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See me in All forms-Shirdi Sai Baba .

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Dear Readers
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day
Here are few incidences which reflects Baba's love for animals and HIS direct message to see HIM in all forms .Baba not only spoke but practically demonstrated or gave proof that HE IS PRESENT IN ALL FORMS . Jai Sai Ram .

"Sometimes I am a dog, sometimes a pig, a cow, a cat and an ant, a fly, and a aquatic creature in such various form do I move about in the world. Know that I like only him who sees Me in all the living beings. So give up the sense of differentiation. This is the way to worship Me," said Baba to Mrs. Tarkhad (Sai Satcharitra Ch.9).

She fed a hungry dog that came to her door at lunch time. Then came a hungry pig smeared all over with mud and dirt, happily she fed the pig too.

Baba used to feed a mongrel dog daily. The dog used to sleep on the steps of Dwarkamai one day Madhu False hit the dog, who was obstructing his path. Baba at once flew into a rage and said, "It came here for Me and not for you. Be aware hereafter."

Hansaraj Vaniya was an asthmatic, who lived in Bombay and had shop in Dadar.He had immense faith in Baba.He had strong liking for curd and would have it in lunch and dinner without fail .Due to excessive consumption as the time passed he developed cough and gradually asthma. He spent sleepless night coughing which caused disturbance for family members and even neighbors could not sleep because of the noise of his continuous coughing .In spite of all this still he did not stop having curd. As he had no control over it he got fed up and decided to go to Shirdi with his wife for Sai Baba‘s refuge.

After having darshan of Baba, Baba said to Hansraj very lovingly that it’s high time that he should leave medicine intake and get rid from addiction of curd, than he would be fine.

Even though Hansraj wanted to be alright he could not overcome his temptation of having curd.Inspite of having promised Baba of not having curd he started eating curd. His wife pleaded him not to have but he did not pay any heed to her plea. However, Hansaraj could not resist his love for curds. He got the curds made at home and asked his wife to hang it in a sling from the ceiling.

He would lock the door of his lodging and would go for attending Madhyayan Aarti in Dwarkamai and than on returning he would take his lunch .But since he had taken refuge at Baba’s feet ,Baba being full of love and compassion for Hansraj would take form of cat ,enter the lodge and eat up the curd while Hansraj would be in Aarti in dwarkamayi.This kept happening every day for next 60 days . Every day, a cat would enter the lodge and eat the curd. Hansraj was totally confused as to how anyone can enter his locked lodge and eat the curd hung on ceiling.

One day Hansaraj stayed at home to catch the cat in the act, so he could punish it. This is exactly what happened.

He asked his wife to go for Aarti and stayed back to finish off his work. He missed aarti for love of curd and did not care for attending aarti. He hid himself at the back of the door. The cat stealthily came in climbed up and ate the curds. Hansaraj waited with stick in hand and gave a stroke of big stick on its back.

It was long time, aarti got finished and he still did not reach Dwarkamayi.When his wife returned he narrated her the whole incident with a pride as though he had achieved something great.

Later he went to see Baba in Dwarakamai in the evening with his wife . Baba said to one of his bhakta "There is a man who wants to die by eating sour and pungent things. But I would not allow him to do that. Today I went to him in the form of a cat. That fellow has given Me a caning on the back. See here!" Baba lifted his Kafani and exposed His back with welt marks to everyone present there .

No one could understand except Hansraj and his wife .They understood what Baba was saying .Hansraj said to himself how it came to his mind and he bet Baba with stick? Baba came to my house in form of cat for my betterment and I could not understand instead hurted him and gave him wound. He repented his act and promised to himself that he would never have curd.
In this way Sai Baba made Hansraj leave his addiction of the curd .

Another incident :

Mahalsapathy used to feed a crippled bitch daily. One day having fed her he said "go, go" but the bitch would not move, so he took a stick and beat it. Later when he went to Dwarakamai, Baba said, "There is a bitch, sickly like Me in the village. Every one is beating it". Mahalsapathy remembered his behaviour and repented, Mahalsapathy After taking 'bhiksha' ,Baba put all the food collected into the 'Kolemba'. The cats and dogs of Shirdi waited for Him to return so, they could eat to their hearts content. He, who would not drive away the animals would He al­low them to be beaten?
Jai Sai Ram .
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