Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blessings of Baba and Miracle on Shiva Rathri-Experience By A Sai Devotee.

Share Author: Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 6:59 AM
Dear all
Happy Baba's day ,
Todays experience is a beautiful Sai leela witnessed by an ardent Sai bhakt who wishes to remain anonymous .But I know the devotee well and the devotees spiritual practices in daily life to be worthy of Lords blessing . I can completely feel the emotions,joy ,blessing and an everlasting happiness of divine blessing of the devotee after witnessing this Sai Leela, as I too underwent the same blessing of Baba few years back in Shirdi.

I am always overwhelmed by such Sai incident and pondered how it all happens?

And over the years of experiencing them innumerable time  I have understood very well how it happnes and what one should practice to receive His blessing .This is my interpretation and it fits very well to my practice and following of Baba's teaching .

"When the mind is alert,heart is in synchronisation with divine name and soul is surrendered to the Will of the Lord, Miracle is witnessed.When the three active state of our human body align with state of divine an immediate connection is felt .This connection we call it by different name as per to our understanding . It happens within short period of time and leave us spell bound and mystified with the divine power of the Lord.We feel He is with us ,hearing,talking and taking care of things at different level ,different places but at the same time.

Something like this we all witness from time to time and call it Baba's experience. The more we are tuned into it the more we witness and finally a state comes where a devotee has no want of materialistic desire to ask the Guru but wishes for this communion to last life long.

It's a matter of practice and following the teaching of Baba consistently that His children can attain this state and experience the bliss of Lords divine company ."

Moving to today's wonderful Sai incident witnessed by the devotee we will understand how the connection is formed and how a child is blessed immensely by the gracious Sai .Jai Sai Ram .
Blessings of Baba and Miracle on Shiva Rathri .

Dear Sai Sister Manisha

With pranams to the lotus feet of our beloved Sadguru Shri Shirdi Saibaba, feel blessed to share this leela of Baba. To me Baba is a merciful mother. Please add this leela to the ocean of HIS leelas shared by many devotees with your blessed website. I am attaching 15 photos related to this event with Baba's wish. Please post the photos.

During the 1st week of February, we went to pick some matching dress material for Sai Baba in the busy T.Nagar area, Chennai. There are many big textile shops. Despite spending two hours by checking into almost all the shops, we could not get the color or texture of our choice. This looked unusual to us, for the deal is simple. I felt tired and as a last try, we went to one more big shop. The counter person after thorough checking said new stocks will arrive after a week.

When we were about to leave with NIL purchase after spending hours, suddenly a different designed bale material attracted us towards it and I went near it to check what it is?

To my amazement, it was a design of Stripes of Tiger's Skin and made of Shining Velvet material nice and grand.

 The next thought that flashed in my mind or to exactly describe the situation Baba re-directed towards it and inspired me. As Shiva Ratri was approaching, I got delighted and desired to offer this particular dress for Baba at Sai Temple here in Chennai. It looked more apt to pick this. ""Atlast my GOD, BABA wants it and that is why HE did not allow us to pick anything from so many shops through out that day"".
I was in a blissful state ,meditating constantly on His form and decided to buy this for Main Shawl and a Turban and a Blue Angavastra around neck (to symbolise as Neelakanta) .Without thinking further ,taking it as His order went for this dress scheme and quickly purchased it avoiding any odd situations that awaits beyond our intellect.

Shiv Ratri was to arrive within 10 days. In the state of bliss reached home ,but soon I came to reality and re-collected the Rules of Temple to Book for Vastras offering (Shawls for Baba).

Now I had very little hope. You cannot buy and give just at the thought of a second. Here they will announce on notice board, date and timing to Book the shawls for morning and evening session only for two months). You have to be in queue about 8 o' clock in the morning to fix a slot. First cum first served basis. After this booking is over, next booking date is after two months.

Had a mental conversation with Baba. I spoke to Baba, I believe you have restricted our purchase only to buy your dress. Now booking rules are there? Please bless to take your dress on the day, you desire to wear it.

Without further delaying, I met the Temple Authorities and handed over these shawls with a humble request telling the detail and how  Baba made this happen and is unexpected. Also added in my conversation there is no botheration from our side to offer these dresses for some other Somavar (Monday or Pradhosha Day, special for Lord Shiva) if not on Shiva Rathri day!

The temple authority also inturn confirmed about bookings already over for Shiva Rathri but accepted the dress without any commitment about when they could offer these on some other days.

When I handed over the covers to the priest, the temple bell rang twice. I took it as a positive hope thinking Baba will inform me when HE wears this. I told Baba, it is your decision and I am happy to see you wear this. The day is not a botheration and let us not thrust it on you Baba and let it be  a casual happy event.

On 16th February, Thursday evening I went to temple and after finishing my prayers, when I was about to exit, one of the authorities called and confirmed me saying, "GOOD NEWS". Baba has accepted the dress for Shiva Rathri Day and HE will wear it after Abhishek in the morning from 7am upto 7pm in the evening.

Saying this he narrated another incident of his own experience to let me know how Baba plays HIS part beyond all our decisions.

My heart and mind was enjoying the blessing of Baba for accepting this,still I had little doubt as Baba is famous for testing HIS devotees.And I did not want to get disappointed with expectations.

When I returned home, my people all were eager to know when they will use the dress. I simply said let me visit on the 20th Feb. morning for darshan and inform the exact situation once I come to know.I kept the desire low and let the WILL of Lord Supreme.
The D-Day arrived. I went to temple at 8 am on the 20th morning. And what I saw was a divine blessing .I was totally absorbed by His leela and affection HE showed for our family by wearing the same dress. I was literally choked and not able to cry fully due to the crowds all around. Drenched with His blessing ,eyes full of tears on the brim of eye and heart overflowing with love I let myself immerse in His divinity.

