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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 22.

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Dear All,
Happy Thursday ,
We all know that Baba is the ultimate power who takes care of His bhakta .We notice big events as His blessing but we should not forget that even the minutest happening is controlled by Him .We should have firm faith on Baba and realise that even in the oddest of time Baba is with us and He is taking care of us.When the things are not in our favour we should not loose hope but wait for His grace ,as sooner or later one realises that Baba is there with him always.The same has been experienced by many Sai devotees and I have shared many experiences below with the readers of this website as sent in mail below.(I have attached pictures of Baba just above the experience as attached by the devotees along with their experience and desired to post along with their experience .)

Small reminder :Its a request to all the devotee who wish to share their experience to mention in their mail when they submit their experience if they wish to have their name published or not .It makes it easy for me to than publish the experience with their names as desired .Jai Sai Ram .

My experience with Baba last week.

Anonymous Sai Devotee says-Sairam Manisha didi .Please post my recent experience with Baba. Please don’t reveal my name.Last week I experienced Baba’s grace and want to share with you and all devotees who visits your website.


1.My mother was supposed to Travel to US(to my sister place, as my sister is carrying), So I took her for general health checkup.But in Blood test ESR count was high.

And doctors suspected so many things and asked her to further undergo few more tests . I was very worried. But I know my baba will never leave me.

I started praying . then doctor told us to do ESR Check after 1 week. And By Baba’s graces. It came down and was normal.Thanks to Baba. day before my mother leaving to US, I went to Baba temple. There was Subramanya pooja was going on. Here in Sai spiritual center they will allow devotees to participate in pooja where devotes are given Gods photo and bowl of rice .

And they are supposed to do archana with rice on photos while priest is chanting 1000 names of subramanya. I wanted to participate to get subramanyas photo .Subramanya god is my kuladeva and thought its auspicious sign to give to Mother before she travels .so that her journey will be good.but I dint had time as pooja goes on for 1-2 hrs .But suddenly one of the commity member from temple called and started speaking to me.

I was very happy I asked him can I get photo. He gave my one photo and left.(inside in my heart I wanted 2 photos as I wanted to give one to Mother and keep one for myself) but could not ask him. then thanking him I came outside the temple and saw photo again and its 2 photos . I was on tears and Thanked baba for this wonderful blessings.

3.When my mother about to leave to US, She was feeling very uncomfortable and low. (reason was she was travelling alone for the first time and never she has travelled alone even in Bus here).even I was very much worried for her.Her health got bit upset. After some time she told she is fine. Somehow I was tensed. And when she reached flight, I called her.Again she told she is feeling shivering and very very uncomfortable again .I felt very helpless.

That time my sister called my mother and told her to give cell phone to any person sitting next to her in flight, and there was doctor who was sitting next to her(see BABA’S Grace) on my mother. my sister talked to him. He said he will talk to my mother, she will be fine soon.We were very much relieved. Doctor started speaking to her. she was fine.

But since it was more than day journey (as my mother was going in connecting flight) to US I was praying all the time and asking baba to take care of her and used to refer saibaba qu! estion and answer book. Answer I got is “do not think more. Have faith in guru. Everything will be alright then.(Book is so powerful we can communicate with baba.He gives answers though that).I usually refer when I get problems and it works.

And By Baba’s grace My mother reached place safely. All thanks to Saideva.

Sai gave me new life to smile again:

Sai devotee says-Dear Manisha,

I am grateful to you for your servies, this site gave me the strength when i needed it most. Dont have words to explain that how this site helped me in my bad time.

I am sharing my experience which is  all due to Sai's grace, please feel free to correct my language.

I wanted to marry a guy but his parents refused for our marriage.The various reasons they gave to us were as follows:
1. my short height
2. my specs
3. my eye colour(green)

We tried a lot for convincing them, but they refused everytime. i went in depression, after seeing my situation my parents send them a message that they want to meet them but they simply refused and said "jis dagar jana nahi us dagar dekhna nahi"-rough english translation(Not to look into the direction where you do not intend to go"

They started seeing for the right match for the guy.(otherside, we(me and that guy were knocking every door or window but nobody was ready to help us, then i turned to God with a thinking "God helps those who helps themselves".As we had tried and was trying every possible way to convincing his parents,
I believed agar insan nahi maan rahe(If human are not listening ) god will listen otherwise is duniya me insano ki hukumat chalegi or wo apni hi marji chalayenge(otherwise the human will rule and their orders will be followed), and started believing that if god exist then he will come to help us otherwise there is no way of doing good things in this world. I started praying, begging from god to listen to our prayer ,i was praying"humahri shadi sabki marji se karwa do(please marry us with everyone's intention) and give us a happy family"

One night suddenly i heard a voice someone called my name i saw Sai baba was sitting there and HE told me ki jaisa main chahti hu waisa hi hoga(Baba said -what I desire the same shall happen). I woke up and was not able to believe that was just a dream I can still feel that vibes very strongly, after that I  got my strenght but things were becoming worse day by day and we decided  not to speak to anyone about us, and leave all the things on Sai ram let HIM do whatever HE feels is best  .

