do wish him to be feel contended at this stage of his age of his i.e. in the last years of his life as he gets stressed for petty things. Today i.e. 19.4.2012 Since morning i had lot of time to go through the websites of Baba and was going through the experiences /miracles and wasthinking to go to Question-Answer site of Baba to again ask BABA for my Dad'! s issue.

I was going to change the website when my Dad called me on mobile and gave me the news that the issue has been resolved. I really felt great happiness and thanked Baba that even before I was about to put my question, he gave me the answer.

He is very muc present in my life and there are so many other instances which i can write where once Baba has saved me.
BABA you are great.I really thank Baba and wish everybody's desires to get fulfilled and BABA will take care of US.

Maybe BaBa will burn my bad deeds/ karma's and shower his blessing on my personal issue to resolve soon .


Baba Ke Vachan:

 Jai Sai Ram to Manisha Didi and all Sai Devotees,

 I remember that wordings of Baba written in Sai Sacharitra " mere vachan thothe poche nahi hote" (English translation-My words are not empty )It is exactly true.

When ever Baba gave some indication about something it comes very true. On 13th April, at around 10.45pm when i was praying to Baba in our small Sai temple at home "Baba when will you give darshan to me"

My eyes were closed,but i saw a figure of 13 April.I opened my eyes and reminded that today is 13April. I thought that it is about 11pm now and how can i get Baba's Darshan today(13th April)?.

Thinking so i went on bed to sleep.Suddenly my phone starts ringing but i miss the call. When i take a look at the missed call, i saw one of my sai friend from Roorkee(He has made a Sai Temple at Roorkee and is looking after Baba)had called.

After a second, i got message from him "Baba Chand mein nazar aa rahe hai"(we can see Baba in moon).I rushed to terrace to see Baba in moon and got Baba's darshan.

I got tears in my eyes that Baba told me that he will give me darshan today but i doubt how can it be possible at 11pm. HE IS REALLY GREAT.
I thanked Baba for fulfilling his promises.
 Jai Sai Ram
 Anju Koul
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Anonymous said...

wonderful experiences
Om Sai Rama

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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