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Sai Baba's Assurance-Experience Of A Sai Devotee.

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Jai Sai Ram ,
Wish you all a very blessed Baba's day and commencement of holy Gurupurnima celebration.

Baba is beyond human mind. We cannot fathom the kindness and love of Baba for His children ."If you cast your burden on Me, I shall surely bear it."This has been proved right in each Sai devotees life.Sometime the incident happen for our good and sometime they do not .But our faith on Baba and His love for His children help His children over come their tough situation .As the right time comes the devotee understand the play of the Lord and thank Him for bringing them out of the calamities of life and making them realise His presence,His love and His care .The same is the experience of Sai sister who wish to remain anonymous
but wishes to share her experience with others so that many more Baba's children can strengthen their faith and get some guidance .Jai Sai Ram

Dear Manishaji,
Please keep my identity anonymous.

Dear Manishaji,

Great is your service to Baba and helping us(anonymous sisters) share our experiences with Baba.When I got my previous job 3 months back Baba helped me time to time. That time I prayed to Baba that if I got the job I will share my experiences in your website. I got the job.

I always wanted to start but was very hesitant to write. The first thing i do every day as the day starts in job is open your Sai Baba's website and then only start my work. I had a friend over there(office) who is from Aurangabad and we used to talk about Baba in our lunch time. But I kept on postponing my vow because I didn't knew how to start and also because I was not sure of privacy.

Last month when I was laid off from my job because of financial issues of the company I realised my promise and took myself to task to first  fulfill my promise to Baba.

Dear  Baba this is my earnest prayer please also help all my collegues who were laid off . I defenitely know Saima will take care of me and below is my experience.

Baba I don't know how to put all my regards in words. Please bless me and help me to start up on this.

I came to know about Sai Baba when I was a child.It was very nice to attend the bhajans in the town where I lived.

I used to love Baba like anything from the childhood. I have faith and trust in Baba. Though we all know we neglect Him but He is the mother who never neglects His children.

This prooved with me.

I was of marriageable age and though I got many proposals from many people, I always wanted to respect my parents opinion on getting married.

One day finally my collegue who is known to my uncle closely proposed me with a small idol of Saibaba. Though I knew this person very well but had no intensions that I would marry him someday .

After thinking a lot i finally agreed to this proposal by putting all the responsibility on BABA as I felt  He himself came to me. Might be HE wanted to assure me that HE will be with me. (I didnt knew at that at that time but realised it later )

After some time my would be husband got visa to US.

And from there ,then started troubles with my husbands family. They wanted to cancel the marriage.

Problems started and I had very very bad experiences thereon and was very much ill treated and it continued.But things moved on amidst all this.

Later when I was coming to US ,and as I was about to get into the airport ,there I met one of my childhood friend who is doctor and doesn't believe much in god.He had come to say bye and send me off to US with a small idol of Baba. When I think I cannot imagine anything but I feel Sai baba was always with me in major events of my life.

I came to US and later had very very bad experiences of marital life. My husband is good but very much influenced by family. With frustration and loss of patience bearing all this turmoil I removed all Baba's pictures.I felt when I love him so much ,why is He ignoring me and watching what I am undergoing .When I think  ,I cannot express myself  how much pain I underwent. Its not easy to put in words to all the years of agony.

In my mind and in my prayers I always used to ask Baba why did you get me into this marriage. I trusted you,had faith on you  and with that faith on you I agreed to this match. Because you came with him inspite of so many proposals that came my way I agreed to this proposal .....and my questions to Baba kept on going .

 But Baba's two words "Faith "& "Patience " proved right .

Again one of my friend gave me a small calender with Baba's 11 vachans(11 sayings/assurances) on it and she said do keep this and all problems will get solved. By the mean time I was also struggling with career.

Slowly after 9 years I am seeing change in my married life. Though its a long time but all this time I realised Baba was there in all my extemely bad times and saved my life. He gave me strength to bear and patience to undergo all the ups and down .

Now we have moved to a place near to Baba's temple. Baba is always helping .He helped my parents and kids.I almost feel like HE is talking to me and correcting me .Though I am still struggling for a job I know Baba has HIS way.

We just need to have trust and patience and sure Baba will help us.

I used to wonder when people used to say this but when you trust baba you will definitely experience HIM. As a mother HE always assured me that HE is there with me. Its me who out of ignorance and love used to blame Baba.But with His grace I have realised His teaching and taking each moment as His blessing .

 I pray Him for my good friends who are believers of baba .

Thank you Baba

Anonymous sister.

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Anonymous said...

baba u told that every flower wont become fruit , why soo.. if u are with us we jst get fruits only

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