Baba gave me so many signs that He is with me.

Suddenly i got udi and my eyes got corrected(will write you soon about this) by Sai mahima only.

One day i told sai baba vachan to my mom as she was very worried about my marriage after listening she decided to wait for little longer. Things were getting more worse. One Thursday morning, I got the news that the guys mother is no more i was thrilled by the news, (was worried what will happen to that guy now as i knew his parents are everything to him, simuntaneously i become selfish(sorry baba for this, but was helpless from my thinking at that moment but later I repented and felt sad), than i prayed to baba please give strength to family and also questioned Baba "How can this marriage take place with everyone's consent as His mother has expired??)

Miracle took place and within 10 days i got the news that his family wants to meet me as his mother was interested in me in her last days and was trying to convince people for our marriage(now we haven't spoken to anyone for us), this was only due to Sai miracle. With in 20 days our roka ceremony took place and within 3months we got married.

Our marriage took place due to Sai baba grace only, HE gave this new life to me, and showed us that God does listens to us,  today his mom is not with us, we feel her emptiness in our life, but the sasural(in-laws place) i got is so loving to me that its really hard to believe they are the same people who used to get angry even just by hearing my name.Time heals everything and we are trying to live life with loss of His mother in her good memories.

Only sai ram can understand His leela.

Love you sai raam and thank you so much for coming in my life please be stay with me always. love you baba love you lot .

shri sachidanand sathguru sainath maharaj ki jai......

Sai saved me from severe bronchitis:

I have had many many Sai miracles in my life. Let me tell you about the most recent one I had, about a month ago I was down with flu, which also turned out to be a severe case of bronchitis. I never prayed to baba about my health. But baba is very merciful and really looks after his devotees welfare . It must have been 2 or 3 a.m. I got up from my sleep due to subtle aroma of Udi, now babas udi has no aroma and yet I could smell the sharp aroma of udi. When you're sleeping you're in a subconscious state of mind and I became fully conscious due to the aroma. Believe it or not the very next day I felt lot better and within a day I was fully cured from the severe bronchitis I had.Thank you Baba for treating me .

Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba Gave me Job:
Om Sai Ram.

Sai devotee Akila says- I live in Germany. I was searching for jobs from July.During the month of August, one of my acquaintances offered me the sai vrat procedure. I dont pray to any particular god and dont believe in them too.

So never bothered about it and during the month of October, as I was not at all getting jobs, wanted to try the 9 thursdays Sai vrat.

I started the Sai vrat and what to say during the 6th week I got a job in Neufahrn, Germany.

Not only a job, life has become very light for me after pleading to Sai and he is saving me from my sufferings.Since then I've decided to surrender all my daily activities to him.I talk to him and HE responds to my situations.My desktop wallpaper is also Sai baba now.I feel very very safe though I am not living with my family now.

I believe Sai is there for me throughout my life and HE is saving everyone who seek HIM.

Thank you Sai for making me write this.I am planning to visit the Frankfurt Sai baba temple next week on 20th.I am sure Sai baba ll help me in reaching HIM.

Jai Sai .

Baba cured me in Shirdi:

Sai Devotee Siva says-Sai Ram Manisha Ji -I am a regular visitor of your site, I really appreciate for your great work. I cannot explain in words, how much we, poor devotees are getting happiness by reading experiences posted on your site. May BABA bless you and your family. Kindly post the following experience at your convenience.

Last summer, I got call from BABA to Shirdi. My parents and I visited Shirdi in the last week of May 2011. I experienced HIS leela many times during the trip; here I am going to explain a small one. Please excuse me if you find any mistakes in my narration.

During my journey to Shirdi, I was suffering from loose motions, probably because of hot weather. I was taking some medicine to control it. One afternoon in Shirdi, we decided to have lunch at Prasadalaya. While serving, my father was accepting sweet. I told my father not to have sweet as he is a diabetes patient. He told us not to worry as it was HIS prasadam. 

I said OK and I took a large amount of chilly pickle, as I like spicy pickle a lot. My father looked at me and told me not to have pickle as I was suffering from loose motions. Immediately, I told not to worry as it was HIS prasadam. My mother and my aunt laughed for my witty answer. But, later I realized, I took really a risky amount of pickle.

I recalled few chapters from Satcharitra, where BABA’s treatment was quite unusual to some diseases. I looked at Baba and told to myself, “I will finish whatever pickle is there on my plate. Hopefully, HE will cure my problem, otherwise I will take medicine and there won’t be any danger as I am in Shirdi”. Believe me guys, I did not take any medicine after that, it cured automatically.

I won’t say my faith was 100%. But, these kind of incidents make us to believe HIM and surrender to HIM completely. Thank you very much BABA.

Thank you for reading this Leela and wish to see you with other experiences, whenever HE permits.
May BABA bless everyone with happiness.
Om Sainathaya Namaha

Ashish's Experience of reading Sai Satcharitra

I take the blessings of SAI before I could share my experience with all the devotees.

