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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 28.

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Dear All,
Happy Baba's day
Our Shirdi Sai Baba is the Abode of Mercy ,HE is deeply affectionate towards His children and is always by their side in the time of need. He is present in every atom of this universe be it animate or inanimate.And HE can be seen and witnessed by those who sincerely pray ,desire for HIS darshan and have immense faith on Him.Sai Baba is the only helmsmen in today's time for His bhakta ,by His mere darshan,He does away with fear,problem and pains of human's worldly life .

Today I am sharing 6-7 Sai leela shared by Sai devotees across the globe expressing the love of Sai Baba for His children.Before we proceed to Sai experiences I would like to mention a anonymous Sai devotee has left her query in the comment section of the following post
and needs input from other Sai devotees on the dream the devotee had. I am copying the comment and would request the readers to leave their view in the comment section for the anonymous Sai devotee to read and understand .Jai Sai Ram .Manisha

"Last week, I saw baba in my dreams. The small murti of baba was draped with a shawl. As I uncovered it the baba comes alive. As if i woke him up from the sleep. His eyes blink very fast. I get scared and step back. Further he turns around and looks at me. Again today i dreamt of baba wherein we (my neighbours and other people from the building where i stay) were not able to complete the arti of Sai baba. And after 2 attempts i, holding the diya, look into baba's eye directly. And he blinks as he did in my previous dream (fast). This time he smiles at me - not a complete smile but just a gentle curve on the lips. Pls tell me what to do and what does this mean. - Shri SAI Devotee".
Leave your view/comment for devotee :Here

Baba came as Lord Ayyappa:

Happy Baba's day to all.

Sai Sevak Manishaji, thanks for sharing leelas of baba through many devotees, for sharing new albums in your Bhajans website and inputs in your Temples website with the grace of Saibaba. Thanks to the devotees for their share, without which we as a Sai family cannot find ourselves in positive spirit and as answers from baba, when difficulties surround us. It reflects Sai's grace for all of us. Baba bless all, as always.

Baba's grace, would like to share this leela. Please post the two pictures enclosed herewith. In Chapter-20 of Shri Sai Satcharita, devotees would have studied, "How Das Ganu's Problem was Solved by Kaka's Maid-Servant" and reads....

"...The people who were present then and heard this, thought that Baba was joking and said, "How could an illiterate rustic maid-servant solve the difficulties of this nature", but Das Ganu thought otherwise. He was sure, that whatever Baba spoke, must come true, Baba's word was the decree of the Brahma (Almighty). Das Ganu was taught the "lesson of contentment by the attitude of mind" practised so simply by the maid-servant........ HIS Unique Method of Teaching, "It is impossible to describe all the methods, that Baba used in imparting instructions to His Bhaktas. In this particular case, He sent Das Ganu to Vile Parle, where he got his problem solved, through the maid-servant. To those, who say that it was not necessary to sent Das Ganu outside and that Baba could have personally taught him, we say that Baba followed the right or best course, or how else could Das Ganu would have learnt a great lesson, that the poor maid-servant and her Sari were pervaded by the Lord."

This reminds of a similar experience on my part. We are undergoing lot of worries in the family. When this was going on everyday, I went to Sai temple daily, to keep off my burdens.

The flower-seller who is a rustic women, not much read, used to be kind would enquire about my family's welfare.
Baba almost given her the port-folio of a consultant and as HIS messenger, she is good natured and most of the devotees coming there, chat with her and exchange views which will also have messages from Baba. The devotees also offered prasad to her that they got from other temples.

We will chat about baba's ways. I will highlight the positive side of her regrets and similarly she used to advise me to face challenges coming our way. She will keep on telling why i am worried off and on, when baba is there for me and narrated baba's leela for her, to give confidence to my situation. She is running a poor family's life by mortgages.

Last month it was raining continuously for 4 to 5 days and also shivering weather condition, people normally hesitate to go out, for fear of getting fever, cold and cough. Due to heavy rains, she could not go to the whole sale bazaar to procure flowers for sale. She managed couple of days without business. The next evening, she found herself in the utter poverty situation with no rice & other items for cooking for next day. She was in extreme fear of how she will make the coming days with nil business due to rough weather. She has to go out, find ways even to meet someone and ask for any immediate help but was raining heavily. She prayed rigorously to Saibaba to rescue from this nightmare.

That evening one of the sai devotees came to see her and gave the prasad which was having very little grains of rice. She was stunned to see rice grains in prasad and understood baba had sent this devotee to indicate HIS rescue mission. But our human mind is always clouded with doubts till we see the real solution or surpass the situation.

