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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 38.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-38 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.

Ram Vijaya-Chapter 38.
At this defeat, Ravana was greatly enraged and prepared himself to fight with the enemies, when his wife, Mandodari, said to him, " My dearest, you should now give up the idea of your fighting with Rama any longer. Why do you want another's wife ? My love, just restore her to her husband, so that every thing may end in peace and tranquillity." " My darling," Ravana laughingly replied, " I am ready to do any thing for you but please do not tell me to restore Sita to Rama.
I am prepared to fight with him and kill him with all his army." Ravana having refused to listen to her, she returned to her palace.

Immediately after, the demon king kept the field with his sons, grand-sons, great grandsons and a large number of warriors and soldiers and commenced operations, when Sugriva threw a large mountain at him, which the latter broke with his arrows. Whereupon all the monkeys rushed upon him with mountains, large trees, rocks and other weapons but he also broke them with his arrows. Maruti then threw a very large rock at the demon-king which the latter broke with his arrows and gave blows to the former. Maruti fainted for some time and, having soon come to himself, returned the blows to him and knocked down his mukuts and the chatras held over his ten heads. Ravana was not in the least alarmed and continued the fighting.

Whereupon Nala produced by a mantra innumerable Nalas like himself and employed them to throw mountains, trees and rocks at the demon-king, when the latter let off a Bramhasra* and made them all disappear in a second. Lakshuman then let off a Bramhaskti* at Ravana, which was cut off by the latter into two parts. One part of it fell on the ground and with another Lakshuman was struck; and consequently he fainted. Maruti was greatly enraged and gave Ravana blows, which made him vomit blood and return to Lanka.

When the demon-king was thus defeated, he sent his demon-subjects to arouse his brother, Kumbhakarna, from his fast sleep. The demons went and shook him but he was not awakened. Whereupon they threw rocks and mountains at him, pierced him with sharp weapons, and scratched him with their nails, but nothing could arouse him from his sleep. He was snorting with a great noise and drew in and sent out with his inspiration and respiration the demons, bullocks, cows, elephants and other animals that had come before him. At last the demons brought two nymphs and made them sing before him. By their melodious voice he was aroused.

As he was hungry for six months, he at once devoured billions of bullocks, she-buffaloes, Brahmaris, cows and even demons, and drank off gallons of liquor and ghee. After his hunger was appeased, the demons informed him of what had happened to his brother, Ravana, his kingdom and subjects.

Whereupon Kumbhakarna immediately stood on his legs and began to walk towards the palace of his brother. The monkeys, looking at the huge size of the demon, were greatly disheartened but Maruti went to him and lifted him up thrice in order that they might not be afraid of him.

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