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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 53.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-53 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.
Ram Vijaya-Chapter 53.
Soon after, Lakshuman seated her in a chariot near the river, Janavi, and began to drive it, when she observed bad omens and asked him what those omens indicated. Lakshuman, overwhelmed with grief, could not utter a syllable and quietly drove the chariot. When she found him qniet and in grief, she said to him, " Why are you so sorry ? Why don't you speak with me ?"

Lakshuman still kept quiet and, crossing the river in a boat, landed her in the forest, where there was no human being and it was inhabited by lions, serpents, tigers, and other animals. She asked Lakshuman, " Where are the abodes of Rishis ?" Lakshuman did not reply ; but, making a bed of grass, he seated her on it.

He then fell at her feet and said with tears in his eyes, " Mother, Rama has left you alone in this forest. I have brought you here, as I could not disobey him." No sooner did Lakshuman speak these words than she fainted. While she was insensible, Lakshuman prayed to the goddess of the forest and every creature in it to protect her and started for Ayodya.

When he went some paces off, Sita came to herself and, standing on her legs, loudly exclaimed, * ! Lakshuman, kindly return and take me back. Why do you leave me here without any faults on my part ? Kill me and tell Rama of it. Where shall I go in this dreary forest." So saying she violently cried so much so that even trees and stones shed tears for her. Lakshuman returned to Ayodya and told Rama all about Sita.

Sita wandered in the forest barefooted. She had no shelter there. She often fainted. She said to herself, " It is now useless to live in this world. I should have killed myself but I can not do so. If I kill myself, I shall be guilty of suicide and murder, because the infant child in my womb will also be killed with me." So saying to herself she abandoned the idea of killing herself.

In the meantime, the Rishi, Valmika, having heard the yells of Sita, came up to her and said, " Who are you ? What has brought you here ?" " I am a daughter of Janak and wife of Rama," replied Sita. "Lakshuman left me alone in this dreary forest without any faults on my part. I am quite a stranger here. So I implore you to be my father". " My name is Valmika," replied Valmika." Rama knows me well. Your father, Janak, is my friend ; and therefore, I look upon you as my daughter. Two sons will be born to you. They will be more powerful than their father, and will revenge themselves upon those who have left you alone in this forest without any faults on your part."

Valmika then led Sita to his abode, when all the Rishis gathered around him and asked him, " Who is this woman ?" " This is Sita," replied Valmika, " Why have you brought her here ? Surely you will get into difficulties on account of her," continued the Rishis. One of the Rishis said, "If she is Sita, tell her to bring that river here." Sita prayed to the river, and it flowed where she was standing. The Rishis were alarmed, and prayed to her for protection. She again prayed to the river and sent her back.

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