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Sai Helps Everyone And Every Time With Different Miracles-Sai Devotees Experience.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Sharing devotees experiences not only guides me but also guides so many souls.This is purely the love  and blessing of Baba on His children that every minute they are experiencing His grace. And through each such child we are able to read,feel and learn from these experiences .Each time we read an experience our love for Baba grows many folds.It is love and simple pure love alone which takes us close to our Sai.

The more love one has in their heart for Sai Baba, the closer they are to Him and experience His presence always.In the experience shared today the devotee has opened His heart full of love for Baba and has shared many such experiences which he witnessed in his life. Jai Sai Ram .

Dear Manishaji
Please publish this as I promised Baba to write my story on your web site. I have attached the Melbourne Sai maa photo.

Melbourne :Shirdi Sai Baba 

Though this story is very big try to shrink it if you can . Many thanks to your service through this web site . Your site is very very useful. As if we see Shirdi everyday. Your selfless service is helping thousands across the world everyday. The service you render is priceless… om sai shree sai jaya jaya sai

Even Adisheshang(snake god with thousand heads ) couldn’t describe and praise the lord Sai, how can I just explain about Sai leelas.But my SaiMaa is making me to write these miracles which I witness everyday .I migrated from India and I am living with my family in Melbourne , Australia. Though I was introduced to BABA in 1984 when I was in Calcutta and in Mumbai being evil human I didn’t understand the omnipresence of Sai .

I was indulged in lots of evil things, belonging to Brahmin community I was doing sins which no one can’t describe. I was acting like an animal …in human form ......

I was married in 1997, soon after I was given a chance by our Sai Maa .A devotee again introduced me to Sai through my sister-in law .May be that was the beginning of my spiritual path (in 1998) from that time onwards Sai’s blessings is showering on us.
My wife is nurse ,she got a job in Singapore at that time she had decided to go with my 3 year old son due to our economic situation. I started living alone in chennai.But I was strong to face the music.

Hereon our beloved Sai Maa started playing miracle with me .

I started doing regular pujas and visiting Sai temple in Mylapore. For me everything became Sai Sai Sai ...those times Mylapore temple had few visitors in the early hours of day.. I used to go for “ Mahaabishegam “ almost everyday. I have been trying to get a job in Singapore but all my efforts went in vain… (but our Sai Maa had different plans).

 Let us get back to sai leelas, during the evening times the Mylapore temple was getting filled with thousands of devotees especially on Thursdays few lucky ones got dharshan from the back door.We used to stand in very long que and the darshan could last few minutes only . I was bit upset on this and prayed Baba about this. One Thursday, a friend of mine told me about the “Gowriwakkam temple Tambaram ( Sai is doing lots of miracles in this temple.. even you have pulished about this temple in your web site ).Where I can see and touch Sai maa freely, then I decided to visit the Gowriwakkam temple one evening .When I stepped in I felt something very unusual to me, I felt like I visited my parents place,some very strange FEELING never happened in my life.(I didn’t know that time ,Saibaba is going to take me in his spiritual path)once I had the dharshan . The founder of the temple Sri Kulesekaraprrumal( we used to call him Appa) asked me to come next day for the ahishekam . 

Those days I had to travel by bus in early hours of the day due to safety reasons . I took the bus from Adampaakam to Gowirvakkam .I had to be there by 6.00 AM. The abishekaam starts 6.15am eveyday ,as soon as I was there Appa told me to perform the abishegam ,which I neve did.It was the most happiest time of my life ,I felt tears in my eyes. I couldn’t controll my emotions . Then as a ritual soap and shampoo was applied on baba's idol with sponge, Appa asked to apply the soap on Baba .. as I was applying I felt like I was with SAI MAA, not idol. Very very few people around that time ( these days I hear hundreds of devotees love to do these things but few can only do because of many restrictions by the committees ) from that moment my life is full of Sai Sai Sai every where .

Without visiting this temple my everyday life was meaning less.I was very attached to Sai, after I started visiting this temple SAI MAA changed my life gradually. My wife started applying for job interview in Melbourne , Australia as I couldn’t get any job in Singapore.

