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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 40.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Shirdi Sai Baba is the epitome of love and mercy,those who call Him with sincere prayer and devotion He is with them day in and day out .His grace is in abundance and this can be felt by reading His leela by following devotees who are singing His glory in the form of their leela's shared below with all of us. Jai Sai Ram .

Ram Navami - 9 Pearls By Sai Bhakth:

Sairam Manishaji,

Thanks for giving us a wonderful place and oppurtnity to post our experiences. I have used many small paragraphs to write it, can you publish in your website as it is. I did this because it will be easy for the devotees to read. Otherwise to read a lenghty one without a break would be very difficult and not interesting to read too.

Please do not publish my name and e-mail address.


SaiRam devotees,

This is my first time writing any experience. I am staying in US for 10 years now but, I became a baba devotee 5 years ago. He knows how to make someone his devotee. I had heard about the yummy food given at the temple . So every Thursday I would go to baba temple just for food and slowly became his devotee and now a day does not go by without me doing Abhisheka for him and offering food twice a day and visiting his temple every Thursday and also singing bhajans in my mind all day.

I had few problems going on in my life for a 6-7 months now. In the beginning when I was facing this problem, I would cry crazily and I spoilt my health a lot that I had to see a doctor for my severe headache, where I could not even open my eyes and I kept throwing up all day and I was given a high dose of a medicine to get eveything in control.

I was so very upset on baba, and asked him a question on the facebook page of saibaba blessing application. It said "IT IS MY KARMA AND I NEED TO GO THROUGH IT". I was still upset as to why is he not washing away my karma and was reading a devotees experience and there she was talking about how she is very happy that she is facing a very difficult period in her life(karma) when she is a Sai devotee and so Sai gives her the strength to go through the karma she it would have been very difficult for her to go through this difficult time in life. This kind of message calmed me and I do not think about my problem in life it! 's actually kind of serious, it's become a part of me and it will go when baba thinks I am done with my karma.

One time I went to the website and closed my eyes and asked baba to get rid of my problem and typed a number. The message said "ON RAMA'S BIRHTDAY I WILL BE BLESSED AND WILL ALSO GET MONEY AND FAME". Ram Navami was just one week away and I was kind of eager to know the meaning of baba's blessing.

The day before Ram Navami, the main volunteer asked me to come by around 6pm to volunteer and help with the celebrations, as there was Rama Seetha Kalyana also taking place. I go there and they ask me to sit and wait until called to volunteer, I was puzzled but sat to see the kalyana.

I went to the basement where the kitchen is there and asked if they need help in serving food to the devotees and one person said, they are doing good and there are many volunteers and they do not need me.

It was nice to see the priests were doing archana for Rama, Seeta and Lakshmana with pearls and flowers.

I was kind of upset with baba, as I wanted to serve and volunteer and he is not giving me any oppurtunity. Then I sat for the whole kalyana and was blessed to see it, when the other volunteers could not, But , still I was sad I did not get to volunteer.

On that day, we were allowed to go and touch baba's feet. I wanted to touch the feet three times so I waited till the crowd was less(around 10:30pm), but go to do it only once and they closed the side entrance saying they will open again for NIJA PADA DHARSHANA only after the archana. I was kind of upset and sad with baba and said baba I am leaving now as my kids(5 and 2) were cranky and wanted to sleep and I did not want to see the Archana.

There was a plate kept for devotees to take some flowers of the archana done to Rama and Seeta. There were pearls also mixed with it. I took 5 pearls and told my daughter not to take more as other devotees also need it and I was about to step outside the temple. One of the volunteers said, "come and do archana"

I said, " no I am not doing archana as I did not buy ticket"
he said, "no need for ticket"

before I could ask why, he said go fast and stand in the line as it is was getting very late in the night.

Few other families and our family did the archana and after that, I took the blessings of the priests and one of the priest gave me 4 pearls. I wanted 5, as I thought I could make something with it for my daughter and son with 5 pearls each and I had only 9. Then one of the person over there, said you have got 9 pearls and we should not wear it, but keep it in the pooja place. And she also told me that I am lucky to get 9 white pearls from baba.

After the Archana, they opened the side entrace to start with the NIJA PADA DHARSHANA again and I got to do the remaining two times. And I was about to step outside and the priest called me by my name and I was surprised he knew my name and asked me to come early by around 9 AM the next day, as we had to clean the whole temple.

