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Glory to Lord Sai -Baba's Vision,Sai Satcharitra,Sai Vrat and Power of Udi Ma.

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Dear all,
Wish you all a very Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day
Today ,I am sharing a very heart touching and miraculous Sai incident with all the Sai devotees.This Sai leela is shared by a Sai devotee who wish to remain anonymous but definitely desires to spread the Glory of Baba and His Grace far and wide.This leela shall become beacon to many more Sai devotees who are seeking an answer to their problems and has no where else to look other than the Almighty Sainath .This leela shall also prove a guiding path to many devotees who wish to understand how Baba loves and take cares of His children and what HE wants in return. Read the mail attached below. Jai Sai Ram

Sairam Manisha ,
For all those devotees going through tough times .

I hope that this leela of Baba will reinforce their faith that nothing is impossible in His darbar, He will guide us through our trying times and He will fulfill all our wishes if we surrender ourselves to HIM with utmost devotion.

With Baba’s grace, my son was born last year and the fact that he was born on a Thursday brought me great joy. But he fell sick when he was six weeks old and after being hospitalized, it was diagnosed as a Kidney infection which was triggered by a medical condition,which even though was not life threatening, was serious enough to have an impact on his kidney’s and their functionality.

What followed was a nightmare with constant trips to the Doctors, invasive tests, procedures etc, seeing our baby go through so much pain at such a young age left us in a traumatic state. Whilst, I prayed to Baba , I was never an ardent devotee but was reaching out to Him only during adversities and forgetting His presence thereafter. This time too, I reached out to Him primarily with the intention of blaming Him for the situation that we were going through but little did I realize that Baba listens to every small cry for help, even from a person who did not deserve His grace.

In January this year, the Doc told us that my son had to go through a scan in April which will determine the extent to which his kidneys were damaged because of the first infection he had at 6 weeks of age. This was like a death blow to me because here I was, not able to spend one single day without worry, how was I to survive the next couple of weeks with this anxiety of the scan and its subsequent results. It was at this crucial juncture that Baba entered my life through HIS beautiful vision.
  • One night, I dreamt that I assembled in a huge hall where Baba was coming to give darshan. I ran and grabbed a spot but I could not see Him and have His darshan. As He was leaving, I picked up my baby and ran towards Him and fell at His feet. I couldn’t see His face but He was wearing His kafni, He bent down and blessed my son by putting His hand on the baby. I woke up and an aura of blissful happiness engulfed me that day and the dream turned out to be the most important turning point of my life.
  • The next day, while I was browsing websites trying to read more about Baba, I came across a website where you can ask Baba a question and think of a number and you will get HIS answer, well I did ask Him about the baby’s issue and the answer was “Two new things will bring you happiness. Around the occasion of birth day of Lord Rama (March-April) you will get rid of many difficulties and get success”. My joy knew no bounds as the scan was scheduled for April and I took this as a positive sign from Baba.
  • After three days, I had another dream where the technician was performing the scan for the baby and he tells us that the kidney’s looked normal and all was good and in the background Baba’s aarthi song was playing , I could hear the words “Soukhya datar jeeva” very distinctly . Surprisingly, that same morning I got a call from the Doc’s office giving me instructions for the baby’s scan. I wasn’t expecting the call that day as April was almost two months away.
  • Shortly thereafter, through a great miracle, Baba led me to a person who also went through the same situation. This person turned out to be my pillar of strength, my savior, in short it was as if Baba was saying “This is My messenger and this person will guide you”. I am forever indebted to this person.
  • After reading about the miracles of Udi, I was searching desperately as to how I can get Udi in the US . I went through a website and a Sai Sevak promised to send me some Udi. As I was desperate to start giving udi to the baby right away, I was praying to Baba to help me get some Udi immediately. That evening, I decided to visit a local temple, I had never been to this temple before and someone told me that there was a Sai Pratima. I went and was happy to have Baba’s darshan. Before leaving the temple, I enquired with the pujari to know whether there was anyway I could get Baba’s Udi in the US , imagine my happiness when he told me that the Udi near Baba’s Pratima from Shirdi and I could have some if I wanted. I thanked Baba a thousand times in my heart and came back home with some Udi.
Then I started my daily routine of putting a pinch in the baby’s mouth every day and also smearing some Udi on the baby’s lower half especially near his kidney area.
  • I undertook the 9 Thursday Sai Vrat and with Baba's grace i was able to complete the vrat with all due formalities just a week before the scan. I also completed twice, with Baba’s grace, the 7 day parayanam Of Shri Sai Satcharitra.The dreaded day of the scan did come, I had intentionally scheduled the scan for Thursday as I knew that it had to be done only on Baba’s day.

The whole process of the scan was an ordeal, not caring about the bewildered look of the technician and the nurse , I went ahead and smeared Udi on the entire body of the baby, put some in his mouth and on his forehead and insisted that I put Baba’s photo near the baby’s head before putting him through the scanner.
  • While the scan was being done, I held on to the Sai Satcharitra book and kept doing Sai Naam Jaap. As I stepped into the Doctors office awaiting for the result of the scan, a thousand things flashed in my mind but not once did I lose focus on meditating on Baba’s form.
The report was read out to me, Glory to Lord Sai ,I am extremely happy to share the news with all Baba’s devotees that the report came out as normal with kidney’s showing normal functionality with absolutely no damage. I cannot thank HIM or praise HIM enough, He has given us a new lease of life and I only pray that HE continues to bestow His grace on us.

One request to all devotees, when we pray for something and Baba fulfills it, let us just not thank Him and move on, as a token of our appreciation to His grace, let us do a good deed, let us, basing on our financial capability, do some charity work on a consistent basis. While we can never repay His debt, let us make small steps towards living our life following His teachings. Om Sai Ram.

Koti Koti Pranam to Sathguru Sainath .
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Anonymous said...

very heart touching experience...really our saima is very mercifull..i am almost in tears while reading sairam..

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