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Ram Vijaya-Chapter 57.

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Dear all
Here is chapter-57 from the book Ram Vijaya. Readers who have missed out any chapter can read them by clicking on the link provided below this chapter . Jai Sai Ram.
Ram Vijaya-Chapter 57.
In the meantime, Kusha returned from the forest and asked his mother where his brother was, when she, with tears in her eyes, informed him of what had happened to Lahu. As soon as he was informed of the fate of his brother, he took up his bow and arrow and ran after Shatrughna and the other warriors. Kusha called out and said, " Who are you, thieves. Where are you going to take the stolen thing ?" So saying he let off arrows at the army of Shatrughna,

The latter [Shatrugna] turned round and loudly said, " Child, I shall immediately seize and carry you off with us. So saying Shatrughna let off ten arrows at Kusha, which the latter cut off and broke the chariot and killed the four horses of the former with nine arrows ; and with three arrows his helmet and chap * were broken. Shatrughna fell on the ground and combated with Kusha, when the latter let off two arrows and cut off his two hands ; and at the same time his head was cut off with another arrow.

On the fall of Shatrughna his brother, ]S T agendranath, let off twenty arrows at the boy but the latter broke off the arrows with one arrow and cut off the head of Nagendranath with an arrow of the size of the half moon. Having done this, he continued the letting off arrows at the warriors, who could not overcome Kusha. The boy killed many billions of warriors and all the kings who had submitted to Rama. Kusha then went and searched his brother, whom he found in the chariot of Shatrughna. He was insensible. Kusha brought him to senses and embraced him affectionately.

Lahu said, " Let us now go home with the shamakarna." " I am sure, many other warriors will come here to fight with us," replied Kusha. " It is not safe to return home. Let us kill all who will come here to take the horse, and then return home."

A few wounded warriors went and informed Rama that Shatrughna and six billions of the warriors were killed by two small boys of a Rishi. Rama was alarmed at the news and immediately despatched Lakshuman with a large army to the seat of the war. He, looking at the beautiful boys of the age of twelve years, was greatly surprised at their bravery. The warriors said, " Capture, capture the boys. Where will they go now ?"

The boys prayed to the sun, who was pleased with them and presented them with a successful weapon, which Lahu took up and attacked the warriors of Lakshuman and killed a large number of them, when Lakshuman said to Kalajit, " As long as the two boys stand, together, nobody can overcome them. Let us, therefore, separate them both and seize them." So saying Lakshuman separated the boys with the assistance of all his warriors but Lahn let off one arrow, which produced kotis of arrows and killed the warriors.

Finding Lakshuman in a bad position a demon called Rudhi, a great friend of Rama, jumping into the air, came down where Lahu was standing, and snatched the weapon from his hands and flew like a bird, when Lahu also flew with him and, seizing the demon by his hair and turning him like a wheel, flung him down and instantly killed him.

Lakshuman, got enraged and let off at the two boys five arrows as powerful as lightning, which Lahu cut off in a minute. Lahu said to Lakshuman, " You formerly killed Indrajit. Let me see your valour now. You fasted for fourteen years. No doubt you must have now rest and I shall just give it to you."

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Anonymous said...

after the entry of two great great warriors, the young twins lava and kusha, ram vijaya story is really amazing and interesting. Eager to know the next chapter in advance. Please didi, kindly post 2 chapters perday. request from a devotee

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