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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 19.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Sai Deva is compassionate incarnate. He takes care of all His children and worry for their welfare.Below are 2 Sai experiences which reflect Baba's love for His children and how He helped them in every step of their life.I am sure Baba's children have always witnessed His love in their life from time to time and will  surely agree that Baba is the Lord who is always running for the welfare of His children.Without writing any further I share the experience below.Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Baba Assurance In Dream :

I am not sure from where do I start writing my experience. I am SAI BABA JI’s devotee since 2001. I have gone through many ups and downs in my life. First of all I want to apologize to SAI BABA JI for not posting my experience earlier. I wanted to write my experience earlier but I wanted some other things to get happen first before I write my experience. But yesterday, I read other devotee’s experience on Manisha Ji’s website and I recalled my promise which I gave to BABA JI. So, I am writing my experience today. I feel that I don’t have words to write BABA JI’s grace on me. I pray toBABA JI to write my experience in his own words.

I was going through some personal problems from last 4 years. But last year in December I got frustrated with my problems and thought that I should end up my life. I have lost my all faith on BABA JI. I didn’t have patience. But I was continuously praying to BABA JI to help me. One day while I was chatting with other BABA JI’S devotee. I didn’t discuss anything about my problems with him. But he told me that I do have faith on BABA JI but I don’t have enough patience.

He said that every coin has two faces i.e. faith and patience. He told me about all the things which were going in my mind. He suggested me to read SAI SATAVAN MANJRI daily. I started reading it in December, 2010 itself. I was continuously pray to BABA JI to help me. In January, 2011 I had one dream.

In Dream, I saw that I went to SAI BABA JI’s temple with my parents. I saw few devotees’ Samadhi there. In my dream I thought that BABA JI always says that he never leaves his devotee alone that’s why all the devotees are still near to baba ji even after their death. That temple was quite different from SHIRDI.

I went near to BABA JI’s statue and offered two dresses to BABA JI. I told BABA JI that whatever I am today is only because of you and I love you a lot. Then all of sudden BABA JI got alive. I can see real BABA JI there. BABA JI went on the right hand side of his statue and sat there.

I told BABA JI that I LOVE YOU very much after hearing this BABA JI smiled. Then I told BABA JI that I got everything because of you. I asked him whether I can touch him or not? BABA JI smiled. I touched my hand on the right cheek of BABA JI. I was thinking that BABA JI has long face like he has in his pictures.

Then I told him that I don’t want to live now and want to get died. He said NO. Then I asked BABA JI when will I get married? BABA JI told me that now I have to go. I told him that I don’t have enough money to go. After hearing this BABA JI went on the left side and started writing something. After he finished writing he came back on the right hand side again and told me that I have written for your tickets and accommodation.

 I asked BABA JI whether he will be me there with me or not? He again smiled and then he got disappeared. In the morning I woke up. I was thinking whether it was real dream or not. I was keep thinking about the dream for 2-3 days and I assumed that it was not true dream. On Sunday, Hetal sister posted another one devotee experience on her blog.

In that experience devotee mentioned that she has seen BABA JI alive in the temple. So, I got the assurance that my dream was true. I was waiting for this dream to come true. In first week of April the situations got worst and one day I went to BABA JI’s temple on Thursday and I cried a lot and asked BABA JI that how can anyone says bad things to me if BABA JI is with me.

I told BABA JI that now I am fed with all these things and couldn’t live any more. I have stopped talking with everyone. After two days my managers came to INDIA from UK. I forgot to tell you that I am working as software engineer in India. I had meeting with my bosses on next Friday and they told me that now I need to go to Australia and UK. I didn’t have visas for these two countries. They told me to apply the visas as soon as possible. They said that I need to go to Australia in June, 2011 and UK in July, 2011.

Finally BABA JI words came true. I applied for Visas and got both visas. Even though, I was not sure whether I will get the visas or not. But these things were planned by BABA JI so there was no reason for rejection. I went to Australia in July, 2011 and in the same month I went to UK. I didn’t have digital camera so I requested BABA JI to arrange one camera for me and I promised BABA JI that I will go to BABA JI’s temples in Australia and UK and take BABA JI’s pictures there and will share with everyone.

BABA JI arranged the money and I bought new camera. I went to Australia and wanted to go to BABA JI’s temple. I met with one Indian in the hotel where I stayed and asked about BABA Ji’s temple. He said that he will book cab for me to go to BABA JI’s temple in the morning. Next Day on Sunday I went to BABA JI’s temple and had very nice darshan of BABA JI and came back to the office after temple. All the things went fine in Australia and I came back to india.