I think according to baba's message to me saying "On Rama's birthday I will be blessed and also will get money and fame" means:
Blessed = Me sitting for the whole celebration and getting the blessing of Rama and Seetha and seeing their complete kalyana and also the Archana.
Money = 9 pearls I got.
Fame = Priest knowing my name and also kind of sharing credit for cleaning the temple the next day with very few other volunteers from 9am to 3pm.

I thought I should write about my experience and told baba that I would. After some days I thought, it is not a major miracle and I decided not to write about it . Yesterday again I went to saibaba application on facebook and asked baba still how much of karma is left. The message I got was "FIRST FULFILL YOUR PROMISES MADE". This was the only promise I made baba and I thought big or small a promise made should be maintained and a miracle big or small is still a miracle.

Sorry for a such a lengthy writing. I had to write, else I would not be keeping my promise.

Thanks for reading

Sai Baba Always Fulfills Our Desires:

Dear Manisha Didi,

Om Sai Ram.

Please donot disclose my identity.

Thank you so much for uploading all these Sai leelas. Whenever I read these leelas it increases my faith in the Sainath more and more. I feel coming to this website and reading all Sai leelas is also becuase of Saibaba's blessings only.

Please feel free to edit my post, it might be long.

I have been facing lots and lots of issues in personal life since last 8 years. Even after having faith in Saibaba, in recent past I had a feeling of not being alive, I felt why its me always who have to face all this (sorry for not detailing the exact issues of my life.) even when I know whatever I am facing is all becuase of my own deeds. I used to pray to Baba that time as well but somehow I landed on this website and when I read the Sai leelas, I somehow found some peace.

 I felt that Baba is there then why should I worry (not to lie, still sometimes I feel that i cannot take this life anymore.). Then I decided that I want to visit Shirdi and get Baba's blessings. I could not go to Shirdi for quite a few days even after deciding because its Baba's wish.

When finally my trip was fixed, I don;t know why but somehow I told baba that I want you to fulfill 3 wishes of mine as an assurance that He is with me and I donot need to worry. My 3 wishes were

1) I wanted to see baba in red dress with a cream scarf when I visit Shirdi.
2) I wanted to attend aarti stnading very near to Baba's samadhi and having a relaxed time to see Baba and feel His presence.
3) I wanted Baba to come to me in any form, the way he does to lot of His devotees. May be in the form of a photo, a person or anything that makes me feel Him.

Now when I reached Shirdi (Saturday) along with my sister, we went to the hotel and I was really really happy when I stepped first staircase of the hotel. I saw a big photo of Baba in red dress with cream scarf. The very first thought that came to my mind was that Baba has indicated that He is there with me. For me seeing Him in the photo itself fulfilled my first wish.

We went and freshned up quickkly to go and havd Baba's darshan. It was 8 am. We thought we will go to Dwarkamai first but seeing the crowd, we thought to go to Samadhi mandir directly. When we went inside, the crowd was moving fast enough and I was worried that I wont be able to attend the aarti especially because we were supposed to leave from Shirdi the next morning (Sunday). We reached the main Hall of Samadhi mandir at 9:20 AM. I was really uneasy because I knew I might not be able to enter the Samadhi mandir again because of lack of time.

 I was thinking what to do and at the same time my sister sat down on the side as she was very tired. That time, I told her that I want to attend aarti, shall we be here till then (I was not aware that the whole hall of samadhi mandir is emptied around 11:30 AM for preparation of Dhoop aarti). She said that the security will not allow us. That time I saw that some of the devotees are sitting in the area between Samadhi and the muk darsh! an and seggregating money. I asked my sister shall we go and count, might be we will get chance to attend aarti. So, i checked with security and we voluntereed to do that. When we were giving our stuff to security lady, I asked her can we attend aarti, she said No and said you can go and have darshan. I checked with another security lady she also said no.

I was worried but then I thought that let us go ahead and volunteer. We did counting till 11:20, when sansthan memeber started wrapping it up to empty the hall. I was very sad seeing all this. I asked one of the comittee member, can we please attend aarti. He said No, you can do the Darshan and go. I lost the hope and was really down. That time one of the security lady came to me and asked, you want to attend Aarti then ask the other Sansthan member (she pointed one person). She made us wait and when we checked with the second member, he also refused. I was almost in tears and I started telling the security there that we w! ill stand on side, please let us attend Aarti.