That late evening her husband came with a bag of approx.15 to 20 kgs. of rice, with baba's face printed on both sides of the bag as that rice is a Sai brand, she was speechless and started crying & thanking baba for his protection. When she enquired about this, he told, one of Lord Iyyappa devotee called him to attend the Iyyappa happening in some big hall and asked him to assist in that pooja. The flower-seller's husband was doing regular Iyyappa pooja as it was the month of margashirsha. In that occasion, one of the devotees who participated, gave this rice bag to this person as anna-dhaan who is actually in need. The flower-seller all in awe narrated further about the high quality of that rice which she never had in her life.

Baba became Lord Iyyappa to them on that day confirming their faith. Baba gave the message, God is one and sincere devotion, being good and kind to all as important virtues to get God's help and not even any charity is expected in the case of people who cannot do such work. Thus Baba emphasized, whatever problem, pray & remember Sainath ever and HE only can give us the best solution timely.

Let Saibaba grace us all, even to cultivate that patience & faith, when that is much wanted. Sayee Charanam. Iyyappa Charanam.
Jai Sai Ram

Baba In Moon:

Sister Manisha,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful site. I have just started receiving this and it is so wonderful to see Baba touching so many lives. I was particularly moved to read about the Premature baby. May Baba bless this family and protect them with all his Love.

I would like to share my recent experience with you and your readers.

On the 8th January 2012, the first Full Moon day of the year, I woke up early as usual to take part in prayers in the Baba temple near my home. It was a beautiful morning prayer which started with all devotees being able to bathe the statue with milk and scented water. After the Aarti and taking prasad I rushed home to fetch my husband and 3 friends to attend the opening ceremony of a new Baba temple about 25 kms from my home. As I was invited to this ceremony, I was determined to attend. It was a wonderful day and after lunch we all returned, feeling truly blessed.

The rest of the afternoon was spent so peacefully. Although I was physically exhausted but there was such a renewed feeling in me. In the evening as always on Full Moon day, I sit in a special meditation. This time I felt the need to sit outside under the amazingly beautiful sky. There was a sense of great peace even in my meditation. Feelings I could not explain. When I was done with the meditation I continued to sit outside and was thanking Baba for such a lovely day. I suddenly felt something say to look up in the sky. What transpired after that left me speechless. Initially I felt I was just imagining and was in a dream state. I jumped up and got my camera and the results are what you will see.

This is not the first time I have seen this in the sky. Previously I did not believe my eyes and refrained from telling anyone in case they thought I was seeing things.

I showed the pictures to the Pandit in the Baba temple near my home and he immediately recognised the images and told me I am lucky to see the images like this.

A few days later, after I shared these photos with my friend in Shridi, he told me that similar things happened that same night in Shridi. I am unable to confirm this as I have searched the Internet for a story. He said some people had witnessed it, taken photos and the local news carried it.

However I saw these images and would like to share these pictures with all.
Jai Sai Ram .



I would like to remain anonymous and just be known as Baba's devotee.Sai heard my prayer again...
Hi Manisha sister,
How are you?
Please post my experience here.This is the third time I am submitting sai leela.Please don't disclose my maid id.Sai is helping other children with the help of another sai child like you .
You are so blessed by Sai ram.

Experience 1:

Earlier I submitted sai leela that how baba saved my sister from lung tumour surgery.(
Yesterday she had an appointment with chemo therapist for check up and scanning after six months of her surgery.

Even though I have faith on baba, still I was so tensed about her check up.Then I prayed to our beloved father Sai ma and vowed that if reports comes clear I will post my experience in this site.Our sai is so kind and he proved that he is with his devotees in tough times.Reports came clear and doctor asked her to come after six months.Thank you so much sainath.
Love you so much baba.....

Experience 2:

Once I went to my aunt's place.During chit chat we were talking about our Sainath.She did not believe in sai baba much that time.Once my aunt and uncle went to Shiridi.
when they went for sai baba darshan, infront of sai's prathima she asked sai ma that If you are
really there please give one rose flower from any devotee here.Then what our sai did you know, pandit ji near sai's prathima gave one rose to my uncle.then he gave the same rose flower to my aunt.Tears rolled out from her eyes.From then she became staunch devotee of sai ram.
What a beautiful saileela isn't it?

Experience 3:

Sai baba came to my home on holy day...

