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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 36

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Here is chapter-36 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 36.
In the mean-time, Sharma, wife of Vibhishan, came to the Asoka forest and informed her that Rama was doing well and that the head which was shown to her, was created by the demons by means of sorcery to make her give her no hope of Rama and marry Ravana. No sooner did Sharma inform Sita of this than the created head and dhanushaban which were left there, disappeared.
Soon after, the demon-king said to his wife, " Mandodari, you are my faithful wife and love me much. I have a great passion for Sita ; and if you do not help me, I shall die. If you really love me, go to Sita in the Asoka forest and persuade her to marry me." Whereupon Mandodari went to Sita and, having communicated her husband's wishes to her, returned home.

 She said to her husband, " Dearest, Sita is not a woman who will comply with your wishes. She is a paragon of virtue. She will sacrifice her life rather than yield to your passion. There is no use of your being after her. I, therefore, beseech you to restore her to Rama. Why do you covet another s wife ?"

 "My love," replied Ravana, " What you say is true, but I shall never submit to Rama and humiliate myself in the eyes of all nations. I shall fight with him and die but I shall never restore Sita to him." Having failed to persuade her husband, she returned to her palace.

Ravana again went to the top of his tower with his courtiers and began to look at the army of Rama. Rama also went to the top of a hill with Sugriva and other monkeys and began to look at Ravan and his courtiers. Whilst Ravana was looking at the army of the prince, Sugriva jumped from the hill and knocked down the mukuts put by him on his ten heads.

The demon-king was surprised and combated with the monkey but the latter, having administered to him severe blows, returned to Rama with joy. Ravana was alarmed, and immediately came down with shame and confusion. After all preparations for the war were completed on both the sides, Vibhishan said to Rama, " Before an attack is made on Ravana, it is advisable to negotiate with him for peace.

You should, therefore, send an ambassador to his court and request him to restore Sita to you." Rama accordingly sent Angada to the court of Ravana But nobody noticed him there. The monkey was, therefore, irritated and said to the demon-king, " Ravana, do you know who I am? "Who are you and what is your name," Ravana indignantly asked. " I am a servant of Rama," continued Angada, and my name is Angada. I am son of Vali. I have come here to negotiate with you for peace." "I shall never make peace with Rama," replied Ravana, " I tell you once more to make peace with Rama," said Angada, " and restore Sita to him.

 If you refuse to listen to-me, you will lose your life and every thing in Lanka. He is very powerful, and you can do nothing to him." "You are a shameless creature," Ravana indignantly replied, " You know very well that Rama has killed your father and, instead of revenging yourself upon the enemy you have now come to help him.

You are a great monkey. " No doubt, Rama killed my father," said Angada, " but by his arrow he has gone to heaven where he now enjoy ever-lasting happiness." Ravana was furious,, and ordered four demons to bind Angada. Whereupon the demons firmly held him by his arms, when the monkey struck the chest of Ravana with his tail and jumped from Lanka with his mukuts, chatra and mandap* and returned to Suvela.

The four demons, with whom, the monkey had jumped, hung upon his shoulders with their heads down wards, and were killed by a fall on the ground.

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