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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 14.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Baba's blessing is witnessed every where provided heart of devotee is overflowing with faith and devotion towards Sai deva.One need not search for big situation or event to witness it .This can be felt in day to day life.Given below are such experiences shared by two Sai devotees.
Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Leela:1

Here It was one of those evenings, when I was about four or five years, my grandmother walked me to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple at Mylapore, Chennai. The temple has its Sanctum Sanctorum, closely resembling to the Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi. There are two glass cases on either side, each enclosing a lighted lamp.

It is on one of these glass cases, I guess it was the one on the right hand side, I clearly saw our Baba‟s face with His blessing hand, just as we see in the pictures now. It was clear, very clear. This vision was only for a few seconds I guess.
I don‟t remember anything else but for the thought, I had then, that if I have to tell this at home, they might not believe me. Nothing much was understood then.

My maternal grandparents had their home very close to the revered court of Shri Sai Baba at Mylapore. The close vicinity of the temple made our visits a routine. Right from the time in memory, I have always been visiting the Lord there..

In other words, I grew up visiting that shrine. Many times, I remember, even after several years, I used to watch around, wondering if there could be any possibility of a reflection to fall on the glass case, simply to reason out the blessed vision, I had several years ago. But nothing made sense to me.

Now, almost after twenty years, I get to understand. For now, I believe in Baba, I believe in miracles, I believe in HIS presence.

My experiences with Him are many in the recent years and I might need one full volume to chalk them out. To make it brief, let me just share one or two..

August 2007. It was a Wednesday. One morning, on the way to work, quite unexpectedly, I went to Baba‟s temple. I was feeling low that day and lacking energy on the whole. As soon as I bowed at the Lord‟s Feet there, all I asked was please take full control of me. After a couple of minutes, when I was seated, I felt a strange feeling, a strange shiver- a sort of vibration, all over my feet. All I could believe was, it was Baba’s touch, a blessing rather, an answer to my prayer.

That day while casually browsing, I landed on a stranger’s blog site where he has shared his experience while at Shirdi, he talks of a strange vibration on his feet as he was entering the temple premises.. Would you call this a coincidence??

The very next day, I went on purposely to the temple hoping to experience a similar sort of feeling. But only after going to the temple did I realize that it was a Thursday and there was a huge crowd waiting for the worship to begin. As soon as I went and realized this, I almost immediately left the main hall and as I was leaving, a volunteer at the temple asked me as to why am I leaving than attending the worship.. I simply replied that I might get late to work .. and just moved away. I made a bow at Baba‟s feet near the gate and literally thanked Him for yesterday‟s touch and prayed that He never leaves me.

I went to the main road to board an auto rickshaw and saw one. I called for it to halt. All I noticed was that the auto driver wore something in white. My office is a mere km or less than a kilo meter away, and it generally comes to the minimum charge. As I sat in, I was just lost in thoughts, and could sense the driver turn and say something or the other, as we were halting now and then due to the peak-hour traffic.

I hardly paid attention and as we reached my office, as I got down, He told me in fine English, „'My brother's house is there and I have to turn back and go..‟ or something like that pointing His hand in the direction from which we came. I did not understand at first.. that road being a one-way plus a very busy one with major companies there, I assumed He was probably meaning the inconvenience in going all the way front, taking a U-turn and then get back. I just told Him "Sorry‟ and He said but you had to go to office.. so its okay‟, or something like that, which I felt resembled the phrase I had used to that volunteer at the temple.

Then I handed Him twelve rupees and said "thank you‟. All this happened in a short while and all through out this, the thing on my focus was His head cloth, though I dint know why. He then said"God Bless you‟ and smiled. I moved a few steps to join the crowd already there waiting to cross the road and reach our gate. It must have taken less than a few seconds, for some reason I wanted to see Him again, I turned, but I could not see Him. There were many auto drivers there, but all in khaki as always. I did not see Him.

I almost immediately wondered as to why did He tell me God bless you, it instantly struck me, He had worn a long white shirt or robe, white dhotis unlike the Bangalore auto drivers, plus, He had a white cloth, neatly tied on His head, falling from behind His left ear, and He had a white beard, looked old.

My God.. I was stunned. It resembled our Sai Baba Himself. Exactly..just as we see.. Then I realized, He had shown His Hand in the direction (from which we came), telling He had to go to His Brother's house. I thought, He meant the Temple probably.. I was immensely grateful.

Until then, I had not read any miracle of Shirdi Baba, nor did I know that He would come
to the devotee’s call. My eyes were bedewed with tears, all the while from the gate till I reached my block.

I had never read Sat Charita until that day and when I opened my browser for some strange reason, the chapter 18-19 which was bookmarked showed up, though I wasn’t aware as to when was that bookmarked and why did that show up. With that on my screen, I thought I shall start reading the Sat Charita from that chapter.

I felt, He was actually answering me through that, when I read about the “The (mother) tortoise, on one bank of the river, and her young ones are on the other side.She gives neither milk, nor warmth to them. Her mere glance gives them nutrition. The young ones do nothing, but remember (meditate upon) their mother. The tortoise glance is, to the young ones, a down-pour of nectar, the only source of sustenance and happiness.”

Isn’t that an answer to what I prayed to Him to never leave me.And as I was wondering as to why did I give only two coins that day (10 plus 2 which I gave Him), the text I was reading said, Baba telling that He expects only two pice from His devotees, one, faith and the other, patience. I was actually getting answers..

Not once have I seen any auto driver dressed in that fashion, not once.

For long, I kept wondering as to whom I saw. Was it really Baba? After almost 14 months, I guess, one night I had a dream, where I saw an auto rickshaw and Baba seated in the driver’s seat with His Feet stretched out and He was laughing.

My experience continues with Him.

I had lost my mobile on one Thursday in April 2008. It was switched off and neither my mobile-tracking facility was of help. Seeing no signs of getting it back, I had purchased a new handset that weekend. My mother was just chiding that Sunday, asking me how come Baba let me, as I have lost my instrument on a Thursday. That Monday, while lunching at office and discussing about the mobile thefts getting very common, I casually told that it would be nice if the person who took my instrument changed his mind and just returns it back to me. As that particular mobile’s model was not in sales then. As I said that, almost all my colleagues laughed telling it impossible and as if I talked something outside the world. I did not say anything more but ignored, but just thought, if Baba wills it would happen.

Wonder of wonders, that very Thursday, exactly after a week, I got my mobile back at the temple very next to my office, right in front of Baba. What else do I call this?? A sheer sport played by Baba.
Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Leela: 2
I have a fairly small miracle to share. One day after I walked to tennis training I pleaded baba to get my dad job quickly within 3 weeks. If my dad would get a job in 3 weeks i asked baba to show me something beautiful like a sunset in purple.

So when I came back from tennis there was a purple sunset.I was extremely happy but than I became sad because i wanted to take that picture .But the middle button in my phone was broken. Anyway i tried and found that mobile's middle button was working and I took the picture.

Later i wanted to play a game on my mobile so i went to the games section but when i tried to click the game it would not work. The middle button worked when i clicked other buttons though.

The next day i got a new phone and i started getting used to it. When i was going through the phone box I noticed there was the barcode sticker and there was a message 'from Sai' instead of all the numbers and there was also the picture i had taked with the other phone of the purple sunset as the background. I was in such a shock that my body started trembling.What to say of this??I have no answer ...its pure Baba's blessing.Our Baba is great .

This is also the first miracle of my life.
Jai Sai Ram.

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Anonymous said...

Wow wonderful experiences...Really you are blessed child of baba...thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with all of us...OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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