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Sai Baba Saved Me and My 30 Week Old Premature Baby -Experience By Reena.

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Sairam ,
Happy Baba's day to all

After reading todays experience readers will be choked with tears.They will feel strong wave of love for Baba and will be left spell bound acknowleding how Karunamayi is our Shirdi Sai Baba.The same happened with me as I went through the experience shared by sister Reena.

I would also like to mention that it is not only the grace of Baba on His bhakta but also the unconditional love and faith of His bhakta that compells the Lord to come running for the welfare of the devotee.I am reminded of Baba's word as stated in Sai Charitra ,where Baba says "It is My special characteristic to free any person, who surrenders completely to Me, and who does worship Me faithfully, and who remembers Me, and meditates on Me constantly." It is always the test of Bhakta to hold on steadily to the holy feet of His guru no matter what the situation is,when this is realised by Bhakta the Lord reveals Himslef and carry His bhakta in His own arm across the worldy afflictions .Similary in this experience shared here , same kind of faith sister Reena had in Baba and Baba graced her and her baby with His blessing .

Sister Reena has sent another mail where she mentioned about devotees who came in touch with her after reading her Sai experience in the website "Sai Baba Blessed us with Child" and after interacting with her their faith increaed many fold in Baba .They became hopeful and kept their patience and faith strong in Baba.Someone who lost patience and could not hold on to Baba for long lost Him. Others who held on to Him went on to have children and are happy that their desire was fulfilled.

I would request readers to leave comment for sister Reena just below this post in comment box .Jai Sai Ram .

Manisha sister,


Hope you remember me, we spoke many times through emails and I can never thank you enough for doing such a great job of creating and maintaining the blog. After so many months again I have an experience to share with all Sai devotees. It is about how Baba saved my 30 week old premature baby (I delivered the baby at 30 weeks) and how He saved my life too....!! Posting the same here...Can you please publish the same on your blog?

Om Sri Sainathaya Namah:

“Sai Baba, Thank you very much for everything”. Here’s a story based on an experience of how Baba helped me through pre-term labor, saved me and my baby girl.

With Baba’s blessings, I have a 2-year old boy (I have posted my experience on this blog, (Sai Baba Blessed us with Child)-( As soon as he turned 18 months old, I started to look out for a job. It was a pretty dicey situation since we are settled in the US and it becomes challenging for parents, mothers especially, to take a decision on whether to stay back at home and take care of the child or go to work. I personally think there are pros and cons to both.

I was working for most part of my career before I conceived my first child and then decided to resume work after he was a year and half old. Working was important to me since we have a loan in India to pay off and I thought the sooner I take up a job, the more I would be able to support my husband towards this responsibility. But I left this decision too to Baba.

I prayed to Him that if He liked so, I should be able to find a job. It was apparent that He consented to and blessed and I found a job very easily. However, the travel was a little long since I had to travel all the way from New Jersey to New York. It was just a month past since I had joined and the next month I found out that I was pregnant. Of course, we were planning for another child but we realized things happened too soon. I didn’t know how to react – whether to jump with joy or feel shocked. How was I going to manage both the job and the pregnancy? I knew this was going to be a big challenge for me, especially the travel part. I used to spend 3 hrs in commute everyday.

It was not as if I did not think of quitting. But I also knew that it was not going to be easy. I had just gone from a dependent to work visa and the transition back was not going to be smooth. And then I thought that while so many women carry their pregnancies well while working, why can’t I? It was purely Baba’s will that I should conceive around that time and also work. I took things in this way and carried on. I just left everything to Baba and told myself that He will take care.

The first 3 months were not easy since I had severe bouts of nausea and vomiting. I would vomit anywhere and everywhere during travel, in the office, while returning from work. I started to feel miserable and frustrated. I couldn’t concentrate on my work, which in its own way was too demanding. The only thought that came to my mind was to quit, quit and quit work.

On the pregnancy side, I went for my ultrasounds and what was worse; I discovered that I had fibroids (benign tumor of the uterus). It meant I could have trouble with my pregnancy although my Drs advice was to wait and watch. I expressed to my husband several times my desire to discontinue work. But he explained to me that nothing could be done that soon since it was barely 2 months since I joined work.

Any impulsive thinking and action could spoil terms between us and our employers. Added to that, obtaining a work visa in future could prove to be more difficult. Besides, he explained to me as to how so many women go out to work despite their pregnancies and carry off both successfully. Since we took a step in that direction already, it would be unwise to go back, especially if the doctor did not indicate any health issues. I was aware of all that my husband explained and deep inside I knew he was right.

Life is not that easy that we can decide to quit and join back work as and when we desire. We are immigrants in another country and are expected to abide by and respect the laws of that country.

I was getting irritable day by day. But I did not stop praying to Baba. My worship to Baba continued in the same way. I started to take leave from work. I would go to work when I felt well and stayed back when I felt unwell. All through, my faith in Baba remained strong. Many times I prayed that I should get a job close to my home so that the commute would be easy.

