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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 18.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day .

Life is full of ups and downs at times it seems that everything is against you and a man tends to loose all hopes .In the time of such despair if one keeps faith on Baba, one realises that Baba is always there and will take care of everything .

The same is expressed in the following experiences in which the devotees have narrated their personal feeling emphasizing their trust in Sai Baba. Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Blessings For 9 Thursday Vrat:

Sai Ram Manisha Ji,

I came across this site last week and felt good to read all Sai Devotees Experience. I want to share my experience here.Please do not disclose my e-mail and name. I am writing experience for the first time, Please correct/edit it where required. Thanks Jai Sai Ram.

Jai Sai Ram.

I came to US on one of my project assignment. After few months I got news that my uncle got hospitalised due to some health problems.I started doing Sai 9 Vrat , praying for his good health.
His condition was getting worse as he was diagnosed with cancer. There were less chances that he will survive.

That time my father asked me to come and see him once.I travlled to India for 1 week and the time I reached there he was in ICU again and nobody was allowed to meet him.

I have always seeing him smiling , and I was not able to see him like this and the time when I got a chance to meet him he was unconcious and didn't recognize me, I was crying as he was not even able to recognize me.

It was my 8th Thursday Vrat and I prayed Baba that show me his smiling face once, as there were only 2 days left for me to travel back and he was not in conscious from past 5 days.

Suddenly during noon I got a call from my father that he is concious and asking for you even he was not knowing that I am here in India.

I went to see him in hospital and what I saw was his smiling face and when I entered the room he recognised me and told my daughter has come and he felt so happy. It was all due to Baba's grace that I was able to see him smiling.On the day I left from there he kept his hand on my head and blessed me with all good wishes as Baba himself telling all those things.

Due to cancer my uncle did not survive, But by Baba's grace I was able to see his smiling face which I will never forget and I am thankful to Baba for all his blessings.

Jai Sai Ram.
Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj kee Jai

Sai Baba's Udi is my Udi Ma:

Dear all,
Here I am sharing blessing of Udi Maa on Sai devotee Anil .I have always quoted Udi as Udi Maa as I personally believe Baba's Udi as His representative and a boon to devotee from dhuni which baba himself kindled .This Udi from Dhuni Mai in Shirdi is directly healing His children who lay their total faith on its healing power, just like a mothers lap where one find the complete comfort .Please read the experience below as shared.Jai Sai Ram .

A date that will be etched in my memory for ever fourth June 07.

It was a Monday between 10 am to 10.30 am I took my son’s admission in school for Std. 5 and headed for Pune. After completing all my tasks, I headed for Pune station with the intent of taking the 4.30 pm PMT bus to Rajgurnagar, where I was residing.

At exactly 4.30 pm the bus as scheduled started for Rajgurnagar. Since, I had completed all the assigned tasks in Pune, I was absolutely relaxed. Our bus had crossed Wakdewadi and was speedily moving ahead. The bus was not crowded.

After we crossed Wakdewadi, I started sweating and my mouth went dry. I started looking for water and since I was regular commuter in the bus, I saw a few friends, one of them came and offered me water. I took 1-2 gulps of water and returned his bottle. As the bus started moving ahead my health started worsening.

My stomach started bloating. I anxiously started looking for when the bus is reaching Rajgurunagar. By this time my stomach had fully bloated, so I took of my pants buckle and was holding it with my hands. After all the passenger had alighted with great difficulty I got down. I took a rickshaw and showed him the direction with my finger. Since, the rickshaw driver was known to me, he knew where I stayed, so he took me there. Somehow I got off the rickshaw and made it to my door…

The moment I reached my door, my neighbour, Shri Jamdade’ son, came with my keys and opened the lock. After I entered my house I thought that maybe my stomach has bloated because of flatulence (gas), so I went to the toilet. In spite of it, my condition was progressively deteriorating, I couldn’t stand properly, nor was I able to articulate. I dialed Shri Jamdade’s phone number, but couldn’t utter a single word; hence, placed the phone on the receiver and returned to the hall, where I fainted…

When I regained my consciousness I found myself admitted in Chinchwad’s Nirmaya Hospital’s ICU. I underwent dialysis eight times. Both my kidney’s has dried up literally completely. Doctors had tried different line of treatment, yet there was not much difference in them. So the doctor’s pronounced that I will have to undergo dialysis every Tuesday and Saturday for the rest of my life. The relative of a patient in the neighbouring bed suggested that instead of allopathy I should try ayurveda…

I was discharged on June 18, 2007. Since my condition was delicate doctors counseled that I should not go back to my residence, but remain in Pune. So my relatives decided to take me to my in-laws place at Hadapsar. In the meanwhile I became fully aware of my condition I beseeched Sai Baba, ‘Don’t make me so handicapped. It is better if I don’t live….

On July 18, Sai Baba’s palanquin was to leave Pune. On one hand I was praying to Sai Baba that I didn’t want to lead such a handicapped life and on the other hand I was witnessing the procession of Sai Baba’s palanquin. I reminisced how I had participated in the pilgrimage accompanied with the palanquin which traversed from Kasba Peth, Phadke Haudh, Pune and Shirdi for a decade...

I spoke to Baba and said, “Even though this year you are not taking me in along with your palanquin procession, make me well, so that in the next year’s palanquin procession I can run like a horse in front of your chariot! I will present you a silver horse.” This way I was trying to console myself. The relative, with whom I was returning home, left me to purchase some Ayurvedic medicine. I was doing Namasmarna in my heart….