I got permission and picked up the digi-cam and clicked the photos to my heart's content.
Another surprise awaited. A Miracle was noticed later, while transferring these photos in 3 photos, BABA has literally posed a SMILE by bulging his cheeks, eye-lids, moving his mouth unlike the usual plain looks in the main idol (as in above photos specially the side profile ones and close-up where broadening/movement of skin is not seen) .Please post that Miracle photo.
 Baba Poses To Smile:
 Baba Smiling:

 Further,there is also a two feet small moorthi (utsav moorthi) of Sai Baba made of Silver, to whom complete pooja and abhishek with all items like oil, panchamrith, milk, curd, honey, tender coconut-water, rose-water, sandal paste, vibhuthi, done during important festivals. But only simple abhishek is offered to big marble idol to maintain it like it is in Shirdi.

By evening 7pm, I had this darshan of complete abhishek for Silver Baba. By 8pm, SILVER BABA again blessed me by wearing small measurement shawls of same design which was offered to HIM . Please post the photos with Silver Baba and other Baba's idols in Meditation Hall with same shawls offered to them.

Silver Pratima Of Baba Wearing The Offered Dress:

Thus Baba gave us multiple treat for whole day on Shiva Rathri confirming HIS presence and blessings. With the joy and blessing of His love  I Thank you and May Baba bless all HIS devotees with many such Miracles to give Faith, Hope, Health, Comfort, Solace, Peace and Prosperity.

Om Namah Sai Shivaya! Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu.
Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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Jagdish Kumar said...

Jai Jai Sai Ram .WHat a lovely heart touching experience by the anonymous devotee. My deva looks so goodin this dress .Rightly chosen dress by baba for He is shiva shankar bhola .Who can do this leela than our deva. jai ho bhole ki jai ho sai deva ki. Very pleased to see this photo as soon as I opened my mail and feeling so happy Baba came in form of shiva. the devotee is blessed who experienced this .Love of sai baba is so much .
take care
love you my deva,bless everyone my deva

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience..I love you Baba..I love you so much..Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram..... it really feels good and also gives us more strength and faith by going thru the experiences of others. Our Baba will surely bless us and listen to as he knows what is best for us. Even though we might be asking for fulfilling our materialistic desires only but Baba grant us whenever it is best appropriate time for us to have the same.

sairam said...

Manisha didi-Your introductions and apt caption cards with interesting designs speaks a lot by itself as an experienced devotee of saibaba to post the devotees' experiences & other inputs in temples & bhajans site. baba bless you. sai ram

sairam said...

Manisha didi, it is our wish & humble request to you, with baba's blessings, please post your experiences in a section called Author's Desk. In the editorials, the author used to give his write up on varied issues. Like that we are waiting for the day that you put your 'spiritual e-journey' with our dear Saibaba & issues on bakthi marg. Please consider & begin from coming Thursday. You are writing everyone's experiences. We will be ever grateful to read your own experiences with Baba. Happy Baba's Day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful experience by Anonymous devotee...

may Baba bless everyone.

Om Sai Rama

Ananta said...

Very nice experience. I am so happy for the devotee whom Baba blessed with accepting this dress and arranging everything so easily.Baba please bless our family also and call us Shirdi soon.jai sai koti koti pranam.

rita on February 24, 2012 at 7:32 PM said...

Om sai Ram,thankyou,always for blessing me and my family.
Thankyou,thankyou and thankyou.

Sanjukta Chatterjee on February 26, 2012 at 8:18 PM said...

Om Sairam!! What a miracle!! And what an experience!! A clear distinct beautiful smile on HIS face!! Om Sairam!! Dear devotee... You are HIS true and faithful devotee. Truly blessed and blessings to receive such experiences. Thank you for sharing. The tiger skin shawl along with the wrap is very good. No doubt, HE has purchased it HIMSELF!! What blessings!!
Om Sairam!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this Miracle. Blessed are you and thanks for sharing Baba's blessing smile to all of us. You are really lucky.Baba is with us all.

Anonymous said...

very much blessed to see it... just liked it a lot.
can you please let me know which temple of Sai Baba is this? I would like to vist it... just loved the Baba's idol

Anonymous said...

Please can any one let me know the exact place of this temple. am eager to visit .

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Devotee-Regarding location of Saibaba Mandir_It is given in one of the above photos after the Miracle Title, where two faces of baba placed side by side to highlight the difference with captions written & address is written below in that photo. Jai Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Location- Shri Shirdi Sai Seva Samaj,
Jai Shankar Street, West Maambalam, Chennai City.
Approachable from busy T.Nagar locality or Ashok Nagar locality.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Anonymous devotees

Anonymous said...

manisha ji,
my name is madhu, i've completed my in 2011, but my score is not good enough to get job, unknowingly i've spoiled my studies in , now i want to go for PG, not knowing what to do, i mean i'm very confused about my career n studies, whenever i think about my cousins i get cry as i ruined my studies n din't do well. didi can u please consider me as your sister and suggest me what to do, i mean whether to try for job or go for further studies

Anonymous said...

Sai Baba

Please give be the strength to face the problems and also please provide me the good job.and always bless my family and i will pray for my father baba take care of him and his health and i lived the problem to you you take care of him.

Anonymous said...


I LOVE U please help me to get the new Job and take care of my family baba.

Jai sai ram sri sai ram

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