I kept asking Baba why He allowed so many things to happen at the same time? Pregnancy, long travel job, and fibroids. The only answer I kept getting was “Surrender to Me and I will take care of you”; why fear when I am here?” I thought that if Baba should want me to quit, then I must be thrown out of the office on some pretext or the other, until then I wouldn’t leave.

 In other words, despite all the circumstances against me, I will not quit until either the Dr advised me to or my client laid me off. I wouldn’t do anything by myself and remain true to Him. After all, nothing happens without His will and wish. As Sri Sai Satcharita rightly says, “Even a leaf will not move without His bidding”.

Time thus passed. Eventually, as days passed, the atmosphere and work at office was getting better. My nausea subsided. I began to feel healthy and good. I was appreciated by my superiors that despite such less presence at office I was performing well in what little time I spent at workplace. Another assignment was given to me and I was enjoying it thoroughly. Days were thus passing well. I kept praying to Baba and thanked Him for the change in health condition and circumstances. I felt a wave of confidence within me. I felt as if Baba was a bolster supporting me in every way.

My fibroids however, kept growing slowly. But my dr advised that without any indication for either pain or bleeding, she would not do anything nor would advice quitting work.

I worked for seven months and just at the end of 7th month, I started going into labor. Suddenly one day, I felt a pain in my upper left leg. I thought it was some kind of sprain which would go away on its own. I ignored the pain. But look at Sai’s miracle. If He has to save His children, He will do it at any cost. He will turn around the circumstances in His devotees favor. Initially, I had my Dr appt on a Friday. I had it canceled since I had to go out that day and postponed it to Tuesday. The leg pain started on Sunday and continued through Monday and Tuesday.

I took some pain killers which are safe in pregnancy but it had no effect. On Tuesday, when I went for the routine check-up I casually mentioned to the Dr about my leg pain. The Dr reacted sharply to it. She scolded me for not informing in time and rushed me to emergency to have some tests done since any leg pain in pregnancy could mean an impact of or from pregnancy.

The tests at hospital came back negative and I was discharged. I was preparing to leave for home when my Gyneac came in and told me that she wanted to do a fetal monitoring, even though I felt fine with my pregnancy. She wanted to make sure that the baby was doing fine. Her words were “since you came so far to the hospital, let me make sure the baby is doing good too”. When she asked the hospital staff to arrange for the monitoring equipment for her, they mocked at her. They thought she was mad to do that at 11 in the night esp. since I wasn’t complaining of any pregnancy related problem. She ignored them and ran around the hospital to do her tests.

Finally, what she saw on the monitor shocked us all. I was getting contractions every 4 minutes. I was in labor. It was Baba and His sheer will that He should save me and my daughter and that is why He brought the fact to light.

From there I was admitted into the hospital and the dr administered steroids to mature baby’s lungs so that even if she is born premature, she should not have breathing problems. I was discharged from the hospital after having given drugs to stop the contractions. But, a day after I went home from the hospital, I started getting labor pains. I was re-admitted to the hospital and this time, for delivery.

The Dr performed an emergency C section and saved me and the baby. While leaving for the hospital, I carried a small box containing Udi and held it in my hand until the time I was rushed into the operation theater. Thereon, everything went well and I delivered a baby girl by Baba’s grace.

The baby was born premature at 30 weeks. Even so, she did not have any respiratory problems. Also, the Dr was very happy that she did not cut on fibroids else she said that I would have bled to death. There was no need to remove the uterus either since the fibroids did not cause any damage. Thus, all ended well by Baba’s grace.

My daughter had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 2 months during which she was cared for in a very special manner. She started to gain weight steadily and eventually came back home on the 30th of Dec. All this time, I had none of my relatives with me – neither my mother, nor aunts, in laws or cousins.

My son’s nanny was coming home everyday to take care of him and surprisingly, she helped me recover. She would cook and go out of the way to ensure that I recovered. A person very dear to me and who lives in India whom I address as ‘Guruji’ asked me “who is going to take care of you beta”? just after I delivered. Immediately, I replied, "Baba will take care of me. He is with me”. My Guruji laughed and said “I was expecting this from you”.

Truly, when Baba is with us, we don’t need anyone around us. He was the one who decided things should happen this way and so they happened. He never leaves His devotees to suffer. He always comes to them in their time of rescue.

Of course, the entire episode (of realizing that I was going into labor and then being admitted to hospital and then discharged and then re-admitted and then delivering a preemie via an emergency c section) came as a big shock. Nights after that I couldn’t sleep. Fear would set in as the night came on. But eventually I would thank Baba for taking care of me.

Later on at the post-partum check up, the Dr revealed the cause of preterm labor and delivery. Fibroids were the culprit. And they usually are and nothing can be done about them during pregnancy so long as they cause any symptom like the pain or the bleeding. I had neither in my case. The Dr said that one fibroid had grown to the size of an infant’s head and had almost occupied 1/3rd of the space and there was hardly any space for the baby to move about. The baby could have got suffocated.