When I was in the hospital many Sai devotees visited me and offered me udi, prasad and tirth. It was a Saturday night, I was sleepless, but after some time I fell asleep. ‘Don’t you have faith on my udi ?”… This query fell on my ears. I woke up in confusion. We were sleeping in the hall; I woke up my wife and asked her what time was it? She said that it was 3 am. Listening to our conversation, people around us, woke up and narrated to them what had transpired. Then again all of us went to sleep. I started hearing the Aarti as it takes place at Shirdi. When I looked at the clock it was 5.15 am in the morning. Where I was residing, there was a small Sai Baba’s temple, so I thought of going to the balcony and listening to the Aarti from there. I tried getting up, but could not. Because of the effort I was making to get up, the people around me woke up. I told them that Baba’s Aarti had started; I asked them to give me something to sit on in the balcony, so that I could listen to Baba’s Aarti. But my family did not understand what I was saying. They supported me and took me to the balcony, the moment the balcony’s door was opened the Aarti stopped, so they took me back to my bed ….

After 2-3 hours of this experience I started urinating; because of ill health I had not urinated for a fortnight. Sunday and Monday passed. Then as per doctor’s instruction on Tuesday the dialysis started at 8 am. Generally a dialysis takes four hours, but within three hours. I passed approximately one litre urine. The technician present there enquired about my health and I told her that I was urinating for two days, she informed the concerned doctor about my condition...

The first sample of my blood was showing 6.1 unit of the accumulated chemical.But when they noticed a change in my health condition, they tested my blood again and noticed that now the chemical was only 1 unit, seeing this they were amazed too…

I came home and rested for 2-3 days and I started feeling very happy. Sai Baba’s palanquin was to be taken out in procession in 14-15 days. I had decided to walk and participate in the procession. My family and friends were counseling that due to health reasons I should not walk upto Shirdi this year. But I did not budge, and along with my wife and a Sai devotee friend we started on our pilgrimage, and with Baba’s Grace we not only walked to Shirdi, but returned home safely. And till date I have not experienced any discomfort. This is all Baba’s udi’s miracle….

By Anil Shelke

Baba took Dakshina from me.

Sai Ram Sister Manisha

Lastly I had shared an experience regarding how Baba saved my father's life. Now I would like to share another experience with the Sai devotees regarding how Baba appeared in the form of an old man and took Dakshina from me.

It's only by Baba's grace that I'm getting to share this lovely Baba's Leela with you all. Thank you Baba. Before starting it I bow down to Baba, the Almighty who has been with us all the time during our happiness and also our sorrows.

Baba is very kind.I cannot express in words how much obligied I'm to share this wonderful Leela of Baba.Baba please forgive me if I've made any mistakes or hurted you for any reason.Also I would request you not to publish my name.Sister Manisha please correct if there're any mistakes.


This incident had took place when I was studying in 12th.I used to go for tutions everyday evening after coming from school.One fine thursday evening I was returning back from tution along with my friends. It was around 7:15 p.m.

Just near my tution class there is a famous Balaji temple. And that day some function was going on in the temple. As I was walking with my friends one old man approached towards me and asked for Rs.5. I found it little weird because there were few people near the temple and even my friends were there with me but he came and stood only before me and asked for money.

When I enquired why He wanted the money He said that as He had come from some far off place,he needed money for travelling by bus.Me and my friends were a bit shocked.I rarely used to keep money with me but luckily that day i had some money with me. I gave Him Rs.5 and He smiled and said "Thank you" and went off.Just then I turned back and looked for the old man but to my surprise He was not there.I was really shocked.

I was wondering where could He disappear within a minute. Nor my friends cold find Him anywhere.As it was thursday I was on fasting as well.Thinking about the old man I kept walking and walking and I was really surprised.Then it struck me that it could be Baba because it was correctly in that week that I had started reading Sai Satcharita and had come across a chapter in which it was described how Baba appeared in any form to take Dakshina from His devotees.I was really very very happy.I felt as if I was blessed by Baba.

 I couldn't believe that it was Baba Himself.I was really touched. I cannot express my feeling in words its something which cannot be expressed in words. And the place where I reside there's only 1 Sai Baba temple in our town and the Aarti timings over here are from evening 7-7:30p.m. I was considering myself really fortunate that during the Aarti this incident had occured with me. I want to thank Baba from the botto! m of my heart. I'm seriously running short of words.My joy knew no bounds.One thing what I want to tell you all is that whatever problems you've in your life,how much ever severe they are hold on to Baba's Lotus feet. Trust me Baba Himself takes the burden of his devotees.Baba is very generous.He cannot see his devotees in trouble.If Baba's willing I'll surely share other beautiful Leela's of Baba with you all again.


Baba saved my sisters son:


Thanks for your service in sharing baba experience to all sai devotees. I would be happy if you publish the below Sai experience in your blog site.

Please do not disclose my mail id

Sai experience ---

I started reading this blog site from last one year. Daily morning I look into this site before start my work at office.

Recently my sister son was fall sick and his condition became worst. Then I prayed to Baba that if he got rid of his illness, I will write about it in the blog site.

My sister son got fever for more than 3 weeks, we got treatment from the local doctor but the fever was on and off. And finally he asked us to take some tests to diagnose specific disease , the first level test shows positive, we all worried and took him to child specialist, he asked us to do second level test to confirm the disease.

Everyday I read atleast one page in Sai Satcharitra by random selection. Next day (Thursday), before taking the second test, I prayed to Baba and open the book and saw the words "Veeyadhigal Maraiyum, en bhaktargalai saavin vaayilurundhu kaapaen" (Tamil).

As per their process, they did the first test before doing second test. Surprisingly first test itself the results were negative and the second test result negative. It is all because of Baba's blessings only. Baba saved my sister son. Thank you very much Baba. I am saying "Nandri" to baba daily.

There are many many incidences which all shows the presence of baba with us.

Sai devotee

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful experiences....thanks a lot for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

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