You could see SAI MAA already decided where I have to go further in my life , this was in early 2001. Meanwhile my brother and sister told me about few problems in my horoscope.My life could be in danger I need to take extra care on road and not to travel by train or but but I left everything to SAI MAA.

I had to travel by train to a place called Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu ,in spite of these warnings during the travel a very old SAINT boarded the train at Tambaram  and asked me about where I am going . I said about the place I am visiting.While we were talking I had noticed that a big Sai pendant was hanging on his neck.I was thrilled and thanked  Sai being with me. It was a night journey, before I went to sleep, I requested the saint to wake me up at the place where I had to get down if possible. He did just smiled at me !!! I went to sleep.When I got up around 3.00 a.m. , I looked around the saint was gone.. when I enquired about the saint  with fellow passengers, they said they didn’t see any saint boarding this train !!This made me bit puzzled and I was questioning myself about the Saint. I reached my destination safely .I know in my heart that  the saint was our Sai. The horoscope prediction went wrong .Sai once said in Shri Satcharitra throw the horoscope away and believe in HIM (Sai ).Which was true in my life.SEE SAIMAA ‘S RESCUE MISSION.

Days rolled on, I had given up my job-hunting to Singapore and decided to stay in India. I was hoping BABA will show me a path and left everything to him. One fine morning I got a call from my wife saying that she got a job interview for a hospital in Melbourne , Australia. (Here on BABA's LEELAS STARTED AND BECOME ENDLESS).

My wife s interview went on well and she had been selected for the job .She applied for the family visa for all of us then she returned to India to leave my son (31/2 years old) with me . Her flight was in July 2003 and we were ( me and my son ) were to leave as on when we get the family visa ( according to Embassy the visa takes approximately 7-10 months). On the process of family visa preparation we needed to go to Bombay for medical check up . We had decided to go to Bombay then Shirdi . 

The day we reached Bombay, very heavy storm lashed the city and all the public transports got paralysed.

 We couldn’t move from Mulund. (where we stayed). Somehow we managed to reach Byculla Rly station. From there on no further transport whatsoever.With three years old son we were stranded on the middle of the road praying baba for help. The medical check-up completion certificate needed to be sent to Australian consulate on the same day. Time was ticking up. Suddenly a taxi driver approached us on seeing our condition..??? He decided to take us to Mumbai Victoria terminus where we can courier the certificate through India post, that was the only way.The driver took us to VT station in 25 minutes with all hurdles,everywhere water flooded ,we thanked him. He took as per meter reading not a single rupee more.???. We knew Sai send him or Sai would have come , who knows. Once we had done our procedure we had decided to go to Shridi on the same night .We booked our tickets and on the way to hotel the rain poured heavily. The heaven opened up again and flash flooding everywhere ,with all this we saw there was a small Sai temple on the side road of the , where in devotees were performing evening aarthi.

One thing I noticed with so much rain and drenched up people lined up for the full session of the evening arthi. I really saluted the devotion of those people.We went to Shridi. This was my first time trip  to Shridi ,we had heartful darshan of Sai Maa.While we were about to leave Samadhi mandhir, the pandit standing near Baba’s samadhi asked my spadika malai ( Sphatik Mala or Quartz crystal) , then he touched the mala on the samadhi as if Baba blessed me with this) and returned it to me. I was really in tears with this incident and was touched by Saimaas love ,He who knows everything and who care everybody.

The miracles one after another … soon we returned to chennai (in 9 days time ) we got our family visa for Melbourne, we couldn’t believe that because embassy people told us it would take 7 months and see Baba made it by 9 days that’s baba blessing . We left Chennai, India in 20 days time . 

While we were on the plane to Singapore I was praying for Sai dharshan..Even my wife looked at me strangely.I said if Baba wishes he will come.What a surprise when I opened the “safety booklet “ the first page was our beloved “SAI MAA” picture with some catering advertisement. My wife was in pleasant shock and we thanked Baba for being with us in our new journey to new land. While we took the flight to Melbourne next morning I was looking for baba’s photo or portrait everywhere because so many Indians were travelling on the flight no sign of Sai ,when the plane took off the person in front of my seat folded his hand to have head rest ,he had a big SAI MAA RING. I was speechless.,see our Sai maa fulfil every wish of a devotee if prayed with full heart.Many thanks to our Sai ram . 

