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Sai paved way for us to step in Dwarakamayi.

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Sairam dear all,
Wishing you all a happy Baba's day and Happy Thursday ,
In Sai Satcharitra there are many incidences where Baba acted as the ultimate healer of various maladies .This is true even today if we have firm faith in the great healing power of Saima.
Sometimes such cure not only allevaite the suffering of a devotee but pulls them closer to Baba.
Read here the Sai leela of sister Ashalatha .Jai Sai Ram.


Sairam Manisha sister ,
Sai Maharaj has pulled me in his path before my marriage. After my marriage we had to start our new life in Kuwait I did not get the opportunity of going to temples and since the whole atmosphere was new it took some time for me to settle down.

It was through my sister I got to regain my contacts with Sai world for which I am very thankful to her. She sent Sai’s pratima through my husband’s uncle and gave me a surprise saying,” you have something very precious and I am sure you are going to just jump out of joy. Yes I was filled with tears of joy seeing my Sai and she forwarded “Heritage of Shirdi Sai newsletter” through which I was really getting connected to other Sai devotees.

When I conceived I wanted to have a boy baby as our family has only girls. And sai blessed us with boys.

After my first son was born we took him to my Guru “Bhairava Sai” and placed my child on the lap of my Saima and I felt so happy for a second we did not hold the kid as Sai will hold him. Feeling so blessed we returned to Kuwait and when he was around 2 ½ years old he developed dysentery.

It was so severe that he passed blood in his stool inspite of medication his condition was going worst and we were holding our Sai’s lotus feet and praying. Even after a week he was not responding to medications and he was even scared and would scream out if we have to touch his pants as it was all reddish with rashes and that really made us feel even sad. His food intake was very less.

One night it was worst and he was crying like anything I just sat before our Sai in the home mandir and started to burst out in front of him. I was bursting out in tears and pleading Sai to help my child to improve his condition. I made a vow to visit Shirdi that year. My husband was consoling me. I applied Udi and did not want to move anywhere and kept my kid on my lap and just crying out.

My Sai did answer my prayers from the next day morning the bleeding stopped and in two days he was normal and Sai not only saved my Child but also paved a way for us to have his darshan. Though I was longing to go to Shirdi I was trapped into lot of problems and I could not even think of going to Shirdi or there was no one to guide me I felt my all merciful Sai must have felt the need of me to step in to Dwarakamayi and that’s how he pulled me that year and it was a blissful Shirdi trip.

I was praying heart to heart Sai how nice if I would have been atleast a grass in your path, I would have been blessed by your Kamala Padam and to add to our happiness inside Samadhi mandir without being instructed my son prostrated so many times which was a real surprise. Infact he did not even notice any one doing until then. I felt so happy and thought he must be showing his gratitude to his grandpa this way.

After stepping in to the doors of Masjidmayi, many of our problems were getting solved one by one and my Koti pranams to my Saimaharaj for all that. I had also vowed to my Sai to decorate him with a silver crown at another occasion but totally forgot about it. My son was once taken to clinic for regular check up and the doctor while examining his body found some birth marks and started enquiring about it.

We told him that it is from his birth he is an Egyptian doctor. He started to investigate more and that created lot of panick on us. We did not even feel like eating. The whole day we were in stress. One of my friend suggested to an Indian doctor and upon the doctor’s advice we went for Complete Blood Count and was just praying to my with full faith Sai day and night and the results were all positive and when we came to India for vacation we again consulted the Pediatrician , he said my Child is absolutely fine and nothing to worry.

I remembered that I need to fulfill my vow and immediately told my mom to order for a silver crown and offered to my Guru the Parabrahma.

Nowadays I feel that I don’t have to panick for anything as my eternal father my Satchidananda Sadguru is omnipresent and protects us always. I wish and Pray to Sairam to multiply my faith and devotion towards him day by day by subtracting my mistakes adding my good attitudes and dividing my sins and make me feel that we are always safe in his shadow and to bless us to sing his praise always, everywhere and to everyone.

May Sai be with all of us, guide us and help us always.

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