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Only Baba Knows-Experience by Sai Devotee Y.S.

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Dear All,
Sai devotee Y.S has shared his unique Sai incident with all of us,this Sai experience can help many Sai devotee strengthen their faith in Sai Baba during their tough times.Please read the attached mail below.Jai Sai Ram.

Dear Manisha Bisht,

I have listed my experience with Shirdi Sai Baba below. This happened almost two years back on October 21, 2007 (Dassera Day) and for me it's the most memorable experience, ever since I visited Shirdi for the first time in August 1995. Could you please post it on your website/blog so that it would be helpful to other devotees out there.I came across your blog/website on the Internet and your blog is very informative and well-organized too.

I was working as a ‘Software Consultant’ in New Jersey, USA. On October 21, 2007 (Dassera Day), Shirdi Sai Baba appeared in my dream between 6:30 am to 7:00 am or so. It was Sunday and fortunately it was a Dassera/Vijayadashmi day. I have described my dream below.

Sai Baba appeared in my dream. His looks exactly matched the looks in the photograph which I worship. Also, he was looking younger than what is normally shown. I remember his beard was still predominantly black. He was clad in whitekafniand a piece of cloth was tied around his head. This dream was very different from all the dreams I have had till this day in that it was strictly ‘black and white in color and was very bright and clear as if with some extra light on his face. It was as if some 'black and white' movie was being played in my dream. I was with my Mom.
My mother tongue is Marathi. In Marathi, Baba said 'Tu jaam ghabarlela distos' which means 'I’m looking bit afraid and nervous. I replied to Baba in Marathi that ‘Tumhala sagla mahit aahe’ which in English means 'You know everything (past, present as well as future)'. Then Baba took out a small plastic bag containing Udi and Lord Vishnu’s photo and asked me to keep it with me.

Later there was strong wind in the room and all people almost laid down flat on the floor because of the wind. He raised his hands up and uttered some words. He gave some coins to me initially. Then he gave me some money (50 rupee bill, 100 rupee bill). A lady didn’t like that and came in between but he still managed to give it to me once she crossed. He was smiling all the time and appeared very humble, meek and polite while speaking. I also thought in my dream for one moment how such a humble and meek man could be so powerful to be worshiped by all?

Then when I went to some other room, I saw Akkalkota Swami submerged in bathing tank till his neck and his devotees were doing the same too. On my way back home, 'aartis' were being performed on the road and people invited me to attend but I rejected to attend. After reaching home, when I curiously tried to open the bag containing Udi and Lord Vishnu's photo, I woke up from the dream and recollected the whole dream and documented the whole dream on a piece of paper.

Immediately on the third day after this dream, my manager told me that I would be laid off. I worked as a ‘Software Consultant’. Then started a period of frustration and worries. Not to mention the money loss since I was renting an apartment and had to pay for my visa-transfer fees and car loan etc. For two months, I was able to control my frustration and was patient. But then foolishly, I abused Sai Baba a lot and blamed him for my misfortune. I thought that on one hand Baba appeared in my dream and convinced me of his 'omnipresent' nature and existence and on the other hand he was doing nothing to help me come out of this difficulty.

The frustration and mental pains were very severe and were unbearable. I realized that he warned me in advance when he told me in the dream on Dassera day that ‘I look bit afraid and nervous’. It took about three months for me to find another job. I read ‘Sai Satcharitra’ in 7 days in January 2008 and on the first Thursday of February 2008; I appeared for an interview and was selected for the new position.

I feel that Sai puts you in different tests and probably has some intention in doing so. Baba knows what good/bad 'Karma' we have performed in our past lives and accordingly tries to nullify the effect or reward our deeds. But sometimes these tests are very difficult and full of hardships and he expects your faith and patience, which is very difficult for one to maintain during difficulties. Frankly speaking, I lost my patience and faith after couple of months after I lost my job and abused Sai for all the difficulties that resulted. I threw away his photograph in anger. But again due to his intentions only, I read Sai Satcharitra in January and got a new job again. In the end he himself will take care of you and will pull you out of the difficulty.


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