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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 33.

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Here is chapter-33 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 33.
Soon after, Rama and Lakshuman made preparations for march against Ravana; and on the day of Dasara* [" This festival is held on the 10th of Aswin Shud. It is called Durga Puja. On this day, in commemoration of the victory of Devi, the wife of Siva, over the buffalo-headed demon, Mahishasur, her image, after having been worshipped for nine days is thown into the water.
On this day Marathas and Kshatryas or those who consider themselves of the military race, worshipthe implements of war and ask protection of them throughout the year, under a conception that to the propitiousness of the sword they owe every prosperity]they set out with eigheighteen padmas^ [Ten billions are equal to one padma.]of monkeys, seventy two kotis[One koti is equal to ten millions.] of warriors under the command of an old monkey, Jambuvant, and fifty-six kotis of other monkeys. When they arrived at the sea which Maruti had first crossed, they were encamped there, there being no way to proceed farther.

 This news having spread through out Lanka, Vibhishan, the youngest brother of the demon-king, entreated him to restore Sita to her husband,and set all the gods at liberty. He said, " If you do not listen to me, the whole of Lanka will be annihilated and all the demons destroyed." Ravan and his son, Indrajit, replied, " We do not care at all about it. Let Rama and all the monkeys come upon us, we shall kill them all in a second." Having failed to persuade the demon -king to restore Sita to Rama, Vibhishan, accompanied by four demons, came where the monkeys had been encamped and sought to visit the prince.

 The monkeys were about to kill the demons, when Vibhishan said, " I am the youugest brother of Ravana and have come here to see Rama. I hear that he killed Vali and gave his kingdom to Sugriva. In like manner, I want him to kill Ravana and give his Lanka to me. He is wicked, and has oppressed both the gods and Brahmans." The monkeys looked up on him with suspicion and did not believe at first what he had said. But Maruti said, " Vibhishan is not a wicked demon. He is a devotee of Rama, and has come here with some good object." Whereupon Rama desired the monkeys to allow Vibhishan to see him. Sugriva went and brought him to Rama.

The demon fell at the feet of the prince, when the latter blessed the former saying that he would be the king of Lanka and would reign there as long as the sun and the moon last. Rama asked him what he should do to cross the sea with his large army of monkeys, when Vibhishan replied, " Pray to the sea, and he may make way for you and your army. Rama went to pray to the sea and Vibhishan left for Lanka. Ravana was informed by a demon called Shardula, that a large army of monkeys under the command of Sugriva had been encamped near the shore of the sea and that they would invade Lanka in a day or two.

Whereupon a demon called Shuka came to Sugriva on behalf of Ravana and said to him, " Rama is a wicked man, and why do you help him ? What have you to do with Sita ? Quietly return home with your army. If you do not listen to me, the heads of all your monkeys will be cut off ; and Rama,Lakshuman and you will be killed." The monkeys were enraged at what the demon had said and beat him severely, when Lakshuman interfered and let him go.

The demon again said, " You are all stupid donkeys and will be shortly sacrificed here." Rashabha, a monkey, replied, " Just tell Ravana to restore Sita to Rama; and if he refuses to do so, his neck will be cut off with his ten heads." " Hold your tongue" said Shuka, " Sita will never be restored to Rama. I again tell you to leave the prince alone here; and if you do not listen to me, your days are numbered." The monkeys again caught him by his neck and, having belabored him; bound him with a cord.

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