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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 48.

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Here is chapter-48 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.
Ram Vijaya-Chapter 48.
He came to a hill called Madaranchela which was close to Dronagiri. Maruti was very thirsty ; and to refresh himself he went to the abode of an old Brahman and requested him for a cup of water. This Brahman, who had a number of disciples with him, blessed Maruti and said, " I am very glad to see you here. Kindly spend this night with us here and go in the morning." "I can not wait here for a minute," replied Maruti. "I must do my business as soon as possible"When the Brahman found that Maruti did not comply with his wishes, he showed him a river.

Maruti went there and stooped to take water, when a vivasi*[A goddess] as big as a mountain came out to devour the monkey, who at once seized her by her legs and instantly killed her. When she was killed, a beautiful devangana [A courtesan of heaven.] came out of her belly and threw herself at the feet of Maruti. She said, " I was very beautiful; and, being proud of my beauty, I laughed at a sage, who got indignant and cursed me, saying that I would be a vivasi. I implored him to look upon me with mercy and make the curse a little milder, when he said that I would be released from the curse by your hands. I also inform you that the Brahman, who lives in that abode, is a demon called Kalnemi. He has been here for many days with his companions, who are also demons. Ravana has sent this demon to detain you here, and when you refused to comply with his wishes, he told you to go to that river in order that I might devour you."

No sooner did the devangana inform Maruti of this than he came back to the abode of the Brahman, when the latter said to the monkey, " You ought to give me some presents, as I have pointed out the river to you." " I shall be very glad to give you presents," replied Maruti. The demon stared at the monkey, when the latter gave him blows as precious presents from him. The demon immediately assumed his original form which was five yojans in length and breadth, and combated with Maruti but the latter instantly killed him; and his companions fled to Lanka to inform Havana of it.

Maruti then went to Dronagiri and implored him to accompany him to Suvela, when the mountain said, " Thou art a troublesome creature. Go away. Thou, fool. I will never come with thee." Maruti got enraged and. having lifted up the mountain with his tail, set out for Suvela.

But on the road Bharat, the third brother of Rama, who was living at Nandigram with the Rishi, Vashista, having looked at the bright and glittering mountain and, having thought that it was something to entrap Rama and Lakshuman, let off an arrow at it, which passed through the mountain and pierced an arm of Maruti. The monkey, having boen wounded, immediately came down with the mountain, repeating, all the time, the name of Rama. Bharat heard the repetition of the name of Rama and asked him who he was, when the monkey informed him of what had happened to Lakshuman and said, " What should I do now I How can I go to Suvela before the sunrise. If I do not reach Suvela with tin s mountain in the course of the night, Lakshuman will be no more."

" You need not be afraid," replied Bharat. " I shall send you and the mountain to Suvela, in a minute, though it is at a distance of thousands of yojans from this place. Just sit on the top of my arrow, which will carry you and the mountain there in a minute " Maruti was surprised at the valour and power of Bharat, and continued, " You need not take so much trouble. I can do it myself." So saying he took his leave of the prince and jumped from Nandigram with the mountain and came to Suvela.

The physician immediately came and, taking out the juice of the plant of nectar, applied it to Lakshuman and brought him to life. In like manner he applied the juice to all the monkeys killed by Ravana and restored them to life. This having been done, Maruti took the mountain and placed it where it formerly stood. Ravana however despatched one hundred demons to snatch Dronagiri from the hands of Maruti but the latter, holding the mountain in his one hand, killed them all with his other hand.

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