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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 30.

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Here is chapter-30 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 30.
The monkey was exceedingly glad when he found Sita, and threw before her the ring which Rama had put on his finger. She looked at the ring and asked it with, tears in her eyes, " Ring ? Where have you come from ?. How is my Rama ? Is he safe ?" While Sita was thus asking the ring, the demonesses came there and told her to keep quiet, saying that if she did not listen to them, they would devour her, when Maruti, with his tail, tied up all of them together and flung them down.
 Some of them died and some fled. He then began to sing, which was so pleasing to her ears that she was very anxious to see who that creature was. She called the creature several times but nobody responded to her call. She was disappointed, and prepared herself to commit suicide, when the monkey came and stood before her. She asked him, " Who are you ? What is your name and where have you come from ?"

 " I am a servant of Rama,and have come here in search of you," replied Maruti. " Your Rama is well and has come to Kiskinda for you. He will shortly take you from this place. You need not be afraid of me. I am not a demon. I am son of the wind, and my name is Maruti." " Besides that ring," continued Sita, Se have you got any other proof from Rama that you are his servant ?" Whereupon he recapitulated all the calamaties that had befallen her; and she was thereby convinced that he was her husband's servant. " I should have annihilated Lanka in a moment and taken you to Kigkinda," said Maruti, " but Rarna did not order me to do so. I am very hungry.

Will you, therefore, allow me to take fruits from the trees in the forest for my breakfast ?" " It is not in my power to allow you to take fruits from this place," replied Sita, " and if you forcibly take them, the demons and 1 demonesses will kill you. I however tell you to gather for your breakfast the fruits that have fallen on the ground and not to take them from the trees with your hands and feet" "I swear that I shall not take any fruits from the trees with my hands and feet," said Maruti, " I shall take the fruits which have fallen on- the around." So saying he lengthened his tail and plucked all fruits with it; and after a few minutes he destroyed the whole of the Asoka forest.

The sixty crores of the demons, who were watching the forest, at once came upon him; but he tied them up with his tail and flung them down. Some died and some fled. Hearing this news Ravana sent eight thousand demons to catch the monkey but the latter tied them up with his tail and killed them all. Ravana was greatly enraged, and sent one lac of warriors whom the monkey threw into the sea with his tail.

The demon-king then sent his son, Akshaya, with a large army; but he was also killed with his other sons. Immediately after, he despatched a frightful demoness, called Asali, who had the strength of ten thousand elephants. She opened her hideous mouth one yojan in length and breadth and devoured, the monkey, but the latter tore her belly off and came out. At last Ravana seat his son, Indrajit, with a large army of demons. He let off his arrows at Maruti, which the latter broke off with his hands in no time.

The monkey pulled off his rnngut with his tail broke his chariot and killed his horse. He took up an iron bar and went killing the demons with it, when Indrajit attempted to catch him in a snare but the monkey became as small as an atom and escaped through it every time the prince put it upon him.

Whereupon Indrajit made a snare with a small noose and put it upon him, when he assumed a large form and broke the snare. When the prince failed in catching him in the snare, he combated with the monkey, but the latter flung him down on the ground. The Prince was alarmed and said to himself that if he was seized by the monkey and carried to Rama, he would be cruelly treated.

So saying, he hid himself in a cave, when Maruti blocked up the mouth of it with a mountain. Indrajit cried and wept.

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