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The dream that came true-Experience By Manisha Bisht.

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As Hemadpant says in Sai Satcharita, “The very word Sadguru immediately brings to mind Sai, as he stands in front of me and blesses with his hand on my head.’’ Similarly Oh My Sathguru Sainath at your Holy Feet I seek your Divine grace and blessing always, let me or my mind not wander a bit and let me always hold on to YOUR Holy feet as you have been Holding us in your protective love and care irrespective of our so many shortcomings/vices.....

Before I proceed with humbleness I would ask for forgiveness over and over again to my Sathguru Sai if there is any showiness in this blog about me or any experiences shared by me or my family .
Since I could not write to each one individually in reply to their so many mails coming with queries regarding my Shirdi trip, its experience, prayer request taken to Shirdi, other experiences I sought refuge to writing a detailed post on this so that all can read .

Hence by any means there is no intention of showing off how much Baba loves or care for me or my family or for any one in particular, it is for everyone to know/feel from each ones experiences which I write in blog how Baba showers HIS Love.

In my view Baba loves everyone equally and especially, it is how one perceives..... I shall post a small story very soon on this topic also.
Jai Sai Ram.

Dear Sai readers
It is really mystical to understand Baba's way of working .More than two years back I had a dream in the early hours where I saw that I was rushing with other people to a Sai temple where something new was placed .When I entered the temple we had to put our shoes in the shoe stand and it was so crowded that I felt if I waited long I would miss my aarti.Hence forgetting about the loss of sandal I opened them there itself and ran towards the main hall. But it was extremely crowded and there was no space to even stand properly.

I was trying to stand on toes to get glimpse of Babas face but to no result,I could only see crowd and nothing else.

I was perplexed as to how I shall have darshan of Baba and see aarti being performed??
All of sudden I heard pujari ji's voice on speaker saying," who is Manisha ?please come in front ".I was bit taken by the announcement and I started requesting devotees to let me go in front and they made a way for me.

The minute I reached in front next to pujari ji, bright beautiful dress and the glowing face of Baba just captured my whole attention and I was totally submerged in the Divine roop of Baba .He was beautifully decorated with ornaments ,wearing a bright green satin dress with golden border and had a big golden crown with a rose on top.

I kept on looking at Baba till my attention was diverted by pujari ji's voice..."lets start the aarti " and I was given a bell by him in my hand to ring and I joined him in the aarti standing in front of Baba looking at HIS beautiful form and there my dream ended. What bliss...!!

When I woke up I was very happy whole day and thought about the dream all day long, it also made me think what message Baba was indicating by this dream and at that moment I could only think of 2-3 things:

*a new temple where I might go in future.. New place, new construction...

*or I may be part of any new temple where I would serve my Sathguru. ..

I kept thinking for few days and gradually..with time I forgot about this dream till I entered year 2008 .

Here the story starts how things shaped up further after that dream.

I had completely forgotten about the dream ,it was during my stay in India when we came for our summer vacation that I wished and prayed if Baba calls us for HIS darshan and it was materialized for 26th June 2008.

I recollect a connecting portion to this dream ,while I was in Tanzania I once visited a peer Babas tomb and placed a chaddar(cloth) offering in green colour,while I did that all of a sudden thought came to place similar color chadder for Babas Samadhi in Shirdi and this thought remained till I reached my parents place.

After few days of relaxation I recollected what I had desired and hence planned to go to market to buy the cloth .But somehow or other it would get postponed and days were just flying by.

I told my mother that we should go only on Thursday and get the cloth so everything went well and we reached the shop on Thursday to purchase but we were not satisfied with fabric shown. Tried few more shops but were not successful. It was late and we came back home. I was bit sad but than thought of going next day
.Next day it was Friday variety of material was shown and out of so many shown ONLY GREEN color captured our attention and I asked the shopkeeper to keep it aside. During that time I had thought to put only on Samadhi but all of sudden I said NO I need mother was also surprised for what???? I said my heart is saying to get full dress made, but not knowing the exact measurement I called Sai friend Leeladhar ji and asked how much do we need for Babas Shawl, he was not at home and was on the way and so He said he shall tell me soon .But I was in hurry and so on my own I told the shopkeeper the length of cloth to be given.