It is true that the devotees experience the leelas of Sai when they read SAI SATCHARITRA. Believe me or not, SAI will always be with the ones who read and listen to his stories.

I started reading SAI SATCHARITRA two years ago.I adored BABA so much that He is everything to me.I never ate anything without first offering to Him. Like all, I had a few problems in my life and promised BABA that I will read SATCHARITRA daily till HE fulfills my wish.

On SRI RAMA NAVAMI day, 2011, I woke up from my sleep hearing someone pushing me from the bed asking me to come to the temple soon.I woke up took bath, read my SAI SATCHARITRA and went to the temple soon. 

But to the surprise of all when I went there I had seen a person wearing a long dress, and a cloth tied like a cap on his head, holding a satka in his hand like BABA used to and also a cloth like bag around his arm. I was actually surprised to see the sight, and was dumbstruck. I kept seeing HIM till I came out of the main temple and I was thinking about HIM when I was in the temple's masjid.

He was with me until I took the darshan and came along with me till I left the temple.The whole day I was thinking about Him but the very next day I went to the temple and asked the people if they had seen such a person.I was told that there was no such person who resembled BABA that day and they told me that as I read SATCHARITRA daily, BABA himself came to answer my prayers.

Isn't it strange?.How come the person appear only to me, be with me when I took the darshan, follow me, wait until I leave. I had tears in my eyes when I heard people saying that the person is BABA.I started loving HIM more , participated in the arti's daily. I asked BABA for a wish, actually its my dream to pursue higher studies and I know that HE WILL NOT LEAVE ME IN HALF WAY THROUGH.

I love you BABA, you are always my loving parent and my sadguru- bless everybody.

Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

Baba gave me peace of mind:

Sai devotee Sai Ki Beti Says-Our beloved lord sai has different ways of giving peace to mind and soul. I experienced one such way of baba today only which will show that baba is always there with his devotees and takes care of everything and can never see us crying.

Om sai ram manisha ji,
First of all thanks alot and may baba bless you for the work you are doing by maintaining this blog.please mention me as sai ki beti and don't disclose my id. I hav subscribed to other blogs also but today baba wanted to share my experience on this blog only as when I read the experience of other devotees thereunder I saw baba's photo and written share your experience here.i felt as if baba is asking me to do it.

Manisha ji I was very upset as baba is testing my saburi for quite some time but I have firm faith on my baba who is everything for me,my mother father,sister,brother,friend. Today I was very upset and criend in front of baba's photo and washed baba's holy feet with my tears and was crying and praying and saying that baba I know youhave blessed me and you will never take back your blessings than why are you testing my saburi.

I moved from the photo and I noticed that baba's face also moved and baba was watching me. Then again I came near baba's photo and started talking to baba. I closed my eyes and touched baba's feet in the photo and just prayed with tears in my eyes that please baba I want to see you please come to me and suddenly after few minutes baba's photo moved and it was about to fall but I held it with my hands and then I saw baba smiling in the photo.

 Someone can think that as I was touching the photo that is why photo moved but I know baba came to me to bless me! and I promised baba that I will share this experience today only.

And I know baba will not test my saburi.i love our sai baba alot and I cant even think of my life without baba. It takes time for our wish to be granted but baba always grants our wishes on right time and I am also waiting for the right time to come.
Om sai shri sai jai jai sai.

Sai Baba Kripa on Me:

Sai devotee Swati says-Dear Manisha di, Om Sai Ram. I have going through this website for few days only and i thought of sharing something which i think is Sai baba's wish.Please feel free to edit if you find anything not correct.

Om Sai Ram,

I dont know from where to start and and how to write as i am not a very good writer.Taking Sai's blessing i am here sharing my experience with all the Sai devotees.

I wanted to marry a friend of mine but his father was not agreeing for our marriage.Both of us have tried everything.We even made many vows to other deities also,but all were futile.In my mind i even thought sharing my experience if our marriage is fixed.(I would like to mention here till few months back i used to believe in SAI,but not the way am trusting him like anything.)

Its been more than 3 years that he tried to convince his father like anything but nothing has happened.

Then suddenly in the begining of this year,his father agreed and said to meet my parents.I cant express the my joy in words here.But i dont know what is happening in my life.After 2 months his father said NO.

I was like shock and feel like I end my life as i cant even think of marrying anyone else.

Now that am ardent devotee of Sai baba some how i think i missed of posting my experience and thats why this is happening to me.So i am here today writing this experience with SAI's inspiration with the hope that SAI will definitely give me love.

Now there is almost not a single moment where i have not felt the presence of my Baba.Thank you baba for drawing me close to you.Please be with me always.

I will definitely post here another experience as soon as SAI will fix my marriage with my love which i know HE will definitely give me as i can feel his presence in my daily routine all the time be it work place my home or while am on the way.He is always watching his children everywhere.
I am going through lots of mental tension.Please baba be with me always.

love you Sai Baba.

Share your Sai experience :HERE.

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Unknown on November 14, 2013 at 4:22 AM said...

happy baba day sai pleasecome to function and blessthe function and be with us baba please come in any formom sai om sai ram om saima

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