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Shirdi Sai -The Saviour-Experience By Sai Devotee.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day 
Apologies for not being regular as I am tied up with some other work which leaves me with little time.But with Baba's grace soon I shall be more regular in coming days. I would like to say 'Thanks 'to all the devotees and readers who kept mailing,inquiring and showed concern about my welfare as well as wanted to know reason for not posting much in the website. Thanks for all your love and care. 

Today I am uploading another Sai leela witnessed by sai devotee who wish to remain annonymous. Baba's leela are felt by those who open their heart to His love,see with eye of devotion and surrender their action as will of the divine.These are reflected below in the two experiences shared with us by the Sai devotee. 
Jai Sai Ram .

Shirdi Sai-The Saviour.

Glory to God Saibaba !

Dear Sai devotee Manisha,

With his Will, in sharing another leela of this merciful God Saibaba, I believe it will increase faith and patience amongst many devotees who long for His grace, guidance and rescue, for we all bound by past karmic effects. Despite our different sufferings, we need to keep steady faith, devotion, love and affection for our Sai.

Do not blame him and gods for our troubles. Instead realize on our past karmic mis-deeds and correct it wherever possible without any second thought. We cannot repay our debts suitably even in our so many janmas to Saibaba for his guidance and affection. The best way to repay our Guru Dakshina to Saibaba is to cultivate good virtues, practice his teachings carefully in our lives, doing charity and spread his glory.

The ways he is choosing for every devotee is unthinkable and unarguable, but is sure to reduce severity and  obstacles. What is most needed on our part is constant remembrance which is in a way of meditating on Him while doing our daily routine.

Daily you wish him, talk to him, include Him in all your dealings, He is a family member of his every devotee, put your grievances and pray for the welfare of your family, He is very much listening to your talks and will respond accordingly at the time when He thinks appropriate. Sister Manisha, please post the image i have attached herewith.

Over to His leela, I was suffering from irregular menstrual cycle for quite a number of months. Due to this, i could not concentrate on my activities. I prayed to baba to help in this. My gynaecologist diagnosed with ovarian cysts by Scan. This was the reason in harmone imbalance that is causing irregularities. She advised some medication for 2 cycles to regulate this problem. I could not withstand the side effect of the tablet, first dose itself, she prescribed. I discontinued the medicines which resulted in further irregularities.

I went to another gynaecologist for a second opinion. I told her about discontinuing the medication. She ruled out Cancer with a blood test (thanks to baba). That doctor observed the Scan & suggested if the ovarian cysts gives unbearable pain, they need to be removed surgically. If there is no pain, then the above similar medication of 2 cycles is the only solution to regulate the problem. Thankfully i have not much pain. But i have to be on those medicines which is with side effects.

I came back very dejected. Not knowing how to get out of this. At this time, i prayed to Shri Sai and searching for an answer, opened the Holy Sat Charitha book. I was surprised to see the para appeared in that page was "How the Cholera Ordinances, broken by Saibaba despite the rule by Panch is in force in Shirdi Village". I felt, baba encouraged me telling dont worry about the discontinuance of tablets & everything will be alright by His help.

My Senior in my office is also an ardent sai devotee. In a casual conversation, he narrated, how his wife used to do, Shri Sai 9 Thursdays Vrat and she had done this 3 times, so easily at the flash of her thought for her various problems. I had the eargerness to knowa and read the same in detail in this Manisha ji's website. Also read some of the experiences posted here by various devotees related to Vrat. This inspired. But I had a very little desire to observe that Vrat & not determined. Then I spoke to my senior's wife about this problem. She encouraged me to do Sai Vrat & said that Baba wants to help me in that way & He sees to that i can also observe it easily without any hesitation. I prayed to Saibaba to guide & help me.

The desire became strong & i felt confident by the grace of Sai. The immediate thursday, i started the Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat. First 3 thursdays it was terribly easy as if Saibaba himself arranged & did everything for me. Those 3 thursdays, after finishing the pooja, few seconds i felt someone is sprinkling holy water on me but i am not wet. From 4th Thursday i did Vrat Pooja with little bit of anxiety that i should finish the Vrat as a whole and complete. That anxiety i could feel as if baba pulled out his hand & left me to do with my whole effort. But he left me with positive attitude & enthusiasm, that i was doing those remaining weeks pooja with much determination & interest.

During the 4th week, when i went to Sai Temple, one of the flower vendors told me baba is continuously pestering in her dream to tell me to eat two Neem leaves attached in one stem from the neem tree in the temple (leaves not to be separated) for three days continuously in the morning in empty stomach. I was surprised and asked if i could not eat the raw neem leaf for it is bitter, she suggested to immerse in water & drink it.

But above all baba casually made me to heat water for few minutes with 2 neem leaves immersed so that the effect of neem leaves & the bitter taste got mixed sufficiently with water to cure the disease. Second day with fresh 2 attached neem leaves, i gave more heat to water than the 1st day so that the bitter effect is more to cure the problem. This way i drank that bitter water in empty stomach for three days with or without faith (hoping for relief).

Some asked why the gods/saints make us do these, when we are already suffering. It is simple, we will not be knowing the value of God, if we get everything without effort. If life becomes easy for humans, he/she will tend to do more mistakes & sins and there will be no repentance at all. To control our speeding ignorant lives, the speed-breakers/prayers by our efforts are must to counter accidents/sufferings.

