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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 44

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Here is chapter-44 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.
Ram Vijaya-Chapter 44.
The demons did not listen to them and prevented them from proceeding further, when Maruti got indignant and threw them into the sea with his tail. Makardwaja was greatly incensed, and combated with Maruti but the latter flung him down and sat on his chest.
Makardwaja was alarmed, when Maruti called upon him to name the espouser of his cause. " If my father, Maruti, were here," said Makardwaja, "he would kill you and save my life."

As soon as the demon mentioned the name of Maruti, the latter wa startled, and, getting up from his chest, said, " My name is Maruti. I am a Bramhachari [A Brahman that religiously abstains from all sexual commerce with woman ; either for a time or through life] and how do you say that I am your father ? Just give me an account of how you were born to me."

" When you burnt Lanka," replied Makardwaja, " you threw into the sea your sweat, which my mother, a Magari,[[An alligator] swallowed up ; and of that sweat I was born to you." Maruti was astonished at the account given by Makardwaja, and blessed him when, the Magari came to see the monkey and said to him, " When you came here last time, you had a large size ; but I now find that your form is very small. I doubt whether you are that Maruti whom I had seen." Whereupon Maruti assumed his former form and removed her doubt.

He then acquainted her with what had happened to Rama, when she said, " Ahiravana and Mahiravana are two brothers. They are wicked and treacherous demons. I know that they have carried off Rama and
Lakshuman to Mahikavati, and they will sacrifice them to their goddess tomorrow. I, therefore, advise you to go and hide yourself in the temple of the goddess, where you will find both the princes." "Have
patience" replied Maruti, " I will kill all the demons and give Mahikavati to your son."

" Mahikavati," continued the Magari, " is at a distance of 13 yojans, and to reach there you will have to cross a vast sea, which you will not be able to do. I, therefore, beg you to sit with your companions
in my mouth, and I will convey you to that place." Nala, Nila, Angad, and Jambuvant were afraid, as they thought that the Magari might swallow them up on their way to Mahikavati. They, therefore, refused her kind offer and stayed on the sea-shore, while Maruti alone jumped over the sea and immediately reached Mahikavati.

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