Later I got call and I was surprised it was the same measurement which I told the shopkeeper.

When I think of that day I still do not recollect what made me give that exact measurement as I was simply not aware of the size, if it would have been wrong everything would have gone waste .To be more sure I still tried to find from my Sai friends the right measurements and it turned out to be correct.

We came back home and the same day I decided that I shall do everything with my own hand instead of giving to tailor .And I started to stitch the border .It was tough as satin slips but all the time Babas bhajan would play in the background and I shall do the work taking HIS name .

Shawl was ready I needed golden border and few decorative things to make it rich but I was not getting good choice. After trying many shops, I and my mother entered a shop which was not for this purpose but the shopkeeper had just 2 design and we instantly purchased one of them. And finally the embroidery could be started.

Whenever I used to sit and sew the border of the shawl the only thought which would revolve in my mind “Baba the Almighty will HE accept? the Lord who takes care of each one of us ,who gives us food, cloth and shelter ,will HE Accept the Poshak ?Will the Shirdi Sansthan accept a poshak of this poor where offering comes in gold, silver and gems....???? "And the thoughts will go on ....

Mind would think of the offering as small and unworthy of what is being offered to Baba by so many ...but than Babas Vachan from Sai Satcharitra would come rushing and would strengthen my thoughts of offering without any apprehensions.

This is what Baba said:


Also I would strengthen my thought over and over again assuring with Faith "Babas is omnipotent HE Knows everything if HE knows HE Shall do all the arrangements, had HE not wished I would have not thought, since I have this love and faith to do Baba poshak, Baba will take care of rest .All I should do on my part is with full devotion and love do my Karma of making the dress and rest Baba is watching.”

I had taken cloth for Samadhi, for Baba and a small cloth for safa(turban-head gear).But I completely forgot about the khes/stoll(dupatta-which is placed round the neck) I was not sure of the measurement ,I called Leeladhar ji manjari sister and requested to let me know and they helped me.

The most interesting thing that I noticed during the preparation of the dress was that at every single step Baba was helping, sometime it would be prominently noticed and sometime it would go unnoticed but when I look back through each day ...It was BABA and BABA alone WHO did everything.

I wanted to take the Stoll (khes) but the difficulty was again the perfect color combination with Green. I tried many shops but they were not matching in any sense.Atlast I prayed to Baba "Baba you decide what should be the color and material I am confused in deciding" and at that very moment the shopkeeper said he has only One material which is bit costly and there is no color choice. I agreed and asked him to show and Lo...! it was again Babas wish .It matched and looked perfect . In this way everything got ready to be put together.

While the shawl and Samadhi Chadder's border work was completed home front some or the other family commitment would come and I would be left with very little time to complete the embroidery work on dress. Days passed by and I had not even completed half.

Very few days were left and there were family get to gatherings, amidst all this I had to take care of family, children, yahoo group, websites and other day to day commitments)))... that it was becoming impossible to complete the work and I would pray to Baba to give strength to complete it on time and Baba gave strength so that I would sit late night hours and do a little more embroidery.

BABA was vigilant and HE helped this reflected all the time....the day we were to start our travelling, that very night I could complete my hand embroidery (Thank you Baba).What a Timing!!

I wonder over and over again what a timing otherwise it was impossible to complete while I was traveling.
Here I have put few pictures of the poshak after the work was completed, few pictures are taken in the night as soon it was completed for my album ,some just before traveling in the early hours, some just a day before offering on 27th June 2008, and picture quality may vary.

To be continued....Poshak offering and its picture....READ HERE- (Shirdi Sai Baba Accepted Poshak)

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