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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 46

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Here is chapter-46 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.
Ram Vijaya-Chapter 46.
At last Rama was confused; and did not know what to do. Maruti went and asked the Magari to acquaint him with the cause of the phenomenon. The Magari referred him to Chandraseni, wife of Ahiravana, and told him that she would toll him all about it. Whereupon Maruti called upon Chandraseni and implored her to tell him the cause of the phenomenon.

Chandraseni said, * I shall be very glad to tell you the cause of the phenomenon, but unless Rama marries me, I shall not tell you the cause. I am charmed with the prince, and if you promise me that you
will make him marry me, I shall tell you the cause." " Oh, yes. I can do it very easily, replied Maruti. " Then give me your promise," continued Chandraseni. Maruti gave his promise to her.

Then she said, " Ahiravana performed a severe penance on account of which the god, Siva, was pleased, and blessed him, saying that every drop of the nectar in the kundas [Holes in the ground] in Patal [underground world], if mixed,with every drop of the blood of Mahiravana, it would produce one Mahiravana and that the drops of the blood of the Mahiravanas produced by such drops would multiply the Mahiravanas. So saying he presented the demon with a string of ^Bramahras [Big black flies; Honey-bees] and told him that the Bramahras would supply his brother with the nectar at the time of a war. Now you see, these Bramahras, who are as big as mountains, go to Patal and sprinkle the nectar over the blood of the Mahiravanas and consequently there is no end to them. 1, therefore, tell you to go to Patal and kill all the Bramahras, so that the nectar may not be sprinkled over the blood of the Mahiravanas killed by Rama."

As soon as Maruti knew the secret, he immediately went to Patal and killed the Bramahras except their chief whose life was spared, because he promised, the monkey that he would be useful to him on some occasion. Having killed the Bramahras, Maruti returned to Rama and told him to let off arrows at the Mahiravanas. The prince accordingly did it and killed all the Mahiravanas.

Immediately after this success Maruti remembered the promise given by him to Chandraseni and said to him self, " I do not know what I should do now. If I tell Rama to marry Chandraseni, he will never do so, because he has sworn that he will be faithful to his wife, Sita. If I fail to fulfil the promise given by me to her, she will curse me to death." Maruti however made bold and told Rama all about the promise given by him to Chandraseni.

" I will not at all violate my oath." replied Rama, " If you like, I can come to the place of Chandraseni and bless her." Oh Yes," continued Maruti, " you can do so." Thence Maruti first came alone to Chandraseni and said to her, " Rama will come to-night. Keep your *manchaka [A bed-stead] ready for him, but I tell you one thing that if the manchaka is broken by the weight of Rama, he will never marry you and will go directly home. I therefore, tell you to order a strong manchaka to be made."

Chandraseni got a strong and beautiful manchaka ready for Rama and sat there expecting the prince. Maruti sent the chief of the Bramahras without her knowledge to hollow the bed-stead in such a manner that as soon as Rama sat on it, it would be broken to pieces. The Bramahra skilfully hollowed the whole of the manchaka with his sting and went away.

In the evening Maruti, accompanied by Rama, came to Chandraseni, who received him and made him sit on the manchaka; but no sooner did Rama sit on it than it was broken to pieces. Whereupon Rama immediately got up and began to walk towards his place, accompanied by Maruti, when Chandraseni indignantly exclaimed, " Ah, monkey, Thou art a great scoundreL ! This is thy dodge. I will now curse thee to death." Maruti was alarmed, when Rama went and pacified her, saying that he would marry her during his another incarnation and that she would be called Satyabhama. After all the demons were killed, Rama gave Mahikavati to Makardwaja and returned to Suvela with Maruti and the other monkeys.

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