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Power of UDI MA and Sai Naam Jaap -Sai Kartikeya's Experience.

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Dear Sai devotees,
Happy Vijayadashmi to all ,
Many Leelas of Baba are illustrated in the Sai SatCharitra which narrates that on several occasions Baba acted as the ultimate doctor. The patients with ill terminable diseases kept their firm faith on Baba and surrendered themselves to Baba’s feet for removal of their maladies. Storey of Shyama’s snake bite, Great miracle of Jamner and are to name but a few.
Even on today Baba’s great healing power is being experienced by many devotees. In this blog, I have posted many such experiences.

Two days back my son Kartikeya came to me and said mummy I forgot to tell you something .I asked him what? He said Baba came in my dream .I was cooking and I stopped my cooking and looked at his face with happiness. I said yes tell me quickly .He said Mummy it was not yesterday but this has happened long back almost 2-3 months back and I completely forgot to tell you .

I said ok ok tell me what was it .He said mummy I saw that we are in Shirdi and I was playing in the garden .Suddenly I fell down and got hurt on my leg from a stone. You picked me up and ran towards Baba’s Mandir (in Shirdi).You prayed in front of Baba and we returned .Next day I asked you to take me agian Baba .

Kartikeya described Baba in brown color like the color of mud and said he was sitting like he sits in Dwarkamayi.

Kartikeya said very strange thing ,hearing that I was totally in tears. He said
“Mummy you and me were standing infront of Baba but you were not able to see Baba but I could see Baba .Baba was looking at me and talking to me.What all he spoke I do not remember but one thing He said which I remember very well “
I asked Kartikeya what was that ? He said Baba said:
“Jo mujhko Yaad Karega mei hamesha uskae saath hounga” (Those who will remember me I shall always be with them. )

I did not have any words to speak as I knew what he said was word to word true .Only Baba can say so .I hugged him and said see you love Baba and Baba also loves you .I could not doubt him or what he said as the line that he spoke of Baba ,I had never told him or taught him while I told them about Baba’s love and His stories. And I tried asking in different way but he spoke Baba’s same word without any alteration at any time.

With this dream I recollected what had happened few months back .And that incident also proved what Baba spoke to Kartikeya.

With this incident reader can know how Baba came to our rescue in the helpless condition.
Sai readers may be knowing that presently I am living in Tanzania, the southern country in African continent.

Normally, on weekends, we all plan to go different places . This is a kind of family gathering.
One fine weekend all the Indian families decided to go to quite beach in the neighborhood. There is not much of rush in that beach. We have to cross the backwater by a steamer to go to other end to reach the beach. My kids were very excited .My elder son Sai Kartikeya was even more excited as he loves to swim in water .Sai Devotees might be knowing Kartikeya as he is the one who had made Baba’s sketch which I had posted in blog .(Today again Baba has blessed him to share his second sketch which he has made yesterday in the afternoon looking at Sai Chalisa book cover .)

Well we all started with great excitement. We always bow to Baba before leaving the house. Whenever we leave our house ,we have one Baba’s photo on the door we bow to photo,take Udi and take Baba’s permission and than leave.

We started for our outing .We reached at the beach at around 11 am. The beach was quite and clean. As soon as we reached there all the children became restless to jump into the water. One of our colleague started arranging fire for the Bar-b- Que. Both of my sons were excited and making to and fro trip between the sea and the Bar-b-Que. Very soon my husband joined them in the sea water. My elder son was swimming enthusiastically from one place to another and was enjoying himself.

Everything was going fine, gents were enjoying discussing and the ladies were busy cooking and children were merry making in the water.

Suddenly everybody was wonder struck by hearing a very loud scream of my elder son. He came running out of the water and he was crying uncontrollably and at the top of his voice. My husband also came running behind him to know what has happened. My son kept on saying that some thing has bit him. He felt like a current going through his skin .I noticed that there was a long red mark with blue line which looked like a deep blue nerve or I can say like a lightening on his stomach. There was visible swelling around the mark. My son was crying loudly and was complaining burning sensation around the mark.

The first thing mind and heart did was to remember Baba. I kept on saying to my son to do Baba’s Nam Jaap ,stop crying ,take long breath and than everything will be fine for him with Baba’s grace . But being a small kid he was crying .But than within few seconds he started Sai Naam Jaap . I was continuously praying to Baba.

Within minutes I rushed to search for the Udi, but to my surprise and remorse there was no Udi. Due to spending long day out I carried another Big purse/bag .The one I usually carry I forgot and forget to put the Udi packet in the big bag due to morning chaos as I over confidently thought that I have Udi in all my bags .Without loosing hope I Immediately called my husband to search Udi in his wallet.And with Baba’s blessing I found a small packet.

I felt so relieved as though Baba himself has come in the form of UDI .I applied UDI 2-3 times on the same spot and gave a pinch of udi in his mouth and kept asking my son to keep chanting Baba’s name.The minute he would cry I would say
“Say Sairam Sairam ,reham karo reham Karo ,Sairam Sairam “
and he would say the same .

