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Do Not Break Promises and Vows to Sai Baba-Experience of Shirish.

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Dear all,
Wish you a very Happy Navratri and Baba's day .
Every time we read a Sai experience we learn a little more about Baba and His relationship with His children .Irrespective of behaviour of child , child's mother always has unconditional,infinite and pure love for him .So is our mother Sai. Whatever be our action,thought or emotions,our mother is always loving to us.She is unbiased and indifferent to our doings.

Below is a Sai experience of Sai devotee Shirish who has been sharing his experience from time to time in this website. He is sharing all his experience so that whatever he has learnt can also be amrit gyan(nector of knowledge) for others sailing in the same boat .

The emphasis is given on vow to Baba,importance of Sai Satcharitra and following the teaching of Sai Baba in our day to day life.

Before readers go ahead with experience I would like to tell them that there are many many incidences in various books and in Sai Satcharitra where Baba not only reminded devotees about their vow/promises but also took them to their tasks who forgot or did nor carry it . I am giving few links below of such articles.
Violation of vow to Baba.
Sai paved way for us to step in Dwarakamayi.
Sai leela -Experience by Sai devotee Archana.
Tested and blessed-Experience by Sandhya.
Sai Baba's Assurance-Experience Of A Sai Devotee.

There are chapters in Sai Satcharitra citing stories based on vows made to Baba.

It has been experienced by me that the path of the Satcharita is simple and most elightening . Wherever it is read, it becomes Dwarkamai and Sai definitely appears there.Sai Baba removes all difficulties, as soon as He is remembered. Believe that everything is inspired by Sai and hence read the Sai Satcharita without finding faults or applying too much logic.

Shri Sai is the support of His devotees. Without Him the impediments in our way are not destroyed,this can be read through the following experience.

Readers can write similar experience and share with all of us.
Jai Sai Ram

Sairam Manisha Didi,

I want to share my recent Saibaba’s blessing. Please post it as per your schedule. You can give title as per your wish and mention my name in post also.


Dear All,

I want to tell all devotees before they start reading my experience,

1) Never ever break promise given to Saibaba under any circumstance. It’s like biggest sin adding to bad karmas. Saibaba feel bad for us, He will not punish us for breaking promise but we will suffer consequences of our karmas. But Saibaba will also ensure that we realize our mistake (This he will do in his own ways) and will save us in right time before life goes out of control.

2) Just listen and follow what Parents and Saibaba has said through Sai charitra or any other mode. That is wonderful and will bring peace and happiness.

3) Whenever we feel that we are getting disconnected or mind is heavy with stuff which we don’t want to do or have, that means we are away from Faith and Patience and we need to work on them.

I promised Saibaba that I will never drink Alcohol or will get involve in activities which disconnects us from path of Shradda and Saburi and our promise to Almighty.

First time I broke that promise: I suffered huge tension at my Job and was transferred to a location which I never liked and I quit my Job in a Span of 1 month.

Saibaba’s blessing: Though I was tensed, depressed after quitting that Job but Saibaba gave me a good job in a week’s period, I have posted this experience previously.And made me realise my mistake and also took care of me .

Second time I broke my promise: I suffered through Chicken pox and had tough time for few days.

Saibaba’s blessing: Saibaba again came to stop me from going into bad things and put a break in His ways.

Third time when I broke my promise: As I Said earlier under any circumstance never ever get away from Faith and Patience and teachings of Saibaba and moreover never break promise given to Saibaba.

Third time I did it again, thime time I added lot to my bad karma’s, I drank on Saibaba’s day (Thursday), and also ate non veg food on that day. This I did in my frustration on some life issues (Ego, anger, Frustration). I completely forgot Saibaba. I ignored all my promises made to Saibaba. Rather I should say I disrespected Saibaba.It was a selfish act .I scummed to the moment of weakness and did all the above which I had promised i will not do and failed.