Sometimes, we wonder why all this should happen in the first place. I would often ask Baba, “Baba, what have I done for all this to have happened”? Why do you first allow trouble to come and then why do You save Your devotees? On thinking gradually I realized, and perhaps this is also the answer to my question, - We cannot escape from our past deeds or karmas either in this birth or the previous birth. Chapter 26 of Sri Sai Satcharita mentions a story of Baba’s contemporary Sri Gopal Narayan Ambadekar of Poona – “You must enjoy the fruit – good or bad – of your past actions. Unless the enjoyment is complete we have to take another birth and suffer again.” Again, when Dr Pillai (Baba’s contemporary) was infected with guinea worms and he sent a word through Kakasaheb Dixit that he would prefer death to pain and that Baba should transfer the pain to ten births, Baba replied “Why should he suffer for ten births when he can suffer the pain in ten days and get over with it? When I am there to grant him relief in physical and temporal matters, why should he worry”? The conclusion is that we cannot escape our karma but when we surrender ourselves to Baba completely, with heart, mind, words and actions, He takes care of us completely. He protects us and saves us.

Both my children are purely a blessing from Baba. Every time I look at them, I will be reminded of Him.

Baba has done a lot for me in this birth. About 15 years ago, He saved me from death when I was caught up in suicidal thoughts, He introduced me to my life partner, my husband, re-united us when my husband was caught up in visa problems in another country and we had to stay apart for 3 years, blessed my husband with a wonderful carrier and a great job to settle, blessed us with beautiful children.

In return, He only taught me to love Him unconditionally, for Him and Him alone despite the circumstances and conditions, not to get depressed or disappointed when faced with difficult times but to remember Him with love and meditate on Him; both in joy and in sorrow. He taught me to differentiate between the real and unreal and how to rise above everything and love Him. He made me realize how we are constantly plagued by the arishatvargas (the 6 inner enemies of mankind such as ego, pride, greed, jealousy, lust and temptation) and how gradually and subtly we tend to go away from Baba, when caught up in the net thrown by these.

No matter how much I thank You Baba, it will never be enough. Thank You so much !!

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Anonymous said...

really nice experience reenaji..i am in tears after reading your sai ram

Anonymous said...

I cried after reading your experience.. Baba is and will always remain woth you ..Om sai Ram

Sai beti said...

Wonderful experience reena. Tears rolled down while reading ur experience. I am also going through difficult time . My mom has diagnosed 2 time with cancer. I have full faith n confidence in baba he will save my mom from jaw of death. I surrender everything to baba. Sairam

Anonymous said...

My mind is full of confusions about my work and financial situations that going now in my home.after reading your experience, i have a very strong faith in baba that every thing will be solved soon..

Baba will bless me every one..

Thank you very much for sharing this experience.

OM Sri Sai Ram......

Anonymous said...

Sairam sister Reena
Your experience gives great strength to me. I am currently going through a very tough time and desperately praying to Baba to save my sister's life. Though I received this mail and experience yesterday and usually i am so anxious to read Manisha's site experiences and wait for it, yesterday I was doing a 1 lakh chant and couldnt read it. Now I know why Baba made me read this today morning. He made me finish my chant and then he answered my prayer and gave me strength and faith with your experience.
May Baba bless your family especially your beautiful children with long and healthy lives and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Jai Sai Ram,

I am in tears after reading this miracle. I felt that every time when i start loosing my faith in baba due to the circumstances around me something get happens i regain my faith in baba. Reena Ji you are really blessed by Baba ji. When i was reading your experience i felt that baba ji always says the same things to me that he is here to take care of me and i should surrender to him. But as we are human beings we cannot escape ourselves from the bad thoughts/bad people around us which results into more frustrations. Still i pray to baba ji to help me to overcome all my bad thoughts and my issues. I hope BABA Ji will bless me also i will share my experience with all of you soon...

BABA JI's daughter

Anonymous said...

Om sai ram
I feel very happy about the miracle which was happened in your life."Baba will take care of his children" it has been proved many a times now really i realize it after reading your experience.

Anonymous said...

omsairam take care of your children saimaa..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful experience Reena-ji. I couldn't stop tears coming from my eyes while knowing how HE saves His devotees from so many dangers.
Thank you very much for sharing such a great experience.
May Baba bless you and your family with happiness and good health.

Anonymous said...

awesome miracle of SAI

Anonymous said...

Omsairam Reenaji,

baba is with you.this is proved from your experience. .

Baba,im begging you please show me your presence. .please help me baba.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I can only imagine e your emotion when you had yourbaby girl " I wish her a beautiful n blessed. Life !

Really deva is greatest of all !

Baba. Please grant me fortune of being a mother. Om Sai Ram.

Wholly Yours
Your daughter

Anonymous said...

Very touching experience. Baba is always with us. Your courageous words are a form of hope for people going through difficult situations like me. I have more faith and patience now. Thank you for sharing. Baba bless us all!!

Anonymous said...

one more well narrated and wonderful experience reenaji...thanks for sharing it with will motivate many children of you saima..

Anonymous said...

baba please help me and bless me I want to marry prem

Unknown on January 21, 2015 at 9:52 PM said...

We all love you soo much baba ... I could see your presence in each and every minute in my life ...

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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