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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 32.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-32 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 32.
Maruti rolled on the ground and burnt the beards and mustaches of the demons and the hairs of the demonesses with his tail in flames. He burnt many of them to death, and in a short time one-third part of Lanka was on fire. After burning Lanka the monkey went to the Asoka forest and assured Sita that her husband would take her very soon.
Thence he returned to Rama at the Pampa Sarovar with her ornament as a mark from her and a letter from Bramhadev to the prince stating what the monkey had done in Lanka and that one-third of the country burnt by him had become gold. Rama and Lakshuman were very glad to read the contents of the letter and expressed their thanks to Maruti for the trouble he had taken for them.

 The story of how Lanka had become gold is as follows: Two Brahmans, who were brothers, always quarrelled about the dakshana[A present in hard cash] they had got from their patrons. Their father became Indignant at their conduct and cursed them, saying that they would be animals, but that the god, Krishna, would release them from the curse. One brother was transformed into a nakra[Crocodile] and another into a gajandra[Elephant]. The nakra lived in water and the gajandra on a mountain.

One day the gajandra accident ally came to the lake in which the nakra lived; and whilst drinking the water, the latter dragged the former in the lake. A severe fighting took place between them. The nakra severely wounded the gajandra and was about to kill him, when the latter prayed to Krishna for help. The god, listening to his prayer, rode on Garuda [An eagle called Garuda on which Krishna always rode.] and hastened to the lake. Finding that his devotee, the gajandra, was wounded by the nakra, Krishna killed the crocodile and released him and the elephant from the curse.

 After releasing them from the curse, Krishna prepared himself to return to Dwarka, when Garuda said to him, "I am very hungry. Please, there fore, give me something to eat." "I shall postpone my departure for an hour or so," replied Krishna, "and in the meantime, you can eat the corpses of the nakra and gajandra. Whereupon Garuda went and picked up the corpses with his bill and sat on a tree called Jambuvraksha for the purpose of eating them.

But the branch of the tree on which he had sat, was broken by his weight, when he observed that millions of Rishis sat in meditation on the leaves of the branch. In order that the branch might not fall on the ground and kill the Rishis, he firmly held the branch by his bill. Not knowing where to keep it, he went to his father, Kasyapa, a Rishi, and informed him of his difficulty.. Whereupon Kasyapa requested the Rishis to come down, and they complied with his request.

He then told Garuda to leave the branch on a mountain at Lanka. Garuda accordingly did it and went away. The branch remained on the mountain and was converted into gold; and when Maruti burnt Lanka,it was melted by the heat of the fire and the liquid over flowed the part of Lanka which was burnt by the monkey."

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