I lost interest in all the activities and kept praying to Baba every moment. The condition of my son was not good he kept on sobbing but continously he was remembering Baba’s name. There was no improvement in his condition. The only remedy left for us was faith on Baba and chanting HIS Holy name.

In the mean time my husband and his friends started asking some of the local people and beach caretaker about the bite of marine animal and how to take prevention or what can be the first aid?

As many mouth so many views came. Some told, it was a normal fly bite, some said the bite could be fatal, some fellows were telling it could be sea fly somebody said it was jelly fish. etc etc . We really did not knew which marine animal had stung our son? The skepticism increased our worries but I am happy that the thought and confidence on Baba was overpowering than any other thought and I take it as Baba’s grace at that moment Baba Made us chant HIS Name otherwise I cannot think in what state of mind we would have been.

I tried to distract his attention and kept talking about things of his interest and thus spent our time. The beach was quite far form the city and medical assistance was not available. We had to wait till the evening when the streamer goes back to city. Finally time came to leave.

In the car I noticed that my son was still doing Sai puja without my saying anything. I was really touched. He was still feeling pain and the area around the sting/bite had quite swollen and was enough to scare us. The day was a public holiday and all the hospitals were closed. We hade to wait till the next day. We reached home, the first thing I did was to apply Udi once again from home temple on the swelled up ,stinged area of .Changed his dress and asked him to join me .

We both sat and did Baba’s aarti and I told him to keep remembering Baba’s name. He obeyed me with great devotion for Baba.To keep him in company of Baba I gave him my ipod and made him hear Stavan Manjari by Das Ganu.I could see him relax after a long day hearing Baba’s bhajan .After dinner, he was still feeling pain and he went to sleep chanting Baba’s name.I prayed to Baba to pass the night safely and take care of him .

In the meanwhile few calls came from my local friends and on inquiry and explanation of the sting of marine animal few told very scary stories. After hearing them I got restless. My mind started worrying and I sat on net and searched on all possible details. Whatever I was getting was related to jelly fish and many wrote about it being fatal.

Finding it too confusing and scaring I tried to look for images of bite similar to Kartikeya’s so that instead of getting different view I can find right marine animal behind the sting. After lot of search I found 2-3 pictures which resembled to Kartikeya’s bite but there was nothing much written on it. Except advice and pointers as to how to take first aid precaution if anyone is bitten in the sea.

Again all that I read made me more resteless.Immediately I got up from computer table and headed to mandir .Sat down infront of Baba seeking His grace and protection for the little one.

I said Baba I will read Sai Satcharitra,I will come to mandir with Kartikeya as soon as he gets alright,I would feed hungry but please take care of your little one, let this night pass by and started reading Sainath Stavan Majari and Sai Satcharitra.I felt nice as the worries got faded by power of Baba’s Naam jaap and reading Sainath Stavan Manjari.

I could not sleep and kept on looking at the bitten area ,applying Udi time to time .Again and again I would come and look at his abdomen only to find it swelling more and more .Whole night went in Sai Naam Chintan .

Next day it was Sunday and we could not show to any doctor but our doctor Sai was treating Kartikeya at home. I kept on giving him Udi and kept asking him from time to time sit in front of Baba and chant his name.

On Monday when we showed to doctor, he confirmed that it was a sting of a marine animal and that it can be harmful. He suggested that he would give some medicine and watch for next 2 days to see the result. On inquiry he did tell that patient did come with such bites and generally they had to remove the sting by minor operation at that place. Hearing this my heart sank .I could not bear the thought of operation for the little one.

Along with his medicine I kept on giving him Udi .Generally we take Udi two times a day –morning and evening after pooja but to Kartikeya I kept on giving.4th day the swelling has subsided a little bit. My husband took my son to hospital. The doctor gave him the relief by saying that there is nothing to worry as the swelling was coming down and the blue sting that ran through his abdomen was also drying. He said your little one is fortunate as some of the bites could be really fatal and patted his back. It was nothing less than a miracle that nothing serious happened.

Immediately I knew that it was Baba and His powerful udi that took care of Kartikeya and protected him.It was Baba who came to our rescue and took away the possible danger. I also realized the small suffering had avoided the possible bigger disaster. No words are enough to express Baba’s leelas.

On the first Thursday after he healed all family went to Sai mandir ,offered food and fulfilled everything that was vowed to Baba .

From this incident Kartikeya also learnt very well that Baba’s Udi is the most powerful medicine and from that time onward we do not call Udi but we say Udi Ma.Seeing him playing, witnessing Baba’s love for him my faith got reconfirmed that Baba is with him and I need not worry at all .

Baba’ s Naam Jaap and Baba’s Udi rescued Kartikeya from a very big danger No wonder why Baba always laid so much stress on Naam Jaap .Baba Koti Koti Pranam at your lotus feet .Jai Sai Ram.

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Aparna on November 29, 2011 at 4:00 AM said...

Wonderful experience of Baba's grace and protection.Really no words can describe it.After reading your experience Manishaji ,I moved very much and was literary in tears. Baba really takes care of his children at every moment and saves them from all dangers. May Baba bless Sai Kartikeye always and all his Children..

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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