Friday, July 18, 2008

Shirdi Sai Baba Accepted the Poshak.

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ॐ साई सबका मालिक एक ॐ साई

Dear Readers
Happy Guru Purnima to All.May Baba's blessing be on All.
This is in continuation of my last post more from here.

While I was getting the dress ready for Baba I recollected that this green colour and Friday had great importance and I recollected that I had seen in my dream Baba wearing Green colour shawl and that was IT attention went toward this coincidence or Sai's Will!!!...

I was totally moved by the thought how the dream and this reality was coinciding !!!! Not only this ...mind started to think on the importance and connection between dream,Friday and green colour .A series of link was formed,it made me happy and in the whole observation I realised WILL OF SAI .

Babas WILL as per to my thought process is as follows....

I saw a dream where Baba is wearing a green shining poshak sitting beautifully decorated in new temple.

I could get the dress material of my choice only on Friday and I could purchase the dress on Friday .

Baba used to wear green colour dress when he initially came to Shirdi and later changed to White .(*a tailor by name Kasi Rani gave Baba a green jubba and a Cap. He wore them. But later He always wore white robes only*)

Friday is the day when devotees and followers offer green colour chadder at Dargah(Tomb).

Green is symbol of Islam.

when I realised this I became conscious of days and colour !!!Human mind after all ....thinks a lot ))..

Anyways the itinerary was made in advance as our return tickets were already booked before we came to India so we had to plan our trip in such a way that we reach on right day of departure.Considering our dates we prayed to Baba to Call us -as we all know however one may try without Babas Will no one can have HIS Darshan nor step in holy land of Shirdi .We were blessed by Baba and Baba called .We were somehow able to get confirmed seats on boarding day inspite of being in waiting list for more than a month for Wednesday night,as heart had desired to be on Thursday (I like to be on Thusrdays in Shirdi )this too was also taken care by Baba.

As per to Babas divine WILL we reached on time around 4.00P.M ,holy land of Shirdi and as I had written already in my earlier post (prayer request to Shirdi )we immediately rushed to administrative office to give our poshak to be offered .Since it was going to be Sej aarti and Baba is always dressed in plain colour it was not suggested to offer that day and was suggested to offer next day.My hearts desire was that Baba wears it after Kakad aarti and here I was hearing that the dress will be offered at Kakad aarti ,I could not believe my ear and was highly elated.

As I mentioned the prayer request was not allowed to be kept along with the dress,in this way Baba took care of prayer to reach HIM on Thursday by hand at Samadhi..readers can read here...

We reached hotel room at 11.45 P.M after placing the prayer list at Babas feet, having Babas darshan and going round the whole temple complex,watching Palki procession and finally attending Sej Aarti we came back.

I could not sleep ,my heart was beating fast and mind was restless thinking too many I started reading Sai Satcharitra as I was about to complete my 9th parayan the next day and reading Sai Satcharitra made my mind peaceful .

I kept reading and in between thoughts of how Baba will look in the dress were crossing my mind and I would be lost in imaging it .At 3.00 A.M morning we left for samadhi temple .Took rose and rosewater for Baba and waited for the security to let us in .Since we were offering the poshak we were given pass to enter and were helped by a Ardent devotee of Baba to make this offering possible,He was sent by Baba as His messenger .

We were blessed by Baba to be standing very near to HIM for Kakad aarti and were first among so many in the crowd to be so much in front!! Its all Babas grace again .As the Snan started I waited with lot of enthusiasm and emotion looking at my Deva to see HIM in the dress.The security asked the devotees to moove and I started thinking "Will I not be able to see Baba being dressed?" ..

Since we were first in the row we had to moove and my heart started beating fast with the thought will I be able to see Baba with dress and shringar....??? I could go near the Samadhi,take the Holy tirth of Baba after bathing but was being asked to keep mooving ...

Fortunately we were not in the row which moves out straight from back door but we were in the row which goes backward to entrance of Samadhi temple and here Baba came to rescue to my fear of not seeing HIM .As I moved backward I started to see that Pramod Medi Sai temple priest had picked up the dress to wrap and I stood still.

Among the crowd I saw Sai deva being dressed in Green colour cloth and my joy knew no bound with tears of Happiness,with tears of acceptance I melted at the Feet of My Sathguru Sainath .That moment is captured in my memory, heart and soul forever.The kripa of my Guru ,the kindness HE showered I was speechless,nothing mattered to me at that time I was seeing Baba every where .I was so Happy that I was unable to experience it ,I only absorbed the whole moment to my hearts was so much in abundance...I lack in words to decribe the Grace and the Glory of My Sai.