They all refused saying that comittee member have to agree. I told them, can I check with comittee member again please. They somehow agreed and I went to the sansthan comittee member and started telling tat please please let us attend Aarti, we were waiting counting money only to attned aarti. I had tears in my eyes. Somehow he agreed. I was so so happy but I wanted to attend aarti standing near to the Samadhi. My sister told that be happy with what you are getting.

I sat silently. We were near the muk darshan area. I thanked Baba and prayed to Him. After 5 mins, one security guy came and asked, do you want to go front? We said yes. He checked with His superior and we were allowed to go little further. Still we were not very close to Samadhi. I was happy atleast I reached till there. I left it to Baba. Suddenly, one security lady told us to go in front. Finally, when the Aarti started, we were pretty close to Baba's samadhi and I was so so happy that Baba fulfilled my secoind wish.

Now I was waiting for my third wish to be fulfilled but nothing happened and we were back to my place. I was happy as well as sad becuase Baba fulfilled 2 wishes of mine and third one was not fulfilled. I was about to change my job at that time and was on notice period. In my office, we give gifts to people who are leaving. My last working day was around 10 days after I returned from Shirdi.

All these days, I used to think why Baba didnt fulfill my 3rd wish and I used to cry. But on my last working day, the gift which I got made my life. I got Baba's marble Idol as a gift and I was so happy that Baba fulfilled my third wish as well. Though it was not in Shirdi but Baba came to me. This was a very very unusal gift that we normally don't give in offices. I can not express in words my feelings. While writing this as well I have tears in my eyes realising the way of our Sainath.

I am still surrounded by lots of problems in personal life but I believe that Baba is there with me. He gave me indication of that by fulfilling my wishes. Being a human, I tend to worry but then I tell myself that Baba is there to take care of me and there must be something good in what I am facing now otherwise He will not make me face all this.Its me who is not able to understand His blessings.

Manisha Didi, I know I wrote a lot. Please feel free to edit it. Again thank you so much for creating this site. It really really help people like me to ensure that We trust our Baba and have patience. Didi, can you please send you email id to my email?

Shri Satchiddanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!
(Sairam Devotee my e-mail Id is you can mail me at this ID-sairam Manisha )

Sai Came To Me:

Dear Manisha didi,

There is a saying If we share our happiness it will get multiplied and if we share our sorrow it will get divided. Same way the day I had started to share my experience with you, often I am experiencing his miracles which is increasing my faith on HIM. Ofcourse it's HIM who does everything.

Last week tuesday I have gone to Pazhani temple (Lord Muruga Temple). There a Sitthar(saint)is residing whose name is SAKKADA SITTHAR. He lives in a small hut outside the mosque.Its an open hut where any one can go and see him. He never speak to anybody. He loves Sileem( smoking).

If he wish HE will look at the person who has come to visit him else HE will simply close HIS eyes.
Before the departure day Baba reminded me about him and I was informed to offer some bananas to that Sitthar.

Next day after praying at Shrine we went to that Sitthar's place. When we went, HE was sitting quietly and with respect to prior intimation, I offered bananas in front of HIM and stood there for a while and prayed to HIM. I just prayed as if I am praying to my BABA and I prayed for HIS blessings. He did't look at anybody. We stood for a while and when I came out and start to move, suddenly HE turned at me and saw me. Every one said HE is looking at you. When I turned out of curiousity HE turned to the other side. Again I thought to go inside and see HIM so that HE might bless me but as we are running out of time my mom did not allow me to visit him again. People over there told me that very rarely HE look at the people who has come to see him. Today HE has turned and looked at you. So HE has blessed you full heartedly. So dont worry.

But then I was worried as I did not get HIS blessings directly. Then we went to another Lord Muruga Temple down the hills. I couldnt concentrate and pray. Was thinking about that sitthar and I kept on asking BABA why you did not bless me?

In that temple one lady was distributing sweet pongal. I got it and stood behind the pillar and was thinking about the same. I asked BABA you did not bless me, atleast show me your presence here. I wanna see you. Suddenly an old man with white colour dress, with small stick in his hand came to me and asked me where they are distributing the prasad.

