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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 33.

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Sairam to all,
Happy Baba's day

Tough time always test our Patience and faith on the Lord. If we keep our self strong and tell our self that our Lord is mightier than problem ,we would soon overcome our worldly afflictions .We will not only witness the success but would also realise that the power of holding on with faith and surrendering to Lord's Will is much more powerful than surrendering to the problem .Here are few such experiences shared by devotees .Jai Sai Ram .
Sathguru's blessings and grace - The fruits that i have tasted sharing it with you all - Part II:

Jai Sai Ram Manisha ji – Hope you are doing good.

Happy to share the below content describing the Leelas of Sai Maharaj.

Kindly publish this. Appreciating and thanking your efforts to spread the word of Sai all around the world through your work and wishing and praying that this great work continues…

It is ok, if my name is published along with this email.

Anandha kodi bramanda nayaga rajathiraja yogi raja para bramha sri
Sachidananda satguru sai raj maharaj ki jai

Jai sai ram

Dear Sai devotees and Manisha ji,

Thank you Manisha sister and all for giving an opportunity to share the blessings and Leelas of Sai. This is part II of my earlier email “Sathguru's blessings and grace - The fruits that i have tasted
sharing it with you all” Some more list of leelas of Sai maharaj that I experienced More experiences from Sai during my shiridi visit which I missed to include in my last email :

1. It was the month of Aug 2011 and we all decided that we should visit sadguru without fail. So discussions went on when to go. We decided we would go by the first week of September clubbing the
vinayagar chathurthi holidays. All was decided and we have to search for booking the tickets either through the travels or through IRCTC. IRCTC didn’t release any travel plans for Sep 1st week , so started approaching the travel agency in Chennai.

My father visited couple of travels and got their travel plans for 1st week of Sept. All of a sudden I started to think , missing vinayagar chathurthi celebrations at home is something not so a great decision.
I thought it would be good if we could get the tickets in the last week of August so as we can return home for vinayagar chathurthi. But things were not favouring my thought. All of a sudden, IRCTC released their travel plan and it was exactly the dates that I had in my mind. Need less to say, thanked Sai umpteen times and booked the ticket. Jai Sai ram.

2. My father and mother will not be able to climb berths as they are old. Also my father has back and knee problems. We decided that we would only go for the trip only if lower berths are available for
them. IRCTC releases the seat numbers and berth details only 2 or 3 days before journey. My father was worried that the trip has to be cancelled if lower berths are not available. We kept saying him, if Sai has decided that we should step Maharajs soil nothing would go against us say. Again Maharaj’s blessings and grace, we got the berths as we thought. Thanked Sai again. Jai sai ram.

3. When we reached Shiridi it was night and to have a hot water bath there was no geyser or hot water provision in the hotel room. The water was so chill and I just thought how would I manage. Prayed Sai
for his grace and took the bath. To my surprise, the water was luke warm. I was mesmerized simply by the grace of the Lord and thanked him again with excitement. Jai sai ram.

4. His leela at Gurusthan : While we were coming around Gurusthan , I wished I could get a neem leaf as I have read another Sai devotees experience on getting neam leaves everytime she came around the neem tree signifying the blessing of Baba. I was about to complete the first round of the tree, I did not get any leaf. I thought may be i am unfortunate to get the blessings of Sai. The moment I thought that, a leaf flew from the tree near by me. I was happy and excited and thanked Sai. I shared this news to my sister and she too accompanied for the second round to get a leaf. This time baba gave his blessings again and gave a leaf to her as well. We shared the news to my brother, who accompanied for us for the third round and he also got a leaf.

Blessings of sai, till all the three rounds was completed by us, it is surprising to see no other person who was around the neem tree got a leaf . We shared the bit of leaves with devotee who ever requested
for. Till date I recollect and enjoy those moments through which Sai Maharaj showered his blessings. Jai Sai ram.