After spent 7 months in Melbourne I felt lonely (though I am with family).Because we didn’t have sai temple in Melbourne during that time period. I was really sad and prayed Sai maa .See the wonder he did ,one day our priest invited us .As he was to perform Maha Kumbabhisegam / Samprokshanam:  I asked which temple he said Sai temple. I ran to my place and tears rolling on my face I thanked my Sai .We went to Sai temple. How lucky we are I thought,we worshiped our Sai maa and once again I felt HE came all the way,Our Baba  is boundless - no border or no limit.

Days rolled on with Sai blessing I had nice job for 5 years . Due to global financial problem I had to leave the firm.Within 2 days time I got similar job with Sai’s mercy.I stayed there for 20 months for no reason(Due to back stabbing and politics). I was sacked June. I felt big blow on me.

I was crying in front of baba I didn’t tell my wife about this. I was applying for job all around ,while searching I came across your web site about sai leelas . I felt like baba was telling me to search more on your web site .The Sai virat keep popping every time so I decided to download the same from your site. unfortunately full Tamil version was not available( few pages were missing ) see Sai maaa’s love and care again.Next day while searching for the same one of the Dubai Indian association blog site had the full version.I decided to do the vrat straight away during the 9 Thrusday’s  I was follwing shradha and saburi .I left everything to HIM ,2nd Thusday I had part time job ( the person gone on holidays for 6 weeks) .

I said to myself Sai will take care of everything. I continued the same. And finished the vrat successfully and distributed the books as per instructions on the 9 th Thursday.My boss,where I was working as part time QA officer ,called me for discussions.

 I thought he would tell me that the part-time position is over and I don’t have to come from tomorrow.( that’s what I was thinking)Sai had different idea again the boss said he would like to hire me permanently as production manager ,he negotiated my salary higher than what I was getting in the previous firm. I was really speechless. I agreed for the same and signed the paper on the same day it was Thursday.

I have to add bit more, my son is 13 year old is smart kid but not focusing on studies and concentrating only on gaming consoles. Though we have free education in public schools in Melbourne, the education standard is not of expected level. However few schools around Melbourne has the highest world class standard. To enter these schools either we have to live nearby (neighbourhood boundary) or write the entrance exam for selective schools. The option one was not possible for us as these schools are located in very expensive areas. Option II was to give  entrance exam.

In these selective schools “MEBOURNE HIGH” is the most performing govt school and very hard to get though the entrance. The selection is purely on merit of the student. ( 95 % of the students secure 99.9% in their final exams similar to our HSC ) .Even private school students also in rush for this school.

Though we had decided our son to prepare for the entrance exam , we were not quite sure that he will get through this.He wasn’t performing well initially. The preparations were below normal standard. We said to ourselves, only miracle can get  him for the school where we intended to put him . During my Sai Vrat on Thursdays I was also praying for my son .One evening during evening arthi , my son started praying and was sitting there whole time for the arthi. ( he has never done it before )From there on he started praying baba everyday .

I could see a change in his attitude and regularly he was preparing for the exam. On the day of exam we were little worried as they were 5300 students to write the exam. ( only 350 students would be selected based on the performance) I SAID TO MY SON PRAY SAIRAM ALL THE TIMES . The exam results were published after 8 weeks.Beating all odds my son scored very high distinction in three subjects and was selected for the school. We all thanked Sai baba for this miracle in his life . Like this there are number of miracles Baba is doing for us and everyone.

We can say our SAI MAA is always with us ,with everybody .

Jai Sai Ram

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Mina said...

Wow...what an amazing Sai Leelas you have shared. Reading through, Baba has answered many of the questions that I've had in my life. I feel, the biggest hurdle in life is to get to know Sai and come into His fold. Once we are in His fold, there is no looking back for anything.....

Bless us all Baba so we always look up to you and feel your presence in our lives, each day,and each moment......

Nisha Ramchandani on March 28, 2012 at 7:51 PM said...

This is beautiful, i have tears in my eyes, you are lucky!

Nisha Ramchandani on March 28, 2012 at 7:52 PM said...

Very beautiful, how lucky you are!

Anonymous said...

nice experience...really felt happy while reading this..thanks alot for sharing with us..OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU ALOT SAIMA...

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

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