I was shocked for a moment because his resemblence was just like baba. Also that lady is sitting at the centre of the temple and distributing the prasad. Many people having prasad in their hand. Few people were standing beside me. I was behind the pillar. How come HE crossed everyone and came behind the pillar and asked me?? I dont have an answer. I was totally dumstruck.

After I recovered I went to the prasad distributing place and got another new one and gave it to him. (I did not give the one which I had in my hand because already I have tasted it little and kept the rest for my mom. So I wish to get a new one for him).

Immediately HE blessed me as BABA will bless you and HE went to the corner of the temple, sat there and started to have the prasad. Nearly for 5mins I was looking at HIM unconsciously. Suddenly my mom pulled my hands and shouted where did you go and bla bla. After that I realized that BABA has blessed me and had showed his omnipresence.

I was really at joy. I dont like sweet pongal but with that joy I took that full pongal what ever I got.

Really HE is great. Immediately when I told to BABA that I want to see you, HE appeared in front of me, got the prasad and blessed me. How great HE is?

When ever HIS child want to see him, HE appears in front of them in a nano second. Still I dont have an answer for how HE crossed everyone and came to me and ask the prasad as I was behind the pillar where no one can notice me easily.

1000s of bow and namaskars to my BABA.

Sai Baba Indeed Draws Devotees To Him:

Om Sairam I promised baba that when tough times pass i will share my experience with everyone because i also want to let others know how miracles happen in life with his grace .

Sometime Mid 2011 i had a dream in which i saw "i was cleaning and dusting a room full of books and suddenly as i was cleaning i saw a maroon colour book named "sai sat charitra" it was written in silver colour ".

The dream ended i had just then relcoated to the US since i got married and had carried Sai Satcharitra with me.But never read it.

I was shocked by my dream because i was never even thinking in my subconscious level of the book.I decided to read the book.I started reading it but was very irregular , i then got bored so i was not showing any devotion at all.I have read Sri Guru Charitra with immense faith so i used to think this Sai Satcharitra is nothing but a bore.

Datta jayanthi was fast approaching so i wanted to do Datta Saptah as a mark of devotion but unknowingly i decided i will finish Sai Satcharitra FIRST and then read the other one.I again didnt stand up to my word and since i was running out of time i said its ok leave it let me just read Guru Charitra.I did it in 3 days following all rules of abstinence and left for india for my VISA renewal.I then decided i will get back to the US and then complete reading Sai Satcharitra.

The day we left for india was dec 13th and that morning we recd an email saying there is some problem with visa papers but we can go ahead with our plans and company will send papers to us in india and then we can go for interview.

Dec 13th to early Feb we waited for documents which never came.There was a problem and things were getting delayed despite providing solution.My husband started working in india since Jan 1st itself his company has been very considerate towards him by babas grace.My husband was also feeling low but he never poured it out because everyone where asking why it is getting delayed plus we wanted to go back home also.

In Feb i did 1 saptah of Sri Guru Charitra.After doing it after 1 week we came to know lawyer forgot to send the papers to embassy for approval and we still had 1 week time left for last date so then they hurriedly sent.

My husband was first angry when he came to know because it was sent to lawyer on jan 15th so for nearly 45 days it was lying in the draw.I was angry too But then i told ok this is fate as meanwhile my husband was working on something else and that became a success and it even got published in news papers.

Something unbelievable happened next, i suddenly realised i have been unfaithful to god by not finishing my Sai Satcharitra book so i said i will start reading it with full concentration and devotion.I started reading on March 5th monday to march 11th sunday.I decided to do weekly parayan and while doing it for the first time i felt i should do it 3 times back to back.i wanted to do it sincerly

I used to check website a lot for status regarding those papers but then i decided baba himself will tell me about it only then i will check.On march 12th my husband checks website it says papers have been approved miracle and babas grace.Baba told me through my husband 3 days later.We were together only all this time.

I then started the 2nd parayan from mon to sunday and the third parayan i decided to start with 3 days gap on thursday and finish it on wednesday.By babas grace i managed to complete the parayan 3 times without any difficulty

Now watever i do, whenever i eat i first think of baba and then eat.It has become my habit.I hope this habit lives forever.I feel so good thinking about him and then taking my meal.I even put prasad for him before i eat because i believe he does come and eat.