5. My sister had urinary infection and even after 1 month of treatment(Still she is undergoing treatment for it) and is not cured.During the course of treatment, since it is taking a long time doctor suggested to go for a scan. The scan report showed multiple complications. The report said she has a kidney stone, has Kidney scar, has cyst in the uterus and the size as 5.5 cm. We were all lliterally worried and prayed Sai. The doctor suggested to go for a CT scan in another lab. Now Sais grace showed again. In CT scan, there was no stone detected in Kidney and the Cyst size in the uterus is as 5.5 mm and not Cm. Since the reports are contradicting another scan was taken and that too confirmed that CT scan reports are correct.

The doctor with the CT scan report confirmed that the scar, 5,5 mm cyst are quite so normal and need not be worried for. We thanked Sai again. Now she is continuing her medications for the urinary infection. We are praying Sai to cure her of this urinary infection.

6. My sister's daughter studying U.K.G had her sports day coming.There would be small games competitions happening in their school. I and the kid prayed to Sai that she should be winning. It did not
happen as we prayed. She lost in the quarter finals and was sad. I thought Sai did it for some purpose and left it. Unusually the next day, the school conducted another game(Which had not happened like
this before). She got selected till the semifinals and we were excited to hear that. We thanked sai for his grace and we were sure and confident that he is going to make the kid win in the finals which would happen on the sports day. We thanked and prayed. It happened again, Sai maharaj made her win in the finals and that too she completed well ahead of others. All the applause's that she got goes to Sai. Jai Sai ram.

The list of Sai’s blessings and grace are end-less . I pray to Sai that we remain thankful and devoted for the grace that Maharaj showers on us. I also have many more prayers to Sai for the well being of my
family. There are some problems in my family and I believe in the name of Sai that all those gets resolved and i could share his Leelas again in this forum.

Wishing all of us that we get more and more of Sai’s blessings and grace and grow deeper and deeper in the Lord.

Jai Sai Ram
Best Regards

Baba's miracle:

Dear all,
 I want to share my experience of baba's miracles.My brother-in -law went for his friend's mothers funeral the other day.He parked his car in the parking lot, and went inside.He had just gone about 20 minute only that he got a mobile alert that somebody was using his credit cards. He came to the parking lot and was shocked to see his car broken into.His lap-top and all his documents were gone .He was very upset and went back home. When my sister told me i immediately prayed sincerely  to baba.Just as i finished praying i got the news that my brother in law found all his documents, though the money was gone since the thief's shopped with his credit cards but at least he got his documents back. This is Sai babas blessing and timely help .Thank you Sai baba.Please keep you hand on us always.

Sai Bless Me In Many ways:

Manisha ,
I got Sai baba idol in 2004, My husband's friend gave me but on that time i didn't know much about baba.I kept it in my prayer room.In 2008 we went to Sai baba temple in Chennai(ECR road) on Thursday .We attend prayer, on that time onward i developed deep affection for baba.

1.)I performed Nine Thursdays Sai Baba Vrat for getting good job for me and my husband. With in 9 week i got what ever i prayed to Baba. Only thing i didn't get ,is a blessing for child.But i have faith one day Sai will bless me a child.I know  that its my past karma , so i am not blessed with child. But if I have faith and trust on our Sai ,one day Sai will fullfill my dreams.I need to keep "Shraddha and Sabui ".

2.)I start my journey from my mother house to mother-in-law house (around 107 km) by bus.While starting my journey i pray to Sai during travelling and plead to Baba "I want to see any picture of yours on the way a a blessing ".I didn't see any picture initially but after travelling 50 km.I again pray to Sai, i didn't see any of your picture so i pray again to Sai ,atleast bless me to see a name Sai in any vehicle or in shop.?I use to see Baba's picture in bus ,van etc but i didn't see any that day.So I was worried, i prayed to Sai why you are doing like this?With in 5 -10 minutes my bus stop will come.Baba finally heard my prayer and i saw Sai baba vehicle( In Chennai we can see sai baba vehicle(photo of sai).I was very happy seeing that vehicle and i thanked immensely to Sai baba.