Sufferings: As I said earlier breaking promise is like adding bad karmas and its biggest sin, and Saibaba always said that He always keeps his words and promises so same goes for us also,we expect Baba to do everything as is referred in Sai Satcharitra but when it comes to our commitment and promises we fall and fail. After 2-3 weeks of my getting involved in all bad activities, I started getting health problems and it went to a level when my mental unrest was extremely high. It was really bad time. I was under immense fear,did not know whats happening with me? Restlessly I kept on living each day in pain and anxiety .Trips to hospital and check up were making me more weak from within and this time I felt I have really hurt Baba.

Saibaba’s blessings: On Thursday when I went through all the medical tests, everything came out to be normal. I thanked Baba ,the gracious kind Baba inspite of my doings took care of me.But again fear was there as one test was remaining which I asked doctor to let me take. That test was on next day.

I literally cried in front of Saibaba with desperation and thought I have annoyed my deva and can't even look at Him asking for help .But  He is kind and merciful who fill us with hope and love for Him and I surendered to Him my thoughts,fear and my actions. I was under immense fear about what will be test results. I holded on to my mighty powerful angel Shri Sai Satcharitra and started reading Sai charitra book before test.

Saibaba’s blessing came all the way  and test results came to be normal. I was speechless. I was numb and did knew very well who did this miraculous thing in my life. In all this process I was very much mentally tired that I was not able to thank properly to Saibaba.So I decided to go to Sai temple.

Then I went to Saibaba temple to thank Saibaba.

Now I have made promise to Saibaba that I will never ever drink Alcohol and will never eat non veg. Will never involve in bad activities and will always consider and keep parents and Saibaba in mind for all my actions. I will always take care of my parents.

My learning from all above:

Saibaba always take care of us even though if we get away from him and he saves us from getting into big trouble.

We should always follow faith and patience path which Baba has given to all His children .

Why to fear why Saibaba is with us.

Never break promise given to Saibaba.

Never get involved in Bad activities.

Parents are like Saibaba for us, they care for us in same way as Saibaba does, so every thought and action should be monitored by thinking how Saibaba and our parents will feel about it. Then our karmas will go in right path.This will not only make us good human but a also a good son to our parents.

Sai charitra is living form of Saibaba, we need to read it to follow each and every word told by Saibaba.

Always keep Saibaba in your heart and mind.Surrender all your actions to Baba.

 Mind will wander but again use yor heart to tell, that Saibaba is ours and want us to be happy and do good in life. This will bring Faith and patience and remove fear and other bad feelings.

I want to let all the devotees know the consequences of breaking the promise given to Baba and want each one to learn that Baba is our mother who is kind ,who will take care of us but will also be strict if we are not on right path and discipline us to be His worthy child.

I would like to know devotees view and would love to read similar incidences if any one has experienced/learnt Baba's lesson in the same way .

Koti koti pranam to Saibaba who looks after me and loves me .

Sai Son Shirish

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Anonymous said...

om sai ram

Sujit Sharma said...

Sairam Manisha didi,I had similar experience and i learnt from Baba not to break promise.I am sending you my experience pls post it .Thank u shirish for sharing this with us.
Jai Sai om sai jai sai.
Sujit Sharma

Beena said...

Jai Sai Jai Sai Jai Sai Jai Sai
what a eye opener.I shall make my son read this. He never listen .He will know how Sai thandari does .he is always thinking this is part of life. Sai Thandari make my son realise too.
Jai Sai Jai Sai Jai Sai Jai

Anonymous said...

Thank u Shirish for sharing this with all ,it takes courage to accept fault and than share it about it .Good work man...thanks it make me realise what I do .I will try not to do the same.It is a message from Baba on this day i feel esp for me.
Thanks bro.

Satya said...

Great post.Saibless all.

Anonymous said...

I have sent my exp ,please post it .Thanks Shirish for reminding me with your expe.

Unknown on January 29, 2015 at 8:12 PM said...

Love you baba

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