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Sai leela from Sai Satcharitra.

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Dear readers
We all have read Sai Satcharitra .In the Sai Satcharitra, Ch.29, the Leela of the avaricious Bhajan Mandali from Madras is given. Some of the details like their names, address, and other particulars are missing. The Leela given below elaborates upon it.

He was called Bhau Swamy because his Guru was Ram Bhau of south Kanara. This Govinda Swamy worked in Madras Electric Tramways. He and his family went on an all India pilgrimage in 1915. They visited Shirdi on 23.8.1915. They sang beautifully and did bhajans daily. Baba gave them Rs.2/- and two rupees worth of burfi. The burfi he sold for one rupee and twelve annas. All these details he wrote in his diary daily.

One day, he had a dream vision of Baba (which is elaborated beautifully in the Sai Satcharitra). After this revealing vision, the greedy skeptic became an ardent devotee. Dr. Pillai asked him to write his dream, which he did, and handed it over to him. Knowing of Radhakrishna Mai's love for bhajans, he performed bhajans in her home too. She gave him a Marathi book containing the life of Baba, which he treasured.

His wife Adilakshmiamal was given sakshatkar (vision) of Sri Ram at noon Arati while the rest of the Mandali saw Baba sitting in his usual place. Filled with joy, she decided to make prasad of Bhaaji and Payasam for Baba. On 30-08-1915, while preparing it, she fervently prayed to Baba to accept it, as she had prepared it with all her love and devotion.

Eagerly she took it to Dwarakamai and handed it over. To her utter consternation, the lady (Durga Bai) placed it last in the rows of Prasad offerings. Baba however, slowly moved to the back, and opening her dish, devoured the whole of it with great relish. This touched the lady to the bottom of her heart further strengthening her devotion in Baba.
Here is another leela from same chapter from Sai Satcharitra .

The story of Dr. Vir Hate and the one rupee is given in Sai Satcharitra Ch.29. A little more is given here about him.

Capt. Dr. Hate was a staunch devotee of Baba and lived in Shirdi for some time, and then returned to Gwalior. One day, Saval Ram of Gwalior came to him distraught as his son was missing. Dr. Hate said, "Go to Shirdi and take Baba's darshan and you will surely find him". Saval Ram agreed. After some time he received a letter from the boy saying that he was in Egypt. He had secretly joined the army, as he feared his parents' wrath. Now he was returning to India.

Saval Ram's joy knew no bounds. But instead of going to Shirdi, he and his wife went to Bombay to receive the boy.

When they met, Saval Ram was upset, as his son was emaciated and suffering from high fever. He rushed with the boy to Gwalior for treatment. Again he told Dr. Hate about it. The doctor chided Saval Ram saying, "You failed to keep your promise. Now take the boy to Baba and he will be alright". The three of them then set out to go to Shirdi. Just before they left Dr. Hate gave one rupee to Saval Ram and said "Place this in Baba's hand. Do not fail to bring it back". He wanted the blessed coin to keep in his Puja.

Saval Ram returned with his family and told Dr. Hate that his son was recuperating. He also gave the rupee to Hate. On receiving the coin Hate felt it was not the same coin he had given. Disappointed, he told Saval Ram to go back to Shirdi and fetch his coin. On returning home Saval Ram told his wife about the incident. She however, just went inside and brought Dr. Hate's coin, which she had put away safely.

The next day a thrilled Dr. Hate received his prasad (coin) and Saval Ram apologized for the substitution. He related what had happened and Dr. Hate was satisfied. Jai Sai Ram.

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Very nice post and informations manishaji...thanks a lot for sharing with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

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