My husband children all were elated to such an extent that no body communicated with each other for next few hours ,as though we all were living that moment forever lost in that Vision of Baba.

I did infinite Koti Koti pranam to my Sai for bestowing this blessing and making my dream come true.Everything seemed coming in flash back ,the dream that I had 2 year back.New temple premise,people in lakhs ,all rushing for HIS Darshan,I with my Family standing in first row of Arti accompanying the pujari (as they were just standing next to us at Kakad Aarti).And Baba dressed in Green colour sitting on newly offered golden throne with golden crown and a rose on top.What a Darshan ..... this was NOT A DREAM BUT A REALITY .And its again Friday -Gurupurnima- auspicious day that I am able to post this .

Now I realise the meaning of that Dream which unfolded after 2 year .And I pray to Baba to always keep me at HIS Feet serving HIM forever.

We came out of Samadhi temple and was seeing Baba in that green poshak in all the TV sceens placed at every corner of temple premises,emotionally so over charged that whenever we were seeing Baba in that poshak tears of joy were rolling down.

I have uploaded 3 photos and every Sai bhakt can cherish that moment even now.

I called my mother to watch live darshan telecast in blog and sister Hetal to post in groups to let other Sai family members also know about it and have Babas darshan .I thank from heart to everyone who helped me ,my family and my sai friends.Thank you Mummy and Papa and Babas sevakaris(I know they all know whom I am mentioning please accept my gratitude)

I can never thank enough my parents esp my mother who sowed the seed of love for Baba in us from the early years of our childhood and it was she who was blessed in our entire family to have met Baba first,and blessed by Baba to keep Photo of unknown fakir whom she did not know .And after that there was no looking back the fakir became our ALL in ALL ,our family deity our everything .

Baba I desire to be at your Feet Forever.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Manisha,
Thank you for this posting. It brought tears to my eyes, too. May God bless you and all the Sai sevakaris.
Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

I am very happy to know the thrill you experienced,my eyes became is the way of shree sai bab,may baba bless you



Anonymous said...

Thank you Manisha for the wonderful pictures of my Guru. Hope and I pray hard to make a trip myself to get Darshan from my Guru Shridi Baba.

Jagath on July 22, 2008 at 2:21 PM said...

Jai Sairam
Thank you Manisha tears come into my eyes seeing my Guru Shrdi Baba in the beautiful green dress. Hope I Shridi Baba give me permission to have his Darshan soon.
Jai Sairam

Anonymous said...

Its was superb. the dress was really really prefectly suited baba..i am happy that your dream came true after 2 years.. evn i had dreams and i hope the same after reading your expereinces.. If it happens, i will surely send my experience to you :) great work mam

Anonymous said...

Hi Manisha, itz great to know ur experience, even i felt overwhelmed, may Baba bless everyone of us like this, Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me where can we get the measurement to stich a pashak for Babaji?

Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on January 5, 2012 at 3:42 AM said...

Sairam Anonymous devotee,
You can mail me at my e-mail address and I can send you the detail of dress measurement.
My e-mail is
On the top right hand of the website the measurement of the dress is given ,Please look out for that section and if you cannot find than mail me and I shall send you the details.
Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Wow...what an experience!. You are so lucky and blessed by Baba. Satchinanda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai!!!!

Anonymous said...

,Om Shri Sai Nathai Nmh'
very emotional and pleasant live experience.
thanks for sharing this valuable experience
with all of us.

Anonymous said...

I saw Sai Baba wearing Green cloth and he is smiling going into the bus ? can any one explain ...

Anonymous said...

I saw Sai Baba wearing Green cloth and he is smiling going into the bus ? can any one explain ...

Anonymous said...

BABA I cant bear this pain pls help me BABA

saisirisha on April 27, 2017 at 8:43 AM said...

BABA I really cant bear this pain BABA , domt leave me alome I am unable to bear this loneliness , plss help me BABA show me a way BABA , I really need ome gud life partner plss send him 2 me BABA , BABA epudu ni mida na nammakam pokumda chudu BABA ...Love you a lot BABA.

saisirisha on April 27, 2017 at 8:43 AM said...

BABA I really cant bear this pain BABA , domt leave me alome I am unable to bear this loneliness , plss help me BABA show me a way BABA , I really need ome gud life partner plss send him 2 me BABA , BABA epudu ni mida na nammakam pokumda chudu BABA ...Love you a lot BABA.

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