In Sai Satcharitra ,I read about sai coming to hemadpanth house's on holy day.While reading that chapter I felt that how lucky hemadpanth was because baba came to his house on holy poornima day.
After that I forgot about that and on holy day I planned to do pooja to sai baba, so I got up early and flowers came outside.So I went down to buy some flowers.After I came back and opened the door there was one cover from saisansthan trust.I was so happy and took that cover and opened it immediately.
One sai baba photo and udi packets were there in that cover.I felt so happy and I offered my pooja happily to sai ma.Then i remembered long back I gave donation in sai sansthan trust, so they send me prasad now.Isn't it really baba's sankalp ??

Because morning 7 am no postman will come and deliver it.I enquired my maid, she told that cover came one day before holy day and she forgot to give me on that day, so she came and kept it on the door lock on holy poornima day morning.Sai's sankalp is that I should receive that cover on holy poornima day...
If you ask something with full devotion he will definitely give it to his children.
Sai blesses all his children.

Ananthakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai ....
Sai daughter

Touching Baba’s Feet:

Hello Manisha Didi, hope you are well and thank you so much for all the work you do to spread Baba’s name among us. Please do not disclose my name or e-mail address.

Om Sai Ram. This is my 2nd time sharing my experience here in this wonderful space Manisha Didi with Sai Baba’s grace provided for us. I am a Malayalee Christian girl living in the US. I have been a firm devotee of Baba for the past couple of years now. I wanted to share the wonderful experience that I had on New Years Day with Baba’s grace.

The Sundays I skip church I go to Baba’s temple which is about 40 minutes away from where I live. The Thursday before New Years Day (Sunday) I was thinking about going to Baba’s mandir as I had that week off from work. When that Thursday came for some reason I was feeling very lazy to even step out of the house. I was feeing very bad too that I was feeling lazy to go see our Baba but I couldn’t bring myself up to drive for 40 minutes that day. So I apologized to Baba for feeling lazy to go see him but I promised him that I will see him on New Years Eve or New Years Day for sure. I was thinking about going to a friend’s house for New Years Eve party but on that day I decided not to go.

I decided to spend time with my parents and pray to Baba at midnight. So I did exactly that. Right at midnight I lit candles in front of Baba’s small idol I have in my room and prayed to him for his blessings, good health, and all happiness for everyone this New Year and went to bed. ! I woke up on time to go see Baba. So I drove all the way to the temple and as I walked in to my left I see a long line of devotees waiting for something. So instead of going straight to Baba I joined the line and was waiting for my turn (at this point I really don’t know what I am waiting for. I was just following rest of the people and was thinking they are waiting for the Prasad that the priest might be distributing). There were lot of people in front of me and I could see only the head of Baba’s idol as I am not that tall. All of a sudden I saw this one older lady walking away from Baba’s idol and she was always around to help the priests with chores around the temple. So I thought “she’s sooo lucky she got to step on top where Baba’s idol is and she was fortunate enough to stand right next to him).

I have always wanted to touch his feet and pray but I knew that was impossible as devotees were not allowed to step on top of where Baba’s idol was. I wished fo! r a second that I was the helper lady. Then I went back to not! paying attention about what was going on around me. I was chanting Baba’s name. As I got closer to the beginning of the line there was a younger guy giving hand sanitizer to everyone in the line. I also took some and then I noticed people who were standing in the line, going one by one next to Baba’s idol and praying by touching his Holy Feet. I was like “Baba, read my mind or heard my complaints. I will finally get to touch his feet and pray.” When it was my turn to step up I went to Baba, knelt down and touched his holy feet and prayed till tears were flowing from my eyes.

I also wanted to see Baba wearing a blue and pink outfit for some reason that day. But he was wearing an orange one. But he did satisfy to wish by wearing a pink garland and the whole stage was decorated with blue peacocks. It was a beautiful sight. I cannot thank Baba enough for letting me touch his holy feet and start my year with his blessings. I already know that this year is going to be beautiful and even if I have to face challenges that will be because of my karma and Baba will be holding my hand to face the challenges. I have decided to do Sai Thursday Vrat that day and I have completed my 2 weeks so far with his grace.

Sree Sachitananda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!!

Anadha kodi bramanda nayaga rajathi raja yogi raja para bramha sri
sachidanadha satguru sai raj maharaj ki jai

Jai sai ram.

Sathguru's Blessing and grace.

Dear Sai devotees,
Thank you all for giving an opportunity to share the blessings and Leelas of Sai.

I am not able to recollect the day when i started to believe Sai. But unknowingly and unintended Sai entered my life.I am not a deserving soul, but its Just the mere Grace and mercy of the Lord, that i am in to the path of realising the Omnipresent Sai

I have experienced many a miracle of Sai and I wish I am able to recollect and list those and wish that the readers have the patience to read the entire list:

1.I visited Shirdi for the first time. i wish i could go again and see the Lord.

