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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 47.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-47 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.
Ram Vijaya-Chapter 47.
On the return of Rama to Suvela Ravan said to his courtiers, " There is no use of my living in this world without my beloved son, ludrajit. I must now either kill Rama or kill myself."So saying he commenced to let off arrows at Rama which the latter cut off. But the prince was struck with one arrow, when Vibhishan let off arrows at the demon-king, who boiled with rage, discharged at his brother a weapon called Bramahshakti.
Lakshuman immediately cut it off, when Ravana discharged another powerful weapon at the prince but Maruti caught hold of it before it struck him.

To the great surprise of all, the weapon became a female in the hands of Maruti and said to him, " Well, Maruti, you say that you are a Brahmachari and how do you touch a female? You will be sinful, if you do not let me go."

Maruti was greatly astonished at the female in hie hands; and as soon as she uttered the word, he placed her on the ground, when she immediately became a weapon and, rushing upon Lakshuman, struck his head and chest ; and consequently he fell down lifeless. Rama and all the monkeys were alarmed, and much lamented for him. Ravana, elated with the success, returned to Lanka with exultation. Rama and the monkeys were in confusion, and did not know what to do. All were discouraged, and thought of leaving Suvela.

Shortly after, Ravana again came to fight, when Rama, boiled with rage, let off arrows at him and the other demons and killed many of them. The demon-king, being unable to overcome him, trembled from head to foot. He became mad and the picture of Rama presented itself before
him wherever he went.

Having been frightened, he immediately returned to Lanka and told his wife, Mandodari, about it, when she said, " My love, my dearest, even now restore Sita to Rama and be his friend."

" No, no," Ravana indignantly replied, " that can never be done. I will either kill myself or kill Kama." Immediately after Mandodari had returned to her palace, he ordered the demons to dig an excavation in the ground. The excavation was accordingly dug; and in that excavation he performed a penance to get a divya ratha from the god of fire and sat there in deep meditation.

Rama grieved for his brother, and all the monkeys were alarmed. In the meantime, their physician, Susena, felt the pulse of Lakshuman and said, " Lakshuman has still life in him and he will be no more, as soon as the sun rises in the morning. If the plant of nectar is brought here from Dronagiri in the course of the night, Lakshuman can be restored to life. Is there any warrior who can go forty millions of yojans from this place and get the plant here in the course of the night ?" As soon as the physician put the question, Maruti said, "I will just go and bring Dronagiri here in three hours." So saying he took his leave of Rama and jumped from Suvela.

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