After one week I went to UK. I had some financial problems in UK. But with BABA JI’s grace everything went smooth and I got helped with my office. I went to SAI BABA JI’s temple in UK too. I wanted to attend BABA JI’s aarti in UK temple and with BABA JI’s grace I attended the aarti there. It was really blissful experience. Everything went smooth in UK too. I was really feeling that everything was organized by BABA JI there. I came back to India in August. But after coming back here I couldn’t write my experience. May be BABA JI has planned today’s date for writing this experience. I am also attaching SAI BABA JI’s temple pictures which I have clicked in Australia and UK. Kindly post these picture along with my experience. I will be thankful to you.

Sai Baba Photo shared by Sai devotee attached below of UK Sai Temple and Australia Sai Temple.(Sydney )

I also want to share one recent experience. I always used to think that BABA JI gave 9 coins to LAXMI JI. But I am not qualified even for one coin as I do not have faith and patience and even I couldn’t follow the path which BABA JI has shown us. But I was wrong. My company gave new phone to me whose sum of cost is 9 and I got the phone on 27th September that means again 2+7=9 and 9th month. That means BABA JI still consider me as his daughter and love me.

I wish that BABA JI always shower his love on me as he does. I am sorry for this lengthy post. I hope to share my recent experience with all of again.

BABA JI’s daughter

Sai Baba's Blessing At Each Step Of My Life:

Sairam Manishaji,
Today I am writing my experience with Baba Maa. I request you to keep my email and name anonymous.

I have been Sai Baba's devotee for 8 years now. In the past 8 years I had to cross many hurdles in my life but I felt that Baba will someday show His mercy on me. Everyday during pooja, I look at Him and then tell myself that Sai will take care of everything. But this particular year has been a trying phase.

First I had to take an exam, then we had issues with green card and my health. Let me first tell about my exam, at first I did not have the courage or the confidence . Then sometime during december 2010 I went ahead and applied for the exam date and started studying.

I had 6 months to prepare and Sai Baba gave me the courage and perseverance to put in my best efforts. On the day of the exam, I prayed to Baba and went to the exam center. When they gave me my locker number ( each candidate is assigned a locker to store their personal items ) I was delighted as it was 9. My happiness knew no bounds.

Suddenly I felt that Baba was there in the exam center assuring me that everything will be alright. It was a 2 day exam and on both the days my locker number was 9. One month later I got my results and got a really good score. My husband said that he was very proud of me. I told him that it was not me that took the exam but it was Sai Maa. Thank You Baba .

Next about the green card. We have been waiting to get a green card for so many years. This year when we thought we almost had a chance and it came to a stand still in the month of september. This was very important for both of our careers. My husband was very disappointed. I was too, but then I told him that I will do Satcharitra Parayan and Baba will help us for sure. My husband said that it was almost impossible for further progress now since every year it stops in september and if it did progress then it is a miracle. Still I went ahead and started doing Parayan.

After the completion in about 3 days when we checked in october, the priority date moved. We were so happy, I got emotional and thanked Baba once again. My husband agreed that it was indeed a miracle.

I started having some health issues recently. This by far has been the most difficult phase . Both of us were tensed . I used to pray to Baba that when finally everything seemed to fall in place why is this happening and ask for His help. One day I was crying and asking Baba for help . I was routinely checking my email and one of my cousins had sent some photos . I opened her mail casually and to my surprise, the very first photo was of Baba's. I could not believe my eyes, it was as though Baba was blessing me through the photo. I remembered that ' LOOKING AT BABA'S PHOTO IS EQUAL TO TAKING HIS DARSHAN '.

The results of my test at the doctor have come back and everything is normal. Thank You Baba for everything.

Baba's Timely Help:

First of all Om Sai Ram and Happy Baba's Day To All. My experience is i was really in need of some cash for my son's jobs and was hunting the money asking all relatives and friends but not one could help me. So I surrendered myself to Babaji and told him to help me.

In the afternoon i checked my mail box and i received a cheques from the insurance company. This cheque was supposed to come only on 10th October 2011, but it came earlier than expected.

 So this shows that Babaji always listen to all our problems no matter where we are. I am very happy for this and thank babaji for showing and solving this problem for me.

Thank U Babaji .
Om Sai Ram

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Anonymous said...

jai sai deva...

Anonymous said...

Nice experiences...thanks all the devotees who shares experiences here and also thanks to manishaji for mentaining such a wonderful website...OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

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