I got a dream which said i will get papers by Raam Navami .I ignored the dream

Meanwhile i came upon this wesbite and was anxious to know when the papers will reach us in india so i clicked on the button which says "baba answers questions" in the link here.First 2 times i asked, it gave vague answers next day i did and it said " all ur problems will vanish around Ram Navami and you will attend a religious event"

Then i was stunned how can baba answer same as my dream?Raam navami was on march 31st and we received papers on march 29th so those words came true.Meanwhile by the time my 3rd saptah finished all papers were couriered to us and we received it on a thursday , 1 day after finishing my 3rd saptah that is.

i was wondering what the religious event could be but 3 days later i came to know it is grand fathers death anniversary so they have called a priest home to do the rituals.

We booked interview date we didnt get in first week of april i unknowingly thought if i get thursday it will be nice then we got a date in 2nd week i was so angry because 2 weeks time was there for the interview and i thought its waste of time waiting.

Then i looked at calender and it said thursday and i smiled and thanked baba and apologised to baba mentioning i was silly.

April 12th was the interview date , i wasnt well 2 days prior to it again as usual i was scared .I went onto the website mentioned above and now i got an answer chant "Om Sai Samarth for 21 days all ur obstacles will go away.

I know my obstacles were going away the minute i started reading holy books.But then i decided to chant.Every time i did it would bring about a sea of calmness in my chest.On the day of the interview I was chanting "Om Sai Samarth" all through from home till i reached the consulate and even during the interview as my husband was the one answering and strangely the visa officer didnt even look at me or ask me any question.This was a couple interview so we went together.

On the way to the consulate i wanted to see Sai's name or photo we stopped at a signal i was looking to the left at some shop and then i suddenly turned right to see Sairam's photo stuck in the front of an auto.Thats it.It sealed my faith.I was so overjoyed and my eyes were covered a tiny layer of water.

In the evening we also went to the temple to attend the dhoop aarthi since it was thursday and for the first time the songs that i heard online i heard it in person my voice choked as i sang , i cried within.I could just feel it.

The 1st time i went to this temple we went late and now we went ontime and even got to sit in the front row.

All i can say is "Om sairam"

Sai Baba Helped To Complete My Studies:

Jai Sai ram..I have many experiences with Shiridi Sainath.I m mentioning one among them.

I am student pursuing my PG. One semister completely we have project work.I was an average student.Now-a-days the project work has become such a way that we have to buy project in some institute and show the same in college.

To my bad luck the person in institute has just given me project without any explanation and i just know what is project about but nothing beyond that.I just bowed in front of Sai and prayed saying the same thing to him.

The final day of submission had come ,i was tensed and praying to Sai in my mind went to college .I just explained what i know and showed execution guide said ok.

Now for final viva external has come from other college i was last person to go ,he asked questions from the middle ,asked to write code for the students who went prior to me.I don't know anything just prayed to Sai and went.To my surprise he didnt ask me anything except brief view of my project.Its just miracle of Sai I just bow my head to him.
Jai Sai Ram

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Anonymous said...

All are nice experiences!!! Really superb!!! May Baba Sainath bless us all in this way to increase our faith unto him and not to leave his Holy Feet!!!

Anonymous said...

Baba have pulled you to him.
but he have not pulled you to him to return
he pull only those who are his..............
May Baba bless everyone....

deepika said...

thank you manisha didi for providing this great platform...

above all experiences boosts up the faith on baba,for who are suffering from chronic problems..

thanks for sharing and we are all blessed to read these baba's leelas...

Anonymous said...

BABA please help my two sons in their life;please help my second son to change his behaviour towards all of us,let him have a decent work for his welfare

Anonymous said...

Wonderful experiences...

May BABA bless everyone with happiness.

Om Sai Rama

Anonymous said...

Jai Sai Ram,
Wonderful experiences. Make my faith in Baba stronger ever. Thank you Baba. Please be with all of us all time. Love you Baba. Om Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

baba ji mere guru Granth Sai plz plz plz you know everything what i want baba ji i love her a lot plz do something for us....i love you baba...sairam

Anonymous said...