By his grace, I could do the pooja, reading vrat stories, related slokas as stated in the book but not the fasting part. I do not have the capacity to fast with one-time meal. After pooja & visiting the temple, I took normal meals in the morning, mild snacks in the afternoon and mini tiffin in the night. I asked a big pardon to baba as this is only possible to me & he know my condition. But i felt Baba is very kind & affectionate.

Lastly, He tested me little bit during the 9th week. The 9th week wednesday evening, I placed an order of food parcels, sweets & water packets in a hotel nearby Sai temple to distribute after completing the Vrat on Thursday. After placing the order & paying the money, i came back home & night i was having mild fever. I was afraid if i could ever finish this 9th Thursday Vrat and uncertain about my situation. I left to my Sai & said, if you want me to finish this week, then please help, if it is otherwise, then also please guide & make me complete the Vrat Pooja on the Thursday, He desire.

Thankfully I felt normal the next day & completed the 9th Thursday Vrat Pooja as planned by Saibaba. After distirbuting the Vrat books & doing Anna dhan, i came home with a satisfaction thinking it as a big achievement and thanked baba heartily. I felt the grace of baba. I was surprised at my next menstrual cycle being normal. It also became regular afterwards. Amazing are the divine powers of Shirdi Sai. True Saints/Sadgurus are the only Souls on earth, who are working hard for the welfare of the people even after their Mahasamadhi.

As this problem was solved miraculously and did not give any kind of trouble thereafter, i did not go even for a check-up, to know everything was alright as i left to baba that He will guide me through, if i need a further check-up. Till date i forgot those troubles & getting on with Baba's help & guidance. I am ever grateful to baba for giving me guidance in need of the hour.

The duration from the problem starts upto we get our guru's grace (here saibaba's grace) in solving the complications, is the duration we have to suffer our past karmic deeds and it is where patience to be observed as advised by baba. It is easy to advise ''patience'' in words and not so in practical situation. To our prayers, baba will definitely show the way out of sufferings.

To what extent we put our faith & prayers in the ways possible for us, will reduce the severity & remove the complexity of the malady. At this point, it is to be said, if a person could not think of a big pooja due to his/her health, finance & any odd situation, Simple pooja like lighting couple of incense sticks, sugar cubes for naivedya and little flowers as offering daily with doing a bit of charity to his/her capacity is enough. For people who cannot think of, even these simple measures, sincere remembrance on saibaba daily with prayer or naam chanting alone will do wonders for them. Baba knows us better than ourselves.

Gods are kind enough to send their incarnations, time & again by way of many known & unknown saints & sadgurus to redeem this world from the clutches of sins & adharma. Sadgurus reform humans in the ways unimaginable & preach them the importance of life to be lived with spiritual awareness for the goal of liberation or self-realization. They make people realize the existence of the Almighty, the para-brahma pervading through the space everywhere like we, the devotees feel Shri Saibaba everywhere. It is upto ourselves, how we are sincere & determined, practice His teachings in our lives to earn the Care of our Dear Mother Sai.

Bow to Shri Sai, Peace be to all.

Sai's Instant Answer:

Om Sai Ram

Dear Manisha

In Satcharitha, Baba has said, the moment you think of me with whole hearted devotion, i will be by you day and night. But even without thinking of him, Baba's speciality is to always remind us wherever we are, by music, movies, stickers, posters, tv ads, magazines etc. (indicating i am taking care of you).

For the past 10 days i am suffering from terrible back pain. Though i am into treatment, the doctor has not put me on to correct observation. It is taking time (say.. karma is taking time). Couple of days back, in the evening, i was reading a news daily sitting at home. At a moment i could not bear the pain and i just spoke to baba casually, "Baba where you? Are you here or in the main building (shirdi) & see i am unable to bear the pain, please give me relief soon? Baba, do you hear me? was my actual talk to him.

Suddenly in a flash, i turned to the left as if some one has directed me & saw the black & white photo lamination of baba with his gang in umbrella in my room. To my great surprise, Vibuthi was scattered on the laminated photo answering to my call, like.... "I am very much near you. why you doubt & worry?". I am attaching couple of photos of Baba's presence by vibuthi sticking on the lamination. This itself is a marvel. That vibhooti was of a very fine powder with fresh divine smell.

I shouted in surprise & called my family members & we all emptied that vibhuthi powder applying on our forehead & thanked baba heartily. This is yet one more drop of leela to the ocean of many of leelas He is blessing to many devotees around the world. Please post this & photos attached herewith to the Will of Shri Sai at your convenience. Thanks. Sairam.
Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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Anonymous said...

Thank you unknown devotee for sharing this through this platform.I am facing the same problem and i think Baba has given me direction to treat it through his sai vrat .Thank you again .Baba ki jai ho.

Nayana. said...

Great leela.Jai Sai Baba Jai Sai Baba. Miracle to see vibhuti Jai Sai Om Sai Jai Sai .

R.Suryanarayanan said...

I know this little girl who has narrated her experience with Sai Baba. She is so dedicated to Sai Baghavan. In my prayers I always used to plead to Baba to answer this girl's prayer since she is so devoted to Him. May Sai Ram give peace and prosperity to all. R.Suryanarayanan

Anonymous said...

wonderful sairam...

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