4.)I went to market , while going to market i asked casually to sai if you are there than show me a crab because i wanted to buy crab on that day.I just entered the market and i saw crab , while walking towards that shop another person came before me took all the crab. At that time i felt that i played with Sai, and i asked HIM to show crab so he showed the crab,but it became difficult for me to buy crab as they sold out very quickly .With this I learnt not to play with Sai, He is always with us and these things should not be used to test Hiim .

Very soon i will write how Sai blessed me have child.
Sairam .

My Experience of Sai:

I am Manasa. Did 9 Thursday's vrat twice and doing now for 3rd time.
I love and trust my Sai.He has given me everything.

I am BE in IP. I was working in a small company with salary of 6500/- for 3 yrs.And baba gave me new career in Software and salay increased to 25000/-.

After my marriage my husband was in Pune and i was in Bangalore. I read Sai Satcharitha in one week and did 9 Thursdays Sai vrat and before completing 8th week, my husband got job in Bangalore.

Then i started 9 Thursday's Sai vrat seeking his blessings to get a child and by 4th week i was pregnant.
Everything went on fine with his blessings and i gave birth to healthy boy baby.

We had a very big issue with my brother in law who was educated till 9th and jobless.

He used torture us mentally by not allowing us to go to office, abuse me and my husband,use to threaten us that he will sell valuables at home when we are not in home.

Again i started 9 Thursday's Sai vrat and by 5th week we had a very big fight with him, we gave police complaint and so many things happened and we decided to vacate that home and move to new home so that he will not come there and torture us.

When my brother in law was not at home we changed the door lock and in one week we shifted to a new place.This is the second time we are changing our home because of him.

Then he called my husband and told that he will do job and asked my husband to look for job for him.

Then my husband searched a job in Bijapur and sent him there.

Now i have completed 7th week of Sai vrat and 2 weeks are pending.

In the past also my husband looked out for a job for him but he did not stay in any place infact  not more than 3 months.

But this time i trust baba will help us and make my brother in law to settle down in that job and never torture us.

Baba Thanks for everything you have given us.
Love you Baba.

Sai Baba gave us life:

I am a devotee of Sai Baba. Two years back, our life was covered with darkness - because my husband was suffering from a chronic health problem. I had Baba's statue in my house before that health problem.
First time, I prayed to Sai...asking Him to save us. We went to India for further treatment. I was crying like anything....I dont know how I faced that period.

Sai Baba gave me courage through a dream. He gave peace to my mind. From that moment, I understood that I belong to SaiBaba. My husband is recovering. I pray to SaiBaba everyday, I feel better.

I thank Saibaba for everything. He is my source of energy. Now I feel, My father - my SAIBABA will guide us.

My husband had problem in his work place....but Sai pa, is guiding us and I would like to share this....

My life itself is a gift from SAIBABA.

Share Your Sai Experience :HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience..I love you Baba..I love you so much..Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram..... it really feels good and also gives us more strength and faith by going thru the experiences of others. Our Baba will surely bless us and listen to as he knows what is best for us. Even though we might be asking for fulfilling our materialistic desires only but Baba grant us whenever it is best appropriate time for us to have the same.

Anonymous said...

Really nice...Om Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Really all these experiences are awesome and great ones!!!

sairam said...

Manisha didi-Your introductions and apt caption cards with interesting designs speaks a lot by itself as an experienced devotee of saibaba to post the devotees' experiences & other inputs in temples & bhajans site. baba bless you. sai ram

sairam said...

Manisha didi, it is our wish & humble request to you, with baba's blessings, please post your experiences in a section called Author's Desk. In the editorials, the author used to give his write up on varied issues. Like that we are waiting for the day that you put your 'spiritual e-journey' with our dear Saibaba & issues on bakthi marg. Please consider & begin from coming Thursday. You are writing everyone's experiences. We will be ever grateful to read your own experiences with Baba. Happy Baba's Day.

Anonymous said...

Nice experiences....thanks for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

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