His Leela started the day before leaving to shiridi. I had not packed my things for Shirdi and was struck up at office the day before, for some production support. I wanted to leave the day early but could not
because of the support work and was awaiting the go-live mail from the customer so that i could start off from office. I wanted to start off atleast by 08:30 PM to 09:00 so that i could go pack off things for
the next day travel at 07:00 am morning.

I was awaiting impatiently and i was told that the customer sign off would take around 11:00 PM night. I started to panic as i had lot things to pack and inclusive of some offerings to Sai. It was 08:30 PM
and i was praying to Sai like, 'If you are there , can i not get the sign off mail early. WHat are you doing, I want to pack off my things to come and see you and you are giving me troubles. Is this the way
you bless your devotee?'. It should be around 08:58 PM the night?(2 minutes to 09:00 PM). Believe me the sign off mail came at 08:58 PM . The production upgrade which was supposed to happen at 11:00 got completed 2 hours early. TIll date i dont know how it happened. Usually it goes on a delay than the said time. But this was the first time it was early.It has never happened again. Jai Jai to Sai Ram. Need not to say i started off happily thanking Sai whole heartedly.

2.At Shirdi, i was mesmerised on seeing Sai. I wished i could get 6 flowers from Sai as a recognition from him of our familys presence in the temple (we are six in number, so i wished for 6 flowers). It was
night aarthi and the next second of this thought, i realised that in Shiridi temple Poojari's dont distribute prasadams or flowers as they do in the south indian temples. So the thought faded off, i started to pray to Sai for my needs and thank him for the blessings.

After the worship was over, we came out and to my surprise the security guard gave a bunch of rose flowers and do you know what, there were exactly 6 flowers in the bunch. I went goose bumps and
thanked sai for taking care even the smallest of my wish. Jai sai ram

3.Another Leela is at my work place. The appraisal cycle was due to happen. I didnt expect much hike in the appraisal as that year they had cut my bonus saying the bonus is for people who are going to stay
for a long time and is not applicable for me as I have initiated a project change. I was not in good terms with my manager too. I was reading Sai sath charithra and was about to complete the round of

2 days left to complete, my boss called me to discuss. I didnt know why he has called for, and for my surprise, he told i am being giving 15% hike. I was just surprised and thanked Sai for his grace. On the day of completing the reading the Sai sath charithra i got the printed papers with 15% hike and I got the highest hike% within the project So far in the past 4 years i havent got a hike of 15%. This is the 1st year with the acquaintance of Sai i got this much increase in salary and can you imagine a hike when you are not in good terms. Jai Jai sai ram

4. My sister's daughter studying U.K.G was not selected for a intra-school competition. I was reading sath sarithra at that time and she came and told me that she was not selected. I felt bad as she
appeared sad. I just thought Why to worry sai takes care of his children better and just prayed "Bestow all your blessings on this little kid and guide her in your own ways." After 2 days or so, the kid came and told that she is selected for the singing competition as another girl didnt want to participate. We were just thinking how she would perform well as she has got only a days time to learn. The Bharathiyar song they taught in school is known to my MOM also and she coached her. To all our surprise the Kid performed so well and received laurels. Jai Jai to Sai Ram

5. For the same kid, she participated in a fancy dress competition and it was of very short notice. My sister had broken her leg and was not able to go out to collect the materials and dress for the competiion.
I was held up at office in that particular week and was returning home very late and could not go in search of shops for the fancy dress. We all were feeling bad that we could not help the kid much. We did only little things with paper charts, the day before the competition and was not up the mark. I just prayed Sai that the Kid should not feel bad as she will not win any prize because the preparation was not to
the level mark. To all our surprise she won the first prize. Last year she didnt get any inspite of all our best efforts. But this year just a small little prayer to Sai made a huge difference inspite our bad

The list of Sai’s blessings and grace are end-less and i am able to feel the very presence of the Lord quite often. Certain of the above may be childish wishes and expectation to Sai from me but still I
want to share those to all the Sai Devotees to let all of us know that Sai fulfills even the simplest of the desires and whatever are your wishes and desires whichever is true and honest will be fulfilled by Sai in his own ways.

Wishing all of us that we get more and more of Sai’s blessings and grace and grow deeper and deeper in the Lord.