KNOW THE TRUTH. Baba will do anything, only for HIGHLY MERITED SOULS be it RICH OR POOR. For instance last year, HE had taken a 12 year old girl to Shirdi in a Trice (fraction of seconds from one distant place to another) in real waking state but invisible to others. HE had taken her 5 times to Shirdi in last six years. Then Baba had totally adopted that family, daily revealing, directly talking to them day and night. Assisting these family members in person in most of their issues, even doing their work sometimes and giving whole of guidance to run the family in a wiser manner. HE even cured that girl attacked by a big sickness without making them even to meet a doctor once which is not possible for others. Reconcile with the Truth that for normal souls Baba is a limited stubborn character. Pray hereafter that either you should not be born or to be born in Baba's company right from mother's womb. There is no other go, except to tolerate this BIASED BABA who is giving limited help atrociously in the name of Karma. MOREOVER people should stop writing or sharing Baba's miracles publicly just not to disappoint others who do not get Baba's grace such ways. People like us are frustrated and want to leave off Baba totally but could not do so due to our weaknesses. Other souls are just here to chase HIM as long as we live and leave. To our weaknesses and unfortunate situations, we cannot either devote to HIM strongly or leave HIM totally.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the experiences. It made me realize that some day Baba will shower me with love and blessings. It increased my faith in him and I understand that it is all my karma that is stopping him to help me. Hopefully soon my karma will be washed away by his blessings. Om Sai Ram!!! Please bless all your children with love.

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram!
Thank you very much Sai to answer my prayer.

Miracle Happend!
On 26th of Jan 2015 night my jijaji's close friend's daughter met with a serious accident while riding a scooter in Khadki Pine. She was admitted in Command Hospital with severe head injury in an unconscious state. Doctors gave 48 hrs time with little hope. The parents,relatives & friends were devastated.
I was also very upset...l had met her parents at Pune on Jan-4th..
Till 28th there was no sign of improvement & l decided to pray BABA next morning at my home. I asked him not only to save her but bring her to normal...& he responded positively. To everyone's surprise (excluding me as I have full faith) she opened her eyes in the afternoon & recognised her mother & started improving. Just now I received a call from my sister saying that she has improved a lot today & my sister asked me about my prayer. Can you imagin there were 22 fractures on her face & scull. Girl's mother is very happy & wants to visit Shirdi......

Anonymous said...

To the Author of "Ram Navami - 9 Pearls By Sai Bhakth":

I think there is something very significant in your receiving 9 but not 10 pearls at the time of archana.

Shree Sai explains this meaning of 9 in His Shri Sai Satcharita with the 9 types of devotion.
Please read the story about Laxmibai Shinde receiving 9 rupees from Baba, right before He takes Mahasamadhi ( and when he took 9 rupees as dakshina from devotee Appasaheb Kulkarni (

See following for 9 types of devotion explained:

Om Sai Samarth

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~ श्री साई बाबा के ग्यारह वचन : १.जो शिरडी आएगा ,आपद दूर भगाएगा,२.चढ़े समाधी की सीढी पर ,पैर तले दुःख की पीढ़ी पर,३.त्याग शरीर चला जाऊंगा ,भक्त हेतु दौडा आऊंगा,४.मन में रखना द्रढ विश्वास, करे समाधी पुरी आस५.मुझे सदा ही जीवत जानो ,अनुभव करो सत्य पहचानो,,६.मेरी शरण आ खाली जाए, हो कोई तो मुझे बताये ७.जैसा भाव रहे जिस मनका, वैसा रूप हुआ मेरे मनका,,८.भार तुम्हारा मुझ पर होगा ,वचन न मेरा झूठा होगा ९ आ सहायता लो भरपूर, जो माँगा वो नही है दूर ,१०.मुझ में लीन वचन मन काया ,उसका ऋण न कभी चुकाया,११ .धन्य -धन्य व भक्त अनन्य ,मेरी शरण तज जिसे न अन्य~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~
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About Author.

I feel I am like a river, having my own course, stream and flow but the final destiny is to be one with the boundless ocean of my Sathguru Shirdi Sai Baba.

Amidst all the worldly rituals I am performing,I do not dare to loose sight of my Sainath. He is the sole driving force, the guide and the Supreme master.

The strings of my life are in his hand,I am just a puppet at His Holy Feet.
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