Jai Sai Ram
Best Regards

Baba Blessed Us:

Manishaji please put my experience of saibaba for benefit of all sai devotees

Dear sai devotees,


My name is Sanjay Sharma, I am from Bangalore, i have a miracle of baba to be shared with all
of you, i had been to Shirdi recently on new year i reached on 31st of Dec,before leaving Bangalore
i tried to get an accommodation in Shirdi when tried lot of hotels i was not getting rooms less 3500/- to 5000/-per day then i thought let me leave this problem to Sai for him to solve, you believe it or not when i reached their i went to some 4/5 hotels but i could not get room but i was very sure sai is always there when we need him, i then got an excellent hotel newly built just 7days old at 2500/- per day this is great when lakhs of devotees visited during new year.

The next miracle i will never forget in my whole life time is, while my leaving Shirdi on 3rd of Jan i bought a big photo of Saibaba from shirdi the photo was very big almost  3 feet x 4 feet we had our train booking in Karnataka express coach no S8 seat no 54 & 60 since me and my wife both were there ours was a upper berth and a lower berth my wife said we will keep baba photo on the upper berth, since the photo was big it occupied the whole seat then we were decided and we finalised both of will adjust the whole night and somehow reach Bangalore.

Now my dear friends u believe it or not our great Sai made a miracle the seat no 61 meant for somebody else that person did not come at all i had a great journey the train was full not even rac tickets were confirmed  people were standing and coming it is one of the busiest route were always train are full and can u imagine in such a train i get a berth without paying even 1paise and wonder not even tt came to check this is absolute miracle our great Saibaba. i gave my seat to sai and he gave me one, this is the love our sai has towards his devotees who cant see his children in trouble there are lots and lots of such miracle happened with me in my life which i will share it with all of you in near future.

Sanjay Sharma
Sai Ram

Shirdi Trip:
Sairam Manisha Ji,

My shirdi trip was fantastic. since it is Sankranthi holidays, the temple was too crowded and i got 2-3 mins of dharshan.After that i went to Ambikapur(kopergaun) to take dhondi Chavan baba dharshan. he blessed me with his hands on my head and asked for dakshina i gave him 110 rs(two note one hundred and one 10 rupee). he gave back the 10Rs and kept the 100Rs with him. he told me abt something about my past and future. but i didnt understand bcos of language problem.

I was so enthusiastic to meet Chavan baba and take his blessings and to know about my visa thing. but bcos of this language problem. i didnt get wht he said. but in few mints, one old man came to whom chavan baba bent and took his blessings. that old man can talk english, so he came to me and i told him wht hpnd. so this old man talked with both me and chavan baba at the same time and was telling each other in our own languages.

chavan baba told that my future will be good and everything will be alright.

Dont know why may be i had high expectations on the trip and chavan baba; the trip and dharshan didnt satisfied me that well. I was back with some pain in the heart about this. SURPRISE, the next day after i came from shirdi(just few mins back) i received Saicharitra book with a beautiful baba photo in it. the baba in this photo has kukum on his left hand index finger(which he keeps on his right leg). i have once subscribed for free book through our site, but that is longtime back.

Another surprise this morning since i was dull and feeling pain in my heart i went to ( to ask what was my mistake as i didnt get satisfaction of dharshan and the number that inspired at that moment was 116 which said "Remember Saibaba, donate some food and your heart desire will be fulfilled".

So once i received the Sai Satcharitra book, i opened a random page to read guess what 116 page is opened.

I was happy that baba indeed blessed my trip.

One more miracle, before i went to shirdi and before we booked the tickets i asked baba, please allow my grandmother to come along with us to shirdi. And baba has accepted the prayers and she travelled with us, it was the first time she came to shirdi.

I have taken prayers to shirdi and left it on baba's samadhi.Baba will surely address all of our problems and bless us.
Sairam baba. Sairam.

Share Your Sai Experience :HERE.
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Anonymous said...

Om Shri Dwarakamayi Thank you Baba for everything you have done for me. I will never forget that as long I leave. Please Saibaba return my husband back to me as a birthday gift .Please forgive us and bring us back together. I love you Baba with my heart and soul. Bless my family and please don't leave us. Stay with us forever.

mahith on May 1, 2012 at 9:44 AM said...

I would like to know the meaning of the phrase told by baba "show unto me he who sought refuge and been tuned away"

mahith on May 1, 2012 at 9:45 AM said...

I would like to know the meaning of the phrase told by baba "show unto me he who sought refuge and been tuned away"

Anonymous said...

Very nice experiences....thanks a lot for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

madhu52 on September 14, 2013 at 6:37 PM said...

i love you a lot saima please